A number of audience members shared their own stories, including a Davis resident who said she no longer feels safe taking her grandchildren to Central or Community parks and a downtown business owner angry that she cannot operate her business “unbothered and unmolested” by the homeless. Well, who stabbed Dominick in the back?

Dates and times are hard for him to grasp. I Changed My Blog. The hosts of the morning program described Brascia as troubled and “litigious” in a memorial segment after his death.

san francisco ksfo am560 Not to forget the numerous times Armstrong & Getty talk about women like pieces of meat, calling them Hotties, & the numerous , infantile jokes about women. THAT is the legitimate reason why it HURTS so much right now. They haven't changed much except gotten so much worse since Chump was elected. 4 years ago I lost 150 lbs (again thanks to Medifast California), have kept it off, and in that time I’ve talked to MANY people about their struggles, accomplishments, setbacks, etc. “(H)e walked right up to our table,” Armstrong said, “and I’m not comfortable in that situation with someone being that close to my kids, and I said, ‘I can’t help you man, you’ve got to move along.’ ”. You truly are one of the most real people I’ve ever heard on the mic and I’ve listened to a lot.Your weight loss story, in particular, is an incredible inspiration and I hope you’ll be able to motivate others.The show will NOT ever be the same without you, man. The middle of what, the hard, uncaring right? Our downtown is hurting right now. I tried. Brascia died in late November, according to published obituaries that ran in several New York-based newspapers. Dominick Brascia was targeted by detectives following a complaint in which the radio personality was accused of sexual assault against a minor, two sources confirmed to The Desk in December. “And my kids and my wife just flipped out. Look at you guys now!I podcast all four hours everyday. You’re a smart dude and the experience you built up over the past twenty years shall not go to waste. View More Podcasts.

“And he was screaming, ‘I’m going to f–k those kids, I’m going to kill them,’ and he was trying to come at me and I didn’t know what he was going to do,” Armstrong said. I came upon this blog because I had to google “Vince, Armstrong, Getty” because I hadn’t heard you for 3 days. “When it comes down to it, we haven’t built the housing,” said Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor. Barely. Allison really saved me this weekend. Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty dedicate every broadcast to the idea that you can be informed and involved–without being angry. I can rely on these guys to get me the important stuff every day. So, if you want to listen to lies, distorted facts, 1/2 of a news story, & constantly be told anyone in the middle or to the left is evil, stupid, & disgusting this show is for you. But the city, Lee said, does need to do more in the future in terms of providing services for homeless individuals suffering from mental illness and substance issues. Yesterday they couldn't understand why some of Weinstein's victims didn't appreciate " rape jokes". In the middle?

I, personally, would vote for a tad less political discourse, but that's what is topical. Learn more. There is some national and world news but it isn't the primary focus. Haim died in 2010. Adler called Tuesday’s discussion one-sided and praised Lee for his comments urging that people separate the issue of homelessness from illegal behavior. There’s vacancies, there’s crime… there’s all these little issues we need to focus on. We've asked Positive Sean and MichaelAngelo to produce an A&G Newsletter. It was fabulous. I have been listening since the week they started. According to Pytel, downtown bathrooms are coming but the biggest issue is location — many business owners don’t want them in front of their stores. Yassssssss!

Unfortunately, it is not really his fault, he doesn’t even think about the separation of labor and was only think about his own status, to the minds of the “adults” and that he could do EVERYTHING.

Downtown property owner Anthony Ruebner of R2 Property agreed that there is a subset of people in the homeless community “that’s much more aggressive” and causing issues for local business owners. Sat there in my car in the parking lot for a few. How does marinating a scratcher, change the results? After raising three kids, they’re now empty nesters who can often be found roaming various hillsides with their judgmental dog, Baxter. My initial inclination was to say “yeah no” and isolate myself and cry and bury myself in junk food all weekend.

Best way to start my day on my way to work. Armstrong, a 15-year resident of Davis, was dining on the Dos Coyotes patio with his wife and two young children — ages 5 and 7 — recently when they were accosted by a man he described as intoxicated and filthy.

Don't agree with them 100% of the time, but they are usually well thought out and have great insights on everything.

This is a clear dereliction of his duties. Find more Radio Stations near Armstrong and Getty. A & G is headed to a national show and as more folks become aware of the them their ratings will go through the roof. Keep up the great work Rocket and OS Jack. Entertaining show with some humor rather you agree with their point of views or not. If this all was happening to me at 25 I’d feel different.

Yet, Bill O'Reilly, Eric Bolling, Roger Ailes, & Charles Payne, all of the Fox Network were let go because of sexual harassment charges, but of course Fox should continue to express their nastiness. Because I have and I know I can continue to. Watch The Glenn Beck Radio Program, Monday through Friday, 9am - 12pm ET on BlazeTV. A request sent by The Desk to the Los Angeles Police Department for records related to Brascia was denied last month. I hope you find the happiness and satisfaction you seek (and deserve)! The middle of what, the hard, uncaring right? The agency did not say the investigation involving Brascia was related to the Haim case, but a police source confirmed to The Desk that Brascia was the target of the investigation. In the middle? “Some we’ll go in …. He said he couldn’t laugh anymore. You won’t regret it. ( Log Out / 

Was good to hear his voice. “They also have a podcast on iHeart Radio to listen to old broadcasts or catch what you missed the previous day.” in 15 reviews, “The team is perfect now: Marshall, Sean, Michael and the wonderful Vince, I’m so proud of you and happy for you, picking yourself up and finding a new direction. Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty dedicate every broadcast to the idea that you can be informed and involved–without being angry. You will always be successful, because of who you are.

8:20. Now’s a great time to explore another city if Allison is amenable to that. “Checking in on me.” I was very thankful he called.

Not caring that he's rude, & that's about the least classiest thing ever. For a living. It was hot AF so we mostly stayed inside with the A/C blasting. It was never 1/2 the country in the first place, as voter turn out was incredibly low, & Hillary actually received 3 million more votes. Really appreciate the variety. Take the mute Michael, or trys-to-hard-at-being-funny Marshall, but not token minority Vince.

is a middle of the road guy depending on subject, leans slightly either way. They find it funny that some ppl, including former military Generals have said he is a threat to the safety of the U.S.According to them Trump can do no wrong.The only difference between them & Hannity is they are delusional enough to think they are in the "middle". Consider a total change of venue if you can. Plus, there’s. Anyone listening knows what a joke that is. Jack Lawrence Armstrong, the son of a retired British Army officer, was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and at the age of 4 moved with his family to Minneapolis. Loved listening to your thoughts -maybe try mixing health career with media when you are ready? A blur. There were a few moments when she was sleeping or whatever where I just thought: “Fuuuucccckkk. Search for: Recent Posts. 8:20. He pretends hes in a band and plays bad golf. When he’s done preparing for the next broadcast, Joe sometimes plays guitar and records with his band, Completing the A&G cast:  Technical Director (and quip-master), who’s responsible for keeping the show from sliding off-the- tracks every morning.

and his wife Laura have two young sons, as well as two dogs, two cats, a horse, innumerable goats and several more beasts roaming throughout their property. “And then we’re now starting to see an extreme other end of the spectrum … people who are far more violent, both physically and then the type of behavior (Armstrong described). ( Log Out / 

What am I gonna do on Tuesday?!

Courtesy photo. It makes no sense to me. In bed by 4 or 5 PM to wake up at 1 AM and be at work at around 1:30 AM. I’m sorry, man. Others cautioned against painting with too broad a stroke — pointing

It sounds like you’ve found a fitting new path.

How can I listen now?

Others cautioned against painting with too broad a stroke — pointing =). He was SOOO desperate to show management/Jack/Joe that he could do EVERYTHING, and eventually they worked out that he would prostitute himself out to do 2 men’s jobs for the price of ONE! Let me know if you are open to a new career. It gave me purpose, meaning, direction. Related Pages. Love listening to you in the morning. And I’ve lived in 4 states since I first became a listener and have always felt connected to CA through the podcast and, especially, you and your amazing stories. Way before the article about the best show you are not listening to. This morning I had a good laugh as they stated how they don't take political sides. Like I said, it's only gotten worse. They are like another Hannity show, all one sided, evil liberals, never the whole story about anything, just their one sided view. “The biggest problem in Davis is just the lack of housing,” the police chief said. Jack Armstrong: Jack is the other host and is a clumsy bald man who regularly trips over every day objects. “It’s very expensive and it’s very difficult to manage. A Montana radio host who previously served as a producer for a popular Sacramento-based morning show was the subject of a criminal investigation in Los Angeles prior to his death in November. I don’t want to be 60 years old and still be salivating over breaking news on Twitter. It was divine. Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet. Informative, entertaining and about as fair a show as one can find on the radio. Had some fun. Entertaining show with some humor rather you agree with their point of views or not. But, as time went on I realized this is a very right wing show.

It was not clear if Brascia knew he was the subject of a criminal investigation and, if so, whether he disclosed the case to his employer. Help cover the cost of running this website and keeping it advertisement-free: Donate via PayPal by clicking the button above, Tribune, Charter impasse over carriage could mean station blackout on January 1, California NBC stations to produce, simulcast new lifestyle show, Dominick Brascia, former Sacramento radio producer, dies at 61, Report: Comcast, Walmart discuss smart TV partnership, Army ends free AFN TV service for troops in Germany, NBC boss takes aim at Quibi while touting Peacock, Locast expands to two more television markets, T-Mobile announces new streaming television service, GeekWire: Amazon reveals ‘confidential’ podcast plan in mass email, TechHive: Roku’s ‘neutral platform’ days are over, Pocket Lint: Twitter leaks subscription feature in job ad, Fierce Video: Android promos, Roku apps and other questions facing Peacock, The Hill: Washington Post reinstates reporter suspended over Kobe Bryant tweets, Columbia Journalism Review: The Faux CNN Threat, Los Angeles Times: News Producer Loses Job Over Tweets.

Now since we all cannot be at the top of the intellect chart, some people would rather learn to prefect their ability to color within the lines in a coloring book.

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