Two of the sightings – at 1 pm and 3 pm – were by local cafe owners, Craig Martin and Lance Melbourne. [1] The appellate judges delivered a unanimous decision that there was insufficient evidence beyond reasonable doubt that Wood murdered Byrne and that the jury's verdict was not supported.

Dr Pan told the court Byrne said she had felt depressed for about a month and the condition had worsened in the week leading up to their appointment on June 5, 1995. She was told that the body position she had indicated on the video now appeared to be incorrect. [1945 50] * * * ▪ 2009 Introduction Music Classical.

Over 70 witnesses were called and the jury heard hours of audio and video evidence including taped interviews with Rivkin and Wood.[13]. Wood's appeal hearing commenced on 22 August 2011 in the Criminal Court of Appeal before Chief Judge at Common Law Peter McClellan, Justice Megan Latham, and Justice Stephen Rothman.

When Australian model Caroline Byrne's crumpled body was discovered at the base of a cliff known as the Gapa famous Sydney landmark and popular suicide spotit was easy for both the public and police to assume her death was suicide.

In 2004 scientific reports relating to the physics of a body falling/jumping/being projected from the cliff produced by Professor Rod Cross were the principal elements of new evidence which encouraged the Crown to push for a trial of Gordon Wood. []. Three weeks later the new New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions, Lloyd Babb SC, issued a press release simply announcing that "the OPDD will not appeal the Court of Criminal Appeal's judgement in the matter of R v Gordon Wood . In fact, special acts have been enacted in the US, Canada, and Australia to improve the rendering of forensic services. The contention whether Wood had claimed he could see something in the darkness figured in much media speculation over the years and formed a key part of Crown evidence in the 2008 trial. [29] McClennan ruled that he was not persuaded that Sgt Powderly's evidence regarding the changed landing position of the body was entirely reliable. Her then boyfriend Gordon Wood, who at the time of her death was chauffeur and personal assistant to disgraced businessman Rene Rivkin , was arrested for her murder in London on April 3 , 2006 . Wood's barrister Tim Game SC submitted that the jury's verdict was unreasonable and not supported by the evidence. The second inquest in 1998 delivered an open finding. In November 2008, Caroline Byrne’s boyfriend was found guilty of throwing her off a cliff at The Gap in Watson’s Bay. The night was dark and the cliff misty. [,25197,24364986-5006784,00.html "The Australian" Cindy Pan evidence], * Robert Wainwright, James Button, and Philip Cornford,"The Caroline Byrne Case: A Herald Investigation", "Sydney Morning Herald", April 5 2006, pp. Cap. Caroline Byrne, who died at The Gap in 1995. In 2004 scientific reports relating to the physics of a body falling/jumping/being projected from the cliff produced by Professor Rod Cross were the principal elements of new evidence which encouraged the Crown to push for a trial of Gordon Wood. [,25197,24238802-12377,00.html Fresh jury sworn in for Wood trial], Retired University of Sydney physicist Rod Cross conducted six reports into the case over two years. “She sat in a chair on the other side of me and she removed Caroline’s hand from the bag and allowed me to hold her hand and say goodbye, which I did my best to do. Mr Wood also expressed regret at agreeing to a television interview with Paul Barry in 1998.

AAP February 27, 2017 5:31pm Gordon Wood was to give evidence for the first time at his hearing for wrongful prosecution. Course.

He sought to press this claim with statements from some who knew the couple, although the evidence was not entirely foolproof. [,25197,24238802-12377,00.html Fresh jury sworn in for Wood trial], The second trial commenced on August 25, 2008 and for the first time in New South Wales court history a panel of 15 jurors was sworn in instead of the usual 12 to provide some contingency. Meanwhile scientists are poring over forensic evidence including 300 items collected at the time when Caroline’s body was found and others which haven’t been analysed before. Media reports during the second trial suggested the location of the body was an essential component to the Crown case that Ms Byrne was not pushed nor jumped, but was forcefully thrown to her death. In court Mr Byrne denied that Caroline had on that occasion intended to kill herself and instead was making "a cry for help".

Ultimately in 2001 Rivkin was charged with insider trading (of Qantas shares) and his eventual conviction in 2003 would have a devastating affect on his mental stability, resulting in his 2004 suicide. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. [23], For the first time in New South Wales court history, a ballot was used to select the three jurors who would stand down so that twelve of the sitting fifteen would deliberate to a verdict. He drove back into Sydney city and collected them and all three then went to the Gap and scoured the cliff-top. Caroline Byrne: suicide – not murder.

Police investigations continued from 2000 onwards as "Strikeforce Irondale" with hundreds of witnesses interviewed and resulting in a brief of evidence running to more than 350 pages.

Wood has said he did not know Byrne's whereabouts but was led by what he termed "telepathic communication" to The Gap. She gave evidence that in 2004 she was contacted by an officer in charge of the murder investigation (Sergeant Powderly) and told that the position of Ms Byrne's body had become a significant issue. On August 6, 2008, Justice Graham Barr declared a mistrial because of the alleged contact that a member of the jury had with 2GB radio host Jason Morrison. No photographs were taken of the location of her body's landing point. University of Technology Sydney. Possible prosecution witnesses named by Justic Barr when empanelling the second trial jury in August 2008 included entertainer Tania Zaetta, businessman John Singleton, journalist Paul Barry and paparazzo Jamie Fawcett.

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