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How has growing up in the NYC music scene influenced your style? ESCALANTE: Other than the video, have you been working on any other projects? WE LOVE GETTING SNACKS AT WALMART THEN SKATEBOARDING IN THE PARKING LOT BEFORE WE START DRIVING OVERNIGHT, HUNG OUT AT A FRIEND’S ART STUDIO POST-SHOW IN DALLAS, ME AND JPATT DOING OUR MAKEUP AND SLATHERING OURSELVES IN GLITTER BACKSTAGE, PHOTOSHOOTS AT MEOW WOLF IN SANTA FE. Unfortunately, female bass players are still rare (despite awareness efforts from publications like She Shreds).

Made with up to 5% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Watch DeTiger perform with KITTEN in their 2018 Paste studio session below. I think that’s why a lot of people are so addicted to it–it gives the hope of virality, which is something that I think our society is obviously really intrigued by. DETIGER: I started playing when I was seven.

DETIGER: I wrote the song a long time ago and then I kind of put it aside for a while.

My older brother was playing drums at the time, so I naturally wanted to play an instrument, too.

I think if I didn’t start doing that, it wouldn’t have paved the way for me to start doing my own projects. But DeTiger is paving the way for young female artists in general. Break the Internet ® Care.

Then I was playing in a bunch of bands when I was growing up because I was in the city, in the middle of it. Overall, it’s just allowed me to continue to make music and live my passion with the most freedom and opportunity. I dress how a New Yorker dresses and was influenced by people I saw on the street and out in the scene, as well as the general energy of people here.Â. Made with up to 5% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. “You have to see this incredible bassist!” he says to me. I always have my eyes and ears out for good sheer tops. On the model's birthday, take a look at Kendall Jenner's best bikini body thirst traps that have us yearning for a tropical getaway.

I just really fell in love with the instrument. Do you have really big hands?

I like to experiment and switch it up and have fun trying new looks! Most Popular #851. I was longing for pre-COVID times or even looking forward to a post-COVID time.

My videos, for example—people will see them without me even trying to show people.

What is your dream escape at this moment?

She was the girl who whipped out a blue bass guitar during her disco-funk-inspired DJ sets—pretty hard to miss!

I’m going to name my kids Rocket or something.

During the early days of quarantine, I suddenly had nostalgia for the recent past.

My dream escape would be to go to a moment of peace and love and flow!Â. I just really fell in love with the instrument. It just wasn’t the right time. Where do you get a lot of your beauty inspiration? Blu DeTiger is a young 20-year-old bassist from New York City who recently released her debut single “In My Head” produced by NYC electronic duo The Knocks (Carly Rae Jepsen, Foster The People, Big Boi). My dad’s a visual artist, a painter. Birthday January Jan 7, 2012 . In terms of performing, it’s completely different.

Born on January 7 #2. DETIGER: Yeah, I think that’s part of it.

Are there any other female bassists on your radar?Â. Age 8 years old .

Then I started DJing when I was 17, and that kind of started a whole new sort of path. I know not everyone is the same, but for me, the only way I like to feel good and happy is by being productive and making stuff. Size Chart.

Then when all my tours got canceled and I had to come home from Europe, I thought, this is something that I can do during quarantine, just to give me something to do and give me a routine and make me feel better about being home and not performing. Most people, though, know her for her newfound TikTok fame, a kind of expected flower that blooms when you’ve been hustling hard on other things. Since then, DeTiger has been a TikTok queen, racking up over 11 million likes and over 800,000 followers.

Birth Sign Capricorn.

My older brother was playing drums at the time and he was like 10 or 11 and that made me want to play an instrument, too. Art. Stars celebrating their birthdays today Home; Stream; Library; Search. Music Blu DeTiger's 'Tangerine' Is Funk for the 22nd Century Brendan Wetmore. Born and raised in New York City, her first live performance was a Rolling Stones tribute show at CBGB. @bludetiger takes a scroll through her Instagram feed and gives us the story behind some of her dopest outfit pics. There I was, deep in a TikTok rabbit hole, when my husband—enveloped in his own endless #ForYouPage scroll—leaned over to show me a video. 4. I remember thinking I wanted to be more unique and that guitar was “too mainstream.” So I chose bass! DeTiger’s confidence and tenacity are infectious. You started playing bass guitar at 7 years old. L'OFFICIEL's global women's shopping survey shows that timeless, recognizable styles, like a Louis Vuitton monogram bag, are a must-have for fall. I could see myself getting my degree, eventually. ESCALANTE: I feel like older people are just so confused by it as a phenomenon.

Get an intimate look at the New Zealand-born band in their exclusive tour diary for L'Officiel USA, as told by Alisa Xayalith and Thomas Powers. Discover the most famous people named Blu including Blu Cantrell, Blu Hunt, Blu DeTiger, Blu Hydrangea, Blu Waldrop and many more.

I’m usually always running around (DJing, playing shows, going to sessions, touring, etc.

Stars whose anniversary of death is celebrated today's They have Scorpio Zodiac sign (October 23 - November 21).

But that’s also why I think it’s cool.

Rena Lovelis. Lead singer Kelly Zutrau narrates the band's escapades from their tour with Florence + The Machine. The TikTok thing is like, i, ESCALANTE: Do you think part of the reason that, DETIGER: I started playing when I was seven. Blu DeTiger is an American singer-songwriter, musician and DJ. Made with up to 5% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Just try. What’s crazy about TikTok is that you can go viral without trying.

Sage Chavis. video; trivia; popular; trending; random; Blue Ivy Carter Family Member #851. When I was playing with bands I was playing for other artists; it was just work for hire, and it wasn’t necessarily my creative expression.

Search. Photography by Benjamin Ruttner / @djbroc. I was supposed to be on tour all of March, then it got rescheduled and I came home and I said ‘We’re going to put this out.’, DETIGER: It was one of those songs where it just came out. Blu DeTiger was meant to be a star, if her name doesn’t make that obvious enough. ESCALANTE: Do you think part of the reason that TikTok is such an interesting platform is because it’s so new that it hasn’t gotten over-saturated yet? She had my full attention. Famous Birthdays. “I’m really hoping to inspire and empower girls to express themselves and be whatever they want to be,” she said in an interview.

It was finally something that felt more like my own creative expression.

I don’t even know how I was thinking like this at seven—I wanted to be unique.

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