Completely quiet premium wheelchair lifts. Handicap van and SUV wheelchair conversions by BraunAbility. Contact your local BraunAbility dealer to see if your vehicle is an ideal fit for a wheelchair lift. Compatibility is often determined by the amount of space allowed on the side or rear door opening. BraunAbility Remote. Many of our dealers are surprised that not only do we have the BraunAbility parts, but often we have them in stock for immediate ship out. Additionally, a BraunAbility power wheelchair lift is installed onto a full-size van and no additional vehicle modifications are made. Conversely, a wheelchair van ramp is integrated into a lowered-floor vehicle and remains stationary and angled while a manual or power wheelchair user rolls up or out of the vehicle. For more information about our solutions, contact our Dealers. A van wheelchair lift remains level during operation and raises the occupant to the side or rear of the vehicle by way of remote control so the user can enter the vehicle. Quickly, it was clear that these power wheelchair lifts for vans was the way of the future for the company and became our best-selling product with lifts mounted both in the back and side of the vehicle.

Wondering if your vehicle can have a BraunAbility wheelchair lift installed?

BraunAbility mobility scooter lifts for cars feature a 750-lb carrying capacity and operate via a remote control that conveniently attaches to the lift when not in use. Solves the problem of tight parking spaces with parallel boarding and its unique swivelling platform. Parts offered include brackets, latches, handles, fuses, lift actuators, lift arms, lift barriers, lift belts, lift bumpers, lift gas springs, lift circuit boards, lift relays, lift solenoids and more! // Stop worrying about the length of the cables or getting them tangled. Thanks to BraunWest, our location in Arizona, we serve dealers in all 50 states and every Canadian territory in industry-best time. Solves the problem of tight parking spaces with parallel boarding and its unique swivelling platform. All rights reserved. Swing-A-Way. Download the BraunAbility Remote app to your smartphone from. The BraunAbility Remote app is available for iOS and Android devices. With adequate door space, a BraunAbility wheelchair lift can be installed in the side power door area or alternatively installed as a rear wheelchair lift for vans. BraunAbility also offers additional lifts for commercial bus and paratransit application, including the new, award-winning E-Series lift. Its intended use is in combination with our wheelchair lifts. Read more. No more bending over backwards to find the original hand control on the vehicle floor. Use the app and leave the original hand control in its cradle. © 2020 BraunAbility Europe AB. Read more . tools. However, dual-arm lifts like the Millennium and Century lift store upright in the mid-row of the vehicle which will limit the adjustment functionality of the front passenger seat. You can even operate your BraunAbility product from a distance. In this design, the lift is mounted to the underside of the van, keeping the doorway clear for other passengers. BraunAbility’s Under Vehicle Lift (UVL) is an example of a scissor lift.

Carodoor is an automatic door opener for rear doors.

You can even operate your BraunAbility product from a … Additionally, a BraunAbility power wheelchair lift is installed onto a full-size van and no additional vehicle modifications are made. BraunAbility offers three hydraulic wheelchair lifts for vans in North America, the Millennium, Century, and Under Vehicle Lift. All rights reserved. menu. Pair your smartphone or smart device with the receiver and start using it as a hand control for your BraunAbility product. A cassette lift for public transport mini-buses. For more information about our solutions, contact our Dealers. The BraunAbility Remote is easy to use and a great wireless complement to the original hand control. Wheelchair lifts for full-size vans are very different from a vehicle ramp for wheelchairs. Shortly after the scooter’s creation, Ralph realized he needed to travel greater distances and manufactured a van wheelchair lift on an old postal Jeep. Click here to find your local dealer. Carodoor. All rights reserved. Use the app and leave the original hand control in its cradle. Cassette wheelchair lifts for coaches and transit buses. © 2020 BraunAbility Europe AB. Lifts that can help a person to comfortably and safely enter a vehicle while seated in a wheelchair. Operate your BraunAbility products with your smartphone. Durable and easy-to-use, BraunAbility handicap vehicle lifts for van make traveling convenient and hassle-free. Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Dodge handicap van conversion options, side-entry or rear-entry.

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