I suppose I should be grateful to Christine Collins for that. She made mistakes, she admits it. And it was, of course, wickedness to charge them, and the law firm of O’Connell and Aronowitz, with their curious connections to the Albany County District Attorney, ought to be investigated – as should the New York State trooper who made the arrests. Did Kristin Kreuk experience little Keith’s penis? Imagine being up against even one of these giant lawsuits. She went time and again to law enforcement to try to gain their interest. It can fluctuate, increase, decrease, etc., but once it’s gone from one side at any level, it no longer exists.

It might be hard for Barbara to overcome with all the reminders of KR everywhere, in the news. Or as a wise man once said, “you get as much justice as you can afford.”. Great job, Barb.

I did not say that. She could have surrendered. Go pee on yourself, you were early on inner circle or being told what to say. that is life. Here’s a very simple question for you Barbara: Did you earn more from recruiting fess and money management fees than you lost in covering Raniere’s initial foray into the commodities market? Lots of people have said that about the five day intensive. Stop picking on Barbara. Men need to realise womeh have a right to leave them, even if they think they are the finest man in the world. There are so many other realities that can be exposed regarding Bouchey’s cognitive dissonance but I have a life to live today. This past week, former NXIVM High-Rank Barbara Bouchey appeared on Megyn Kelly Today show on NBC TV and offered millions of viewers an interesting perspective on Keith Raniere and NXIVM. The women all had spiritual beauty and of course some weee stunning like me. Dating Keith Raniere did not look like going to dinner or a weekend at the beach. How Star Wars Actress Bonnie Piesse Got Into NXIVM, The Vow: What to Know About Ex-NXIVM Member Mark Vicente, Tracy Chapman Returns To Sing Of 'Revolution' On The Eve Of Election Day, John Mulaney Explains Why Julian Casablancas Gave Him This Jacket.

They may have suborned perjury. So an older spiritual wife has to be celibate, continue to maintain a starvation diet (she can’t even find an outlet in good food! And Keith taught all of these women that there is something wrong with them if they want such a life. IMO, anybody saying how great NXIVM is still has serious mental issues from their involvement with it. Please tell us who the best woman in NXIVM is. Encore, encore! It take a lot of time and absence. Still, it’s better than nothing. Bouchey helped to set up systems within NXIVM. A manipulative, abusive pedophile is nobody’s hero, unless you are ignorant, mentally ill, or both. Mr. Parlato keeps hitting it right out of the park. INFLATION ALERT! When I left my husband but didn’t join NXIVM, nor agree to have sex with Keith, he claimed the money was payment for the slogan. Maybe Barbara is the strong one.

The attraction [to NXIVM] was that it was transformational, inspirational curriculum, the material. Thus, there can also be no one-sided soul mate relationship since it is the highest form of love shared between two people.

I’d say the good that came from it, is exemplified in how she left! My money is on Bouchey is now trying to paint a pretty picture of LaLa land just to improve her image. Barbara Bouchey doesn’t answer those kind of questions. Keith also groomed his women to think they have a disintegration if they want to be in a monogamous relationship. That picture cracked me up and shows Bouchey will go to any lengths to be the center of world.

So she still loves him, it shows her faithfulness. The comments that are purely mean and attack other commenters with no effort to address matters contained in the posts tend to clutter up the comments section. If the US government can not destroy ISIS, then it can not destroy NXIVM.

Why are you not putting up all the comments Frank?

Maybe one day she will again join us. Marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strove valiantly. She lied about where the computer servers were located in order to get jurisdiction. But it would be ironic, if “the technology” had something to do with it.

She knew about 3. He wouldn’t. Applause to all that helped bring them down, including you Frank. Barbara’s story remains consistent. Most forgiving.

It’s fascinating to watch you try to re-write your history with the cult – especially all the parts you simply never mention. Filmed him even, as she addressed her concerns. She is growing and after 9 years she realizes how great he is. Five high-ranking members of the enterprise have already pleaded guilty to felony charges. Didn’t you have a fiduciary duty to tell them that? It’s a flawed system, and since it’s pay-to-play, injustice happens. Today I woke up feeling nauseated and very anxious. Then along came his six alter egos: Depraved, Conscienceless the Most and Schweattie Balls. She must come back to him. See the entire interview and learn more about Barbara Bouchey’s perspective, https://www.today.com/video/ex-nxivm-member-recalls-alleged-abuse-by-leader-keith-raniere-1319552067596?v=raila&. Frank, do you know who leaked info and pictures of the Necker Island trip to John Tigue? The truth is there are a million ways people could meet each other that wouldn’t involve brainwashing and following a psychopathic pedophile, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they met that way and it worked out for them. I believe Frank. Love is *always* manifested in action. A boastful charlatan telling you he’s a genius. She recruited hundreds because she believed in it, and was the social engineer of much of what was good, or could have been good in the community of Nxivm – like volleyball and social gatherings and V-Week. One more thing. I absolutely believe that Keith would instruct people to recruit attractive girls / young women. ), run errands and clean house for Keith, do Keith’s dirty and illegal work, and go to bed every night knowing the pretty young recruit is the one wrapping her legs around Keith’s pudgy body instead her. My personal belief is that a Eastern European man is enjoying the money.

Now shes saying isher only knew about three. Make no mistake, Barbara only left NXIVM after she lost her status and power as Keith’s main sex girl. “Come back and be our new Prefect !” Pea Onyu You must be filtering out those that have a different point of view and only allowing those that share your perspective get to share their thoughts. It’s sad that one creepy man has had that much power to ruin so many women. Yes, though she won each time, Barb was punished again and again. . The world was put on notice that this was a dangerous group by Barbara Bouchey in stunning and exquisite detail. She won too. She is now free and does not need a false prophet. Still to this day no one has specified what ” good ” has come from NXIVM. Was she part of this is how your extract millions from your students system? It took decades, but it looks like Raniere is finally going to get what he deserves, a substantial prison term. But she chose to leave and did it boldly. She did not extort Raniere. Miss Bouchey was one of Mr. Raniere’s lovers. Yuck. According to a previous article Mr. Parlato posted, he still believes he did nothing wrong and will get off. Through it all, she remained a gracious woman, gentle with people.

It doesn’t exist in his mind as something realizable for himself. I have experience with Keith and I thank my lucky stars I was too stubborn (and cleary very smart and wise) to have gotten wrapped up in his warped world. Looks to me like Barb’s cognitive dissonance is raging in full force, not suppressed. The moral of the story is that those victims who refuse to give up may one day get vindication and justice.

But it is also heroic. Search the NX players names on FR for fuller details: https://www.eonline.com/news/1035771/the-ultimate-nxivm-trial-guide-key-players-disturbing-charges-and-what-role-allison-mack-plays-now. You are definitely the most polite troll that has ever lived…”.

It goes without saying that Barb [and indeed any Nxivm enemy] should never travel to Mexico. You admitted in live television before the whole world you are in love with Keith. I’m glad some people wised up and exposed the grift, but still wonder what took them so long. Keith’s soul – what was left of it – was something he never shared with anyone –. I knew him too – and managed to leave when it became clear to me that my “soulmate” was an abusive, manipulative, lying piece of trash. Tigue better start speaking up about that. Those lawsuits were backed by Bronfman millions. Log in. So, now, it appears Barbara —and whomever else she thinks might or IS buying in — is changing historic facts to not only defend herself and the toxic “technology” that wreaked so much destruction on so many lives, but also to try to claim, redistribute ownership of Keith and Nancy’s poisonous formulas! VanDouche is indifferent to the soul mate concept. Keith tried to latch onto that. I assume around four inches. She demanded what was hers – the return of the money he swindled from her – some $1.6 million – that he had promised to pay back and had been promising for years to pay back – and she demanded the commissions she rightfully earned. It is more than mere words. Of course, his strength came from the evil Bronfman sisters who funded this. It is but a concept used as a tool to manipulate a woman who believes in such an ideal.

That’s a bad mental image, I know! She loved him once and forever. And did more.

And remember, although she did not extort Raniere, false allegations didn’t stop law enforcement, when Bronfman millions backed an indictment, in that cesspool known as the Capital Region of New York. Spiritual wife – what a load of crap. Come back and join us now Barbara. He sells insulation now and his wife whines and acts like they are the victims. These were followed by their younger brothers, Hairy, Predatory and, last but not least, Rancid. I think Barbara has been the subject of a lot of unwarranted criticism and I wanted to present my perspective.

He is your soul master. So, did you agree to keep what you think is unwarranted criticism comments off this post also Frank?

This is not a heroine. I would imagine as NXIVM grew, the more he got his ass kissed and the more women became obsessed with him.

Give her what a great person she is and what a hero she is and you will get a response. You could see it on Megan Kelly. – I wrote it, Keith stole it and, later, wired 10k into my bank account for seed money to leave my husband and join his new business, ESP/NXIVM. Among those who fought, she fought as hard as anyone. Now is the time to do it. And through the lawsuits leveled against her, she brilliantly revealed colossal revelations – stupendous facts of depravity and mind-boggling lunacy, idiocy, cupidity perpetrated by Raniere and Bronfman. Five high-ranking members of the enterprise have already pleaded guilty to felony charges. A woman loves that’s what they do. Who knows how many lives your courage has saved. Babs still loves him and based on what she says she’s coming back. No one believes you Frank. Her life was shattered. In addition to unnecessarily admitting that you are complicit in a number of criminal activities – kind of like when you voluntarily admitted that you decided to access NXIVM’s website several months after Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara and John Tighe had been arrested for allegedly doing the same thing – you also managed to sing the praises of the cult and Keith Raniere.

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