Chef Mila continues to struggle in the galley, forcing Captain Sandy to make a temporary adjustment. Theo on The Young and the Restless: Tyler Johnson confirms exit, Below Deck: Captain Lee dishes about filming Bravo show without Kate Chastain. Meanwhile, the next charter guests send the stews into a frenzy when one of their crucial requests are not fulfilled. Hannah and Conrad's relationship hits a tipping point.

Romance is in bloom on the crew’s first night out of the season, as Pete makes his move while Rob and Jess find themselves connecting on a deeper level. Meanwhile, Conrad is torn between being a shoulder to lean on for Hannah and assuring Sandy that he’s fulfilling his job on deck. Sandy fires Mila and has Anastasia become temporary chef until she finds a replacement.

A blast from the past returns amidst a massive thunderstorm that threatens to keep The Wellington docked for their next charter. "Shot Through the Heart, and Ibiza's to Blame". And Hannah realizes Mila may not be up to the standard she's used to. The love triangle intensifies as Joao continues to send mixed messages to both Brooke and Kasey, which prompts them to confront him. Joao makes a shocking admission to Kasey that could complicate everything. The crew of the luxury yacht Sirocco sets sail in the waters off of Croatia. Get on board, Below Deck fans, because new episodes could be on the horizon. Danny disobeys a direct order from Captain Mark when he decides to give a love poem to a charter guest. When bad weather keeps Sirocco at port, the crew scrambles to keep a VIP charter broker and her friends happy. The crew's first beach picnic of the season gets off to a very rocky start, leaving Colin shattered and empty-handed.

Baseball star, Johnny Damon along with his family and friends not only go against the bad weather, but also a feisty neighboring yacht owner. Adam feels like his chance at redemption is foiled when charter guest Kenny requests an impromptu beach picnic. Sandy dishes out high praise to Kasey much to the chagrin of Hannah. As fans bid The Wellington crew a …

The show is a spin-off of Below Deck, another series aired on the same network. Meanwhile, Aesha and June bond over their mutual losses. While the crew works hard to pull off a magical picnic for the guests on the island of Capri, Joao earns the praise of Captain Sandy for putting out all the water toys as the solo deckie. Bobby's plan to bring a date back on the boat backfires. The charter guests request a White Party for their final dinner, and Ben goes to great lengths in creating a menu for the theme. The Oklahomans return as charter guests. Colin gets a surprise visit that leaves him in tears. The charter guests play dirty as they challenge the Sirocco crew to a relay race. A one day charter quickly feels like an eternity. And during the crew night out, Hannah attempts to take her relationship with Conrad public, putting him to the test. As Conrad and Hannah get closer, Conrad gets in hot water with Sandy when he forgets a critical task. While Hannah leans on an overworked Bugsy to carry an injured Jess, Captain Sandy becomes concerned about the interior’s performance. If Below Deck Med Returns For Season 6, It'll Be As Controversial As Ever Twitter fans are not thrilled by the prospect of another season headed by Captain Sandy.

Looking to relieve stress from a difficult first charter, the crew has a wild night of partying which leads to an argument between Joao and Hannah. After back-to-back charters, the Ionian Princess crew finally enjoys a much deserved day off until Bryan decides to give Danny a lesson in deckie etiquette.

Captain Sandy embarks on another season in the Mediterranean out of the world famous yachting hub, the French Riviera. On a crew night out, Alex questions Bugsy about the direction of their relationship, while Rob and Jess spend a romantic night in the guest cabins. Your First Look at the Below Deck Med Season 5 Finale Preview 0:48 Malia White Lets One Rip in the Elevator Preview 1:23 The Final Docking of the Season! Wes is blindsided when Adam reveals a text message exchange between him and Malia, putting Wes and Malia's future in question. Hannah and Bugsy air their grievances and Lauren must choose which side she's on. Ben takes Hannah on a date, but a major galley miscommunication during the guests' dinner could tarnish any romantic hope for the two. The stews sense awkward tension between "Daddy's Girls" and Daddy's girlfriend. After the guests depart, Captain Sandy announces a crew day off and Brooke throws Hannah a fake 30th birthday dock party. Malia, Wes and Adam find themselves in uncharted emotional territory as news of their love triangle spreads. Max misses his girlfriend, while Lauren continues to feel the heat as her duties mount. A new group of energetic charter guests come on board, and with Anastasia's confidence shaken by poor reviews from the previous charter, she tries to regain her swagger. Joao and Hannah go at it again forcing an even greater divide between the crew. Meanwhile, an overwhelmed Lauren struggles with her responsibilities and questions her future on the boat. Meanwhile, Bugsy feels alienated from the stews as Hannah and Lauren give her the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, an unexpected injury threatens to upend the rest of the charter season. Created by Mark Cronin. When the first charter guests of the season arrive full of demands and criticisms about the food and service, Sandy quickly wonders whether she made a mistake bringing back Adam and Hannah. Bravo hasn't officially announced a Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean, but given the show's social media popularity, chances are the network will find a way to make it happen. Frustrated by watching the romance grow between Malia and Wes, a heartbroken Adam reveals to Bugs that he and Malia have a secret past. Travis' latest drunken night has Sandy at the end of her rope.

As the charter season comes to an end, the Sirocco crew struggles to resolve their complicated relationships before they go their separate ways. Meanwhile, Kiko is pushed to the limit by a group of new guests whose requests are incredibly demanding. Conrad's feelings for Hannah grow stronger while his relationship with Sandy continues to become more strained.

Captain Sandy and Kiko find themselves at a crossroads after a critical dinner; Hannah fights to maintain control under the weight of a stressful season; on a guest excursion into Valldemossa, Rob and Jess up the ante in their relationship. And rough seas puts the boat in a situation that leaves everyone holding on for dear life. Colin wonders if this new crew might be a little too bawdy for him, and Chef Mila's redemption charter gets off to a choppy start forcing Sandy to think outside the box with a unique plan. And when Anastasia gets on Sandy's bad side, Hannah bares the brunt of the Captain's fury. On the final episode of the season, a boat catches fire in port stranding Sirocco with nowhere to go. Joao and Hannah have a heart to heart, while June tries to open herself up to Hannah with not so favorable results.

Meanwhile, Hannah's leadership skills are challenged by Brooke and Kasey. Finally, on the crew's day off in the historical city of Dubrovnik, Adam pulls a prank on Wes that goes a little too far for Wes' liking.

Adam rises to the occasion with his crew meals putting all the chatter to rest. Then, when a charter guest blatantly lies to Hannah at the dinner table, Captain Sandy makes a decision as to whom to trust.

Joao continues to have growing pains in his new leadership position as he attempts to get his deckhand Jack in line. A reality show following the crew of the Ionian Princess, a luxury charter yacht in the Mediterranean.

Kiko faces his biggest challenge yet when demanding charter guests invite friends to join a 6-course dinner. June struggles to keep her radio on, which leaves Hannah frustrated.

Finally, the interior team is relieved when a new Second Stew arrives onboard. Below Deck Mediterranean (TV Series 2016– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Max's girlfriend visits during the crew's day off as they explore the historic Fortress of Klis. Malia struggles to manage a frustrated deck team, while helping Tom navigate his first charter. Meanwhile, a group photo with Rob and Aesha sends Jess over the edge. And when 20 knots of wind strike, the deck team rushes to secure the vessel leaving Colin in a place which could end his season. On the final charter of the season, a group of self-proclaimed "Daddy's Girls," come on board. On the crew day off, Hannah feels slighted by Brooke when she pursues a relationship with Joao. When a hot bachelor charters Sirocco, a smitten Hannah attempts to keep it professional. Meanwhile, Kasey and Joao continue to elevate their game of flirting as Brooke develops a crush on Adam. On their night off, Ben is torn between two stews, but is shocked when he finds one of them in his bunk with Bryan. There's been speculation that filming has already begun, with Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang sharing Season 6 rumors on Twitter, which allege that charter guests are currently filming in Croatia and posting on their Instagram Stories. Captain Sandy finds one of the crew member's positions redundant. When an all-female group charters the yacht, the crew struggles to keep up with their demands. Ben's friendship with Hannah deepens when he confides in her about his deep-seated issues. Tiffany works harder on her stew skills in hopes of Hannah noticing. Kiko struggles to prepare a picnic lunch for the first off-boat excursion of the season. Cordon Bleu trained chef Mila takes control of the galley, but immediately falls ill on day one, forcing the crew to rally and help get the boat in shape in time for the first charter.

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