, WHICH PASSWORD TO ENTER TO DONWLOAD THE STUY MATERIAL, download limit exceeded. can you please extend the download limit. It is spoken in Punjab, the historic region now divided between India and Pakistan. March 23, 2016 190 Online English Typing Test Practice Exercises August 1, 2018 178 New Mock Test For Practice (PSSSB Typing Exam) October 11, 2015 61 100 Punjab GK MCQs (Important For all Upcoming Punjab Govt Exam) It was invented by the second of the gurus in the 16th century. and plz provide pdf of all the study material. thx. Usage of common phrases and Grammar tips so if possible plz provide pdf of all asap, Hlo sir actully earlier i dnt knw abt d password now its limit exceed. You can comment us if any doubt about answer) In Pakistan it is the daily language of about two-thirds of the population, or 80 million people, though Urdu …

Sign in. Its alphabet, known as Gurmukhi, was the vehicle for recording the teachings of the Sikh gurus. even we cant copy from the site to word to take its print out. However, most official correspondence in Pakistan is done in the Urdu language. English Grammar Punjabi Translation Punjabi Grammar LEARN101 ORG.

Essential_Grammar_in_Use_4th.pdf - Google Drive. In India it is the official language of Punjab state, and is also spoken in the neighboring states of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Different dialects of Punjabi are spoken in India and Pakistan. Don't forget to bookmark this page. Please do not copy content without permission, New Mock Test For Practice (PSSSB Typing Exam), Raavi Font Punjabi Typing Practice Excercises, Mock Test For Practice (PSSSB Typing Exam) Raavi and Asees font, Online English Typing Test Practice Exercises, Online Punjabi Typing Test Practice Exercises, Punjab Static GK II – Geography Of Punjab, Indian Polity (ਭਾਰਤੀ ਰਾਜਨੀਤਕ ਵਿਵਸਥਾ), Different Type of Taxes | Taxation System in India, Indus Valley civilization (Important Questions), Try New Typing Mock Test According to new PSSSB instructions,, Download 1000+ Basic Account MCQs PDF for Revenue Patwari Exam | Download PDF, Agriculture Notes | Special Notes for Revenue Patwari Exam | Download PDF, Practice Set - JPA/SSA/JE (For PSPCL Exam) Download PDF, 100 Punjab GK MCQs (Important For all Upcoming Punjab Govt Exam). The Punjabi language is closely associated with the Sikh religion. It is spoken in Punjab, the historic region now divided between India and Pakistan.

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