Alex cleans houses and charges $35 per bathroom and $40. Created by. Flashcards. STUDY. When a lobster grows a claw to replace one that was lost, the process is called, Any astronomical body that revolves around a larger body is called, In chemistry, to be classified as an organic substance must contain, According to their locations on the Periodic Table, argon (Ar) and neon (Ne) are, To test the effectiveness of plant fertilizer, groups of plants are grown with different types of fertilizer. Spell. Which action is an example of mechanical weathering? Key Concepts: Terms in this set (55) B. Log in Sign up. A box sliding down a ramp experiences all of the following forces EXCEPT? PLAY. Write. ASVAB General Science Practice Test 1 Our General Science Practice Test 1 is designed to quiz you on the vital science subjects that you need to know to perform well on the ASVAB such as Life science, Earth science, Space science and Physical science. Which is the correct sequence of objects in the solar system, moving outward from the sun? A control group of plants would, When scientists measure a liquid's resistance to flow, they are measuring he liquid's, C. river bottom made up of gravel and sedimentary rock. Alicia_Montilla. Of these, 10% won medals.

Create. If he received the same amount each month, how much was he paid for the first 2 months? STUDY. If Lynn scored 100% on each of the first 3 tests, what did she score on her 4th test? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

A strong acid completely ionizes in water. STUDY. Which of the following reproduce by spawning? chordata. Lynn has 4 test scores in science class. The process of organisms with advantageous traits surviving more often and producing more offspring than organisms without these advantageous traits describes which basic mechanism of evolution? Match.

The CAT-ASVAB General Science test consists of 16 questions to be completed within 8 minutes. Gravity. Test. During what process do producers make sugars and release oxygen? STUDY. ilabbii. Spell. In a balanced aquatic ecosystem, which of the following would have the greatest population?

Flashcards. PLAY. What was the percent increase from 2014 to 2015 to the nearest tenth of a percent?

most primitive kingdom; organisms are prokaryotic; includes bacteria. monera. PLAY. Flashcards. Which body system is responsible for the release of growth hormones? What is the smallest part of matter that retains the chemical properties characteristic of a particular element? It looks like your browser needs an update. A work was paid $15,036 for 7 months of work. What is the scientific study of human culture called?

If a car drives at 65 mph when there are 250 cars on the road, how fast will a car drive when there are 325 cars on the road? A. continuous freezing and thawing B. volcanic action C. it fell off the side of a cliff D. it was in a stream for a long time. #'s 1-55, A one-kilogram mass is dropped from a height of 1 meter. How long does it take the earth to rotate on its axis? by Terry L. Duran The average distance of the Earth from the sun is about. General Science questions on the ASVAB plays a part in which jobs you might qualify for in the military.

Which of the following is not usually a gas at room temperature? A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction is a(n). Which factor is an abiotic part of an ecosystem? Learn. Take this test and you’ll be one step closer to acing the actual ASVAB. Using the list, which of the following presents the stages of the water cycle in the correct order. Learn. asvab general science. Featuring 16 multiple choice questions, answer explanations and a Progress Tracker, this test is just what you need to get ready. Write. The mass of one cubic meter of water is approximately, A magnetic compass points in the direction of. PLAY.

ASVAB Study Guide-2019-2020. Which organism regulates its body temperature externally? The half-life of iodine-131 (I-131 for short) is 8 days. Its kinetic energy just before it hits the ground is about, The cells that can easily be scraped from the lining of the mouth make up, The end product of protein digestion consists of, Blood circulation from the lungs goes directly to the, The glucose content of the blood is regulated by, The ocean current that extends from Florida across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe is, The member of the solar system with the shortest period of solar revolution is, The type of meteorological system with the highest velocity winds is the, A 120 volt electrical power supply produces two amperes to the load. What are the five major layers of Earth's atmosphere, in order from the Earth's surface upward. 55/400 cards

Barron's ASVAB flash cards Convert 55 meters to feet (round to the nearest tenth of a foot). Created by. To ensure the best experience, please update your browser. What is the term for the top layer of the earth's surface? The average speed of cars on a highway (s) is inversely proportional to the number of cars on the road (n). Gravity. Match. buf2128686. Which of the following is the best illustration of centripetal force? ASVAB Science.

Spell. If a person reads 40 pages in 45 minutes, approximately how many minutes will it take her to read 265 pages? A person's appearance resulting from his or her genetic makeup is called the person's, When a plant performs photosynthesis, it produces ___ as a by-product, When atoms and molecules pass thermal energy by direct contrast, it is known as, The basic unit of heat is the calorie, which is the amount of heat needed to, The temperature of the atmosphere falls during the nighttime hours because, The number of protons in an atom's nucleus determines its, Kwashiorkor would probably be caused by a diet deficient in, A vibrating tuning fork, placed in a vacuum under a bell jar, will. Search. This portion of the exam covers a wide variety of topics including life science, earth science and physical science.

Test. Isotopes of an element will have the same number of _______ and different numbers of ________? Approximately how long would it take for 16 milligrams of I-131 to decay to a half milligram of I-131? Allison used 2 1/2 cups of flour to make a cake, and 3/4 of a cup of flour to make a pie. invertebrates with segmented bodies and jointed legs. What are examples of human diseases caused by bacteria? Be sure to use this general science quiz to brush up Barron's ASVAB flash cards by Terry L. Duran 1/9 subjects 55/400 cards #'s 1-55.

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