She apologizes to the firefighter and walks up to Charles. Cathy is bleeding out. Richard asks what would cause such inflamation of the throat.

The residents discuss what happened to April.

Larry subtly reminds Richard to stick to what they discussed. While Meredith's voice over talks about how a doctor has to change perspective to come to a diagnosis, a nurse is drawing her blood.

Reed says she'll be right there. The Top Ten Dueling Monsters In Yu-Gi-Oh! "In retrospect, I should've had a cookie," Charles tells Richard. Reed says she's sorry as Richard comes outside to call April inside. She starts examining the wound and asks Charles to hold the axe steady. At the other end of the hall, Reed and Cristina watch how close the firefighters are. Callie informs Roy his crew is in the waiting room; they'll let him see them after. After graduating, Arlene moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion and has been working steadily as an actress and host. Alex is in the ambulance bay, checking his phone.

They'll call Torres and Adamson when they're ready for them. Most recently, Arlene worked as a Community Organizer with From Lot to Spot, an organization dedicated to improving blighted urban neighborhoods in the greater Los Angeles area one vacant space at a time. So, she needs to be able to tell them why Cathy died of multi-system organ failure. For the doctor, it can mean you’re picking a fight with everyone who got there before you. Lexie tells Richard she left Cathy because she was stable, and she was supposed to be with the boy. Lexie tells Richard that it was a pneumothorax, which is a lung collapse, Richard explains to Larry.

Cathy stops her and asks her not to let Danny see her die. When she was about to check the airway, they were distracted by the guy with the axe in his chest, and she forgot to check Cathy's airway after the distraction. Larry asks who was on the patient that died. Danny, Cathy's son, comes over and tells her his mommy can't breathe. While he's being prepped to give blood, Alex is on the phone with Robbie, who claims she hasn't seen Izzie in a while. So, Derek advises him to look again at who's responsible. Alex jumps up and starts fighting him, starting off another fight between the Mercy West and Seattle Grace residents.

Charles hushes him, as Alex is in the room too. The counsel asks Cristina if the patient complained of pain on or in her chest. We start by getting the patient’s point of view, though they often don’t have a clue what’s going on. Derek leaves the room. Outside, she takes deep breaths.

Derek comes in. Reed closes the curtains to give them some privacy and then goes to help Torres. He has multiple fractures.


Earlier that night. April says that's Alex, but when she sees the labs, she runs off. Mark, Owen, and Derek interfere.

After handing over the patient to Sloan, April went to go help Dr. Bailey.

However, nurse Tyler summons him as Cathy is not breathing. Roy wakes up and starts asking about the kid he was with.

Bailey finally discharges Meredith, who asks Derek to tell her what happened tonight as he takes her home. Danny's father asks where his mommy is. However, their patients didn't die and that's why they didn't get fired, but it could've happened to all of them. ARLENE SANTANA - SAG-AFTRA Play SlateShot. Richard asks who was in charge of Cathy's case. Informations Their patients are Cathy Becker and her son Danny. Frustrated, he throws it against the wall, destroying it.

He wants Hunt paged and the labs he asked for. April says all of her organs were failing. In order to get a good diagnosis, doctors have to constantly change their perspective. April tells Richard that that was the last time she saw the patient. He yells that it's over. He apologizes and runs off. As an actor, Arlene's film credits include the blockbuster films Star Trek Beyond and Fast 5. It's Richard's system. Season 6 She was sinking fast. Residents, nurses, and attendings have gathered in front of a conference room. Larry and Richard share a shocked look. I Saw What I Saw is the sixth episode of the sixth season and the 108th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy. Written by Reed and Charles try to intubate Cathy, but Alex ends up doing a crike. A bloody axe is lying on a tray. Before the door to the trauma room closes, Lexie catches a glimp of Evan, who's in serious pain. Earlier that night. No one answers, as they're too busy examining him.

Dr. Owen Hunt (283 episodes, 2008-2020) Bokhee An. Bailey is in the conference room. However, when Charles fainted, he pulled the axe out as he fell, which caused the wound to start bleeding profusely. They say he's a hero, but Roy wants them to tell his crew that he's sorry. April tells Cathy everyting looks great so far.

Je l'aime...

Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. As Arizona walks off after her speech, Charles approaches Lexie and asks her if she's seen Karev, who's supposed to finish stitching up his head wound.

When Cristina got there, Cathy was coding. Everything confirms this, and Richard believes she is good.

You can also view 4 sneak peeks Reed thinks he said something about hitting the carotid. However, she did put in the chest tube.

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