Because we are a small operation, we generally only feed out those pigs for which we have buyers in advance, so contact us to reserve your pork. Their program seems to reflect the same kind of consistent commitment to continuing the heritage of pork excellence the Berkshire breed has spent the last few centuries establishing; while continuing to ensure a balanced, multi-trait selection process for other valueable production traits as well. The meat from this breed is very high quality and is valued all around the world by restaurants and consumers alike.Jonas Schwartz of Pleasant Valley Swine's hogs: Pricing: The price of your hog share is based on the weight of the hog after harvesting. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'hobbyfarmwisdom_com-box-4','ezslot_1',112,'0','0']));These pigs are known for their prized pork, which is said to be extremely juicy, flavorful and tender. Ed's pigs show  pedigrees rich in traditional Berk bloodlines tracing back to renowned Berk meat quality sires greats imported from old English lines like Peter Lad and  Abraham Lincoln or their American offspring popping up here and there amidst generations of Ed's own "in-house" matings from retained sons and daughters of purchased boars. Are kept on organic pasture and in an uncaged barn. Pigs have been part of our farming operation at one level or another for quite a few years.

Those two daughters are bred to our new herd boar to farrow this summer and will be used to add some additional outcross genetics into our "growth and volume" line of sows.

The deadline to reserve a half hog for this round is April 19th, 2019 for pick-up from our warehouse in late April/early May. - Veronica, Don't wait to sign up!

Berkshire Pigs For Sale In Pennsylvania. Every couple months we sell hogs by the half.

This allows us to cover our entire sow herd with one boar over the winter to produce highly productive feeder pigs in late winter/early spring to either sell as project pigs or finish on pasture for our customers. Use the search bar above to navigate through the site and view the breeder listings of all sorts of different animals.

Pygmy Goats For Sale – Info, Locations, and Prices! We are now into our third generation of very tightly line bred individuals with the Parlett boar or his sons on the sire line, and retained two intact boars from this "Triple Gusto" mating to use as future sires for our spring farrowing. If you've already ordered pork from Clarion River Organics on our online Farm Stands, then you've tried Jonas’ pork! It is typically a pink-hued, heavily marbled meat that dresses white. Hopefully this will help you find exactly the right breeder as you search for the newest addition to your homestead!

It clearly wasn't a market we could afford, though we're thankful there are those who care enough to keep these strains of hogs around. Pigs have been part of our farming operation at one level or another for quite a few years. Today, Berkshire pigs are smaller than their ancestors and are solid black with prick ears, white socks and white tip to tail.

The hams were truly the tastiest EVER!" The meat from this breed is very high quality and is valued all around the world by restaurants and consumers alike. On each page you'll find the complete contact information for each breeder including; website links, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. There is a high demand overseas for this breed of pig, especially in Japan where it is marketed as Black Pork and sold at a premium price. You can expect to receive about 75% of the hanging weight. While we selected our "Gusto" boar primarily as a "terminal" sire to add additional growth and meat yield while continuing the strong meat quality base in our animals, the first retained daughter out of our favorite Brummer sow line proved to be such a good sow that we decided to try some line breeding back to the Parlett line to fix some of that boar's traits in our herd to use as an "in-house"outcross on our Brummer line pigs. Or, complete that today by filling out the Hog Cut Preference Sheet form linked here! We knew from our experience raising feeder pigs that most conventional breeds need to be raised to over three hundred pounds before they have enough fat to keep from drying out when cooked. We found our Gusto bred piggies seem to fit the bill for that market and expect this new boar will as well. … While the same buzz words were repeated with remarkable consistency across all the breeds we considered, few of the breeders  had been breeding hogs for more than a decade.

Weanlings for sale Unregistered weanlings $130 each at 8 weeks old If you have dreamed of raising your own food and want your kids to know where their food comes from then Berkshire pigs are perfect to start out. As a six and half month boar, he was already a strapping fellow well over 200lbs, and in the month between the time we looked at him and the time we picked him up, it looked like he'd gained another 100#. Raising conventional pigs, selected for growth rate and lean meat yield, to a size where they have adequate fat is not an efficient use of time or feed. We look forward to hearing from you! Contact Us. Breeder Name City State Phone Email; Foxtail Farmstead: Bedford PA (814) 624-2410 Primrose Dale Farm, LLC: York Springs PA (717) 451-3479 Blue Rooster Farm: East Waterford PA (717) 734-2082 Lazarus Farm: Whitehall PA (610) 799-3831 Bryan Smith Showpigs: New Enterprise PA (814) 979-5170 Can’t find the right Berkshire Pig in Pennsylvania? Treated humanely by all who handle them, and bred onsite for genetic traits that amplify the quality of the pork and the welfare of the animal, one ham (about 15-20 lbs but can be cut in half or quartered upon request, cured and smoked) *can be uncured upon request, 8-10 lbs of bacon (cured and smoked in 1 lb packages) *can be uncured upon request, two loin roasts (about 3-4 lbs each) and chops, 1 shoulder (split into two roasts and steaks), 5-10 lbs of sausage or ground pork (in 1 lb packages), Sausage is available in bulk 1# packages, or customers can request cased rope sausage or breakfast sausage in a variety of seasonings.

Jonas Schwartz of Pleasant Valley Swine's hogs: Are kept on organic pasture and in an uncaged barn. Logan Family Farms and Pleasant Valley Swine raise a heritage breed of hog called Berkshire, which is one of the oldest breeds of pig and can be traced back over 350 years! The deadline to reserve a half hog for this round is. $100 . But our real entry into the pig business came in 2009 when we made the decision to purchase four registered Berkshire gilts from Ed Brummer and begin our own swine breeding program to supply our growing market for pasture based pork.

Delivery to them is included in the price. Deposit: Click here to put down your $200 deposit today! The side can be cut to your liking, but a standard side includes: All cuts will be vacuum sealed or wrapped and frozen after butchering. If this is the first time you have visited our site: Welcome! If you desire the convenience of having pork in your freezer, then a half hog share is a great option!

We have also tried some bloodlines from Lynn Lazarus' breeding program in Germanville, PA that we purchased from a friend who had to liquidate his herd unexpectedly due to some family health issues. The kind of human intelligence infrastructure built around the Berk breed contrasted significantly with what we found in the trendy world of the "true" heritage breeds -- which was mostly unsupported enthusiasm around assumed production advantages of swine "selected" for meat quality and productivity in outdoor growing conditions. He is a WPF3 Whip 99-2 son out of a Fast Lane daughter. Better yet, some of the very best Berk breeders are all within an hour or so of our farm here in South Central PA.  People like Ed Brummer, who has been raising purebred Berks in small-scale production systems over multiple generations. After talking to a number of breeders with boars available, we decided to drive down and look at Parlett's boar. If you are paying by check you can mail it to Penn's Corner Farm Alliance at 150 54th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Be warned you might get addicted!

Berkshire pigs - $1 (Hardy) (19) Purebred Berkshire hogs for sale that were just farrowed. They finish extremely quickly, provide long, well muscled carcasses, are very sound, and retain exceptional eating quality.

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