There are only 21 trained blood spatter professionals certified in the United States - How does one become a blood stain analysis expert? .3 = 17 degree angle You can hurt yourself with the hammer and screwdriver (which come to think of it, would add a bit of realism to the experiment). Add 160 mL of corn syrup and mix. Detectives look at other factors too such as whether or not the blood contains bone or tissues matter (which indicate a high impact splatter).

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! .7 = 45 degree angle a.

If stage blood is not available, you can make your own blood using cornstarch and food coloring. Wonderful garden in sealed bottle has not been watered in over 40 years! Splatter blood for blood spatter analysis, Things aren’t always as they appear – light refraction experiment, The evolution of a spider (or not) – science and religion battle over Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. What components of blood can be examined? Tape large sheets of paper on a wall. Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab. Read more about what you can do about climate change here. Position it exactly like you did the first time. Explore! Follow all instructions to complete the activity. And here is the pattern the same blood droplet would produce on a rough surface.

= impact angle .5 = 30 degree angle

Here’s a table that will help you out the angle.

.9 = 64 degree angle If you measure the width and length of the drop, then divide the width by the length, you can determine at what angle the blood struck the surface.

Write your findings on an index card. <> Detectives also look at how dry the blood is. A droplet that has fallen vertically will be more round than a droplet that has hit the surface at an angle which will be oblong shaped. The two key properties of blood that allow it to be a key piece of evidence are: Blood, is cohesive (behaves in a certain way when it hits a surface) and Blood travels in, spherical drops (surface tension). When you or your brother or sister do something wrong, your parents have to figure out who did it. endobj This TEDed lesson was created using video from the Smithsonian Channel. Forensic Answers.pdf - Blood Spatter Online Simulation Lab Pre Lab Questions Use the link, There are only 21 trained blood spatter professionals certified in the United States - How does. Below are the formulas that blood spatter analysts use to determine the angle. You will need to read through the background information before you start the procedure, this will help you understand blood typing.

.2 = 11 degree angle - Keep an eye out for hidden pots of gold and mystery puzzle pieces - visit the Fun Stuff section for details

Page 2 2. Across a drop blood can decide: the DNA pathological diseases, blood group between.

The blood droplets are pretty much round when travelling through the air but deform into various shapes and patterns when they land on a hard surface. .8 = 53 degree angle - Visitors who tell 1 dozen friends or share 30+ Reeko articles on their favorite social networking site will receive Reeko's personal guarantee that a big hand won't come out of the side of your monitor and slap you on the head

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