She was influenced in particular by Yvon Chouinard's ethic of "leaving no trace" on the rock. [10] She even questioned the chores assigned in her family, noting the differences between the boys and girls—the boys had weekly tasks while the girls had daily tasks. She has been described as both one of the best female climbers in the world and one of the best climbers of all time. [83] As of 2013, Hill was a sponsored athlete for the Patagonia gear and clothing company. "[3] Hill explained in an interview that writing about past events was easier because she had had time to reflect on them. [64] Hill started endurance training in the spring for her summer ascent of The Nose, aiming to be able to on-sight a 5.13b after climbing all day. [42][43] She tried sport climbing in France for the first time that year. And since most women aren't climbing at the same level as the top men, it's necessary to design a route that's a little easier for women". Hill herself had to coordinate many of the logistics because the producer had abandoned the project. I knew you had to totally commit to doing the moves, otherwise the chance of surviving would be minimal. What are your favorite and least favorite climbing memories? "[34] It was her climb of Vandals that led Hill to reconsider her climbing style; rather than begin the climb again every time she fell or leaned on the rope for support, she hung on the rope in her harness to gain more information about the climb. The following year after her first free ascent of the Nose in a day in 1994, Lynn took her big wall skills to the high peaks of Kyrgyzstan. [38] In her autobiography, Hill explains that it was during this climb that she realized it is not a person's size or strength but ability to be creative on the rock that is important: "The big lesson for me ... was to realize that despite what appeared to be a limitation due to my small stature, I could create my own method of getting past a difficult section of rock. She pointed to sexist remarks from male climbers who believed particular routes were impossible for female climbers and the fact that "there's a lot less importance and prestige placed on women in climbing, no matter what your ability is". [81] As of 2012 Hill was living in Boulder, Colorado and still travelling widely. [8] Thus, even though she was part of a successful YMCA gymnastics team that competed in southern California and performed in halftime shows for the California Angels, she quit at the age of 12. Carolynn Marie "Lynn" Hill (born January 3, 1961)[2] is a U.S. rock climber. Lynn changed the definition of what is possible in rock climbing with her first free ascent of the most famous big wall climb in the world called The Nose on El … She first roped up at the age of 14 and excelled immediately. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Leben und Leistungen 2 Filmografie (Auswahl) 3 Weblinks …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Lynn Teeter Flower — Studioalbum von Maria Taylor Veröffentlichung 7. "[22][86][87], Long an advocate for gender equality in climbing, Hill has argued that men and women can climb the same routes: "I think they should have women compete on the same climbs as the men, and if the women can't do the climbs, then they shouldn't be competing". [75] This has prompted some to suggest a grade of at least 5.14a may be more accurate, and cements the Free Nose ascents as two of the most impressive achievements in climbing history. I couldn't imagine a more beautiful place anywhere in the world. "[13], Hill experienced discrimination throughout her climbing career and in an interview with John Stieger in Climbing, she pointed out that despite her success and prowess at climbing, this was a problem for her. The Nose saw a second free ascent in 1998, when Scott Burke summitted after 261 days of effort. [86] She also appeared in Vertical Frontier, a documentary about competitive climbing in California's Yosemite Valley. Hill met her partner as of 2004, chef Brad Lynch, on a climbing trip in Moab, Utah, and at the age of 42, she gave birth to a son. Among the world’s best-known climbers, Hill has been a guest at the White House and has been featured on numerous television shows such as Late Night with David Letterman, Battle of the Superstars (first place in the 50m swim event against sports stars such as Martina Navratilova), Four-time winner of the, Survival of the Fittest competition televised on NBC Wide World of Sports, That’s Incredible, National Geographic Television, Canal Plus, MTV Sports, ESPN “A History of Women in Sports”, Outdoor Life Network, ABC Sports: “The North Face Expedition Series”, as well as been featured in many publications from Life, Time, Sports Illustrated, Self, Shape, New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Vogue, in addition to gracing the covers of the best known climbing and outdoor magazines such as Outside, Climbing, Rock and Ice, Vertical, Mountain, Desnivel, and Montagne. [93] For that production, she and Nancy Feagin had been filmed the previous May crack climbing in Indian Creek Valley in Utah. "[38], Living near the Shawangunks during her college years, Hill pioneered many new free climbing routes. [67] She tried again soon after. [39] For instance, she had resisted hang-dogging (hanging on the rope at any point during the climb), holding with the philosophy that it was cheating, but after experimenting with it during her ascent of Vandals, she found it a useful way to learn challenging climbs. [92] Despite the earlier television appearances Hill attributes her fame to a 1982 poster for the company Patagonia that showed a photograph of her climbing. They offered her a free flight to New York for the interview and as part of the trip she was taken to the Shawangunks, a famous nearby climbing area.

Even after a heap of World Cup victories, it still took the climbing world an age to accept Lynn as the Chosen One, and perhaps her legacy was never established, once and for all, till she free climbed the Nose. Lynn Hill's original climbing grade for the "Free Nose" was 5.13b. I think that people should just do whatever they can do or want to do. I felt like I had a chance and that if I could do that it would be a really big statement to people to think about. I proved a point about women and what we're capable of—a lot of the best men had fallen off that route.

On limestone, she could plug three fingers into pockets where the rest of us managed two. The moves I had to make were really spectacular, but I managed to do them. [60] Hill's original climbing grade for the "Free Nose" was 5.13b. [61] The rock face is nearly blank and there are next to no holds; to ascend the section, Hill had to use a "carefully coordinated sequence of opposite pressures between [her] feet, hands, elbows, and hips against the shallow walls of the corner" as well as turn her body completely around. Out at Josh, it was said Lynn shone owing to quartz monzonite's superior friction, which catered to her bantam weight. Moreover, Hill was starting with zero points in the competition because she had made a mistake in the previous competition, so she had to win big or not at all (the World Cup consisted of a series of competitions in which the participants were given points for a variety of climbing techniques).

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