You can still shift manually if you want, just without clutching. An automatic Challenger Scat Pack weighs just 7.5 pounds more than one with a manual: 4,239.8 pounds versus 4,232.3 pounds. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Had the same mentality as you did, but chose the A8 for fuel economy (I know, I know) reasons. The automatic is fully computer controlled and can adjust timing to account for bad gas. The 8 speed automatic is supposed to be really really good, better than manual in terms of performance and mpg and it has autostick to select gears. Since I daily drive my Challenger now, that's important.

In all honesty though, the A8 is a really great transmission, and will shift much faster than you ever could.

I've had an automatic challenger for a while now and have been looking into switching to a manual. I want to see if I'm wrong with the Challengers, or if there are just so few people that buy manuals these days that they are hard to find used. 3 days ago. I have a ZO6 with a manual, and figured I could use an automatic in my life.

I'm looking at buying a Challenger and am a big believer in sports car = manual transmission. I live in Sacramento California and the traffic here is heavy during commute times. The clutch on these cars are so heavy duty, that you won't have to worry about roasting them easily.

Unfortunately I can't have my dad teach me since we now live states away. Just so big, uber will be your best friend and people might fuck with it, I wouldnt want to leave it alonr. I need to know more about the automatic/manual hybrid. With an automatic transmission you can use 87 octane. PS: The automatic trans can perform a shift way faster then a person. A Subreddit for the people who love Dodge Challengers! Edit, didn’t proof read. These cars have so much torque they are pretty hard to stall. The automatic is fully computer controlled and can adjust timing to account for bad gas. I am in the market for a new (to me) Challenger.

I also don't want to be stuck with the base model that i see a lot of cougars driving. The A8 is absolutly much better for racing, but cruising and daily driving in minimal traffic the manual is so much more fun for me. about careers press advertise blog. And you get a bit of added respect from other car guys, but it's going to suck in high traffic areas. Manual is so much more fun. I don't have a ton of experience with manual, and I figured if the 8 speed auto was good enough for the demon it should be fine for me.

I would ride a bike lol.

I had a scat pack manual and I loved every second I spent in that car.

Now a days automatics are faster then manuals... if your looking for speed automatic is the way to go unfortunately. I do agree thou, it's still not the same as the feeling of driving a manual. There is no greater disappointment than seeing a muscle car get on the freeway and winding up the RPMs, only to hear the soft, barf-inducing sound of an automatic upshift. If this makes any difference, I'm currently living in the bay area, so traffic here can be pretty brutal at times. That's it. Automatic all day. Also, I have no issue ripping a 3.9 second 0-60 time with 20x10 wheels and a tune. To me, the A8 felt like my BMW.

That can get a little tiresome, but I think it is still worth the enjoyment of rowing your own. You will be stuck buying 91 or 93 octane gas regardless of your transmission. The A8s may great for gas mileage and provide a marginal performance benefit, but the manual transmission will always leave you smiling.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Regrets.

I know most people will say a car like this deserves a manual transmission. Do yourself a favor and go buy the manual car. You used the word "manual" in a few places you might not have meant to, and this reads in the most confusing way possible. A car with 500 lb/ft of torque is easier to drive than a manual Toyota Yaris, because you don't have to wind up the engine, play with the clutch, downshift going up hills, etc.

My main concern is that I'm moving back to New York City and driving a manual in a traffic heavy place might get annoying. Put it in gear, give it a little gas, ease off the clutch, and away you go. However, most of the cars I'm finding around me are automatics. Driving stick requires confidence and competence. Hell my own kids are like "I'm never gonna learn to drive that thing" and honestly...I'm ok with that : P. Every vehicle I've had for the last 30yrs has been a manual, including my '05 Cummins Ram and '14 Dart Aero.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I see there are some driving schools that have a class for it but I'm not sure what would be the best way to approach it, if I decided to go with a manual. To me, buying a sports car with an automatic is just wrong. I have since moved across the country, so now this doesn't happen often (only a couple times per year), so I forget a bunch of it every time I go to "drive" it.

Sure, there will be stalls and jerky gear changes, but that will smooth out with experience.

Thoughts on whether or not getting a manual is worth it in a place like NYC? Edit, didn’t proof read.

I bought my first manual car before I had even driven a manual. Noob here looking for a first Challenger. You also didn't account for engine types in the fuel grade discussion. u/TheSmooothOne.

If you have the proper and smart follow-distance, then you should never have to depress the clutch (aside from the errant person cutting you off, and distracted moments that lead you to miscalculating the speed of vehicles in front of you). I had a REALLY hard time finding my 392 Manual. ... Reddit.

I never felt the long "pull" sensation that you get in a transmission with less gears. I don't expect that trend to ever reverse. Best I've gotten so far is 26.5mpg out of a 485hp 6.4L, not bad in my book! If I lived in San Francisco or L.A. where you never escape traffic I’d get the automatic. I finally made my mind up about buying my dream car (after getting a nice raise from work a few days ago! The people that get these things either A- wreck it, B- Keep it til it OR they die whichever comes first. Too many gears to be useful, and never settling down. I now have 60,000 miles and the clutch is just starting to feel different than new (the engagement point is slightly lower on the pedal).

Engine timing and fuel grade are variables that are independent of the transmission. The manual doesn’t have the same ability (at least in the R/T Hemi trim). Furthermore, the 392 has so much torque that you do not need to disengage the clutch until your wheels are completely stopped. However, my '17 TA 392 is the A8. The engagement point for the clutch is so high up that it requires very little depression to disengage. I'm glad I didn't make this mistake.

The first burnout I did was a 20-second clutch smokeshow (high altitude [reduced horsepower] and a lack of understanding of the updated ESP system for the 2015+ cars). Edit: I bought an automatic because rowing gears has lost luster over the years, and the A8 ZF is head and shoulders above the manual on this platform. Is this common now, or is it just because I'm not in a big city? The clutch gets better with age, because you get more leeway in the engagement.

I only owned 1 manual in my life many years ago and that one I drove straight to my dads house to learn how. Very interested in the auto-to-manual concept. I personally enjoy driving a manual more , specially in a muscle/sports car. Whenever Mitsubishi made them. I have never felt any fatigue when sitting in traffic (San Francisco, Sac, and LA). My only experience with a manual is the old Dodge ram from I think the 70s? I drove my stinger in nj, right outside of Manhattan and I wouldn't take my stinger, let alone a challenger, into the actual city, city. Having owned several now, I highly encourage buying one, they have built in theft deterrent and there’s nothing more fun in my opinion than rowing your own gears.

The problems with manuals is that they are owned usually by enthusiast/collectors/I'm loving this machine til the wheels fall off. The manual doesn’t have the same ability (at least in the R/T Hemi trim). Manual transmissions aren’t necessarily more fuel …

Even if you do, it's not the end of the world. View entire discussion (6 comments) More posts from the Dodge community.

Traffic is not an issue, so long as you have functioning legs. My main concern is that I'm moving back to New York City and driving a manual in a traffic heavy place might get annoying. Hi. There is no greater feeling than working the clutch and shifter, and feeling all of the synchros and gears whirring beneath your hand.

Manual’s are fun but at the end of the day, the A8 is solid and a better transmission IMO. Manual all the way. I'll keep the automatics for my Jeep and BMW: cars that my girlfriend will drive. I’m a bit biased, my SP is auto and have never looked back.

Thanks for the heads up. I can start my car in 4th gear and get it rolling without using any gas at all. How about the other way?

However, I've been driving manual for 10 years straight and I have a Civic SI that I am going to keep as well so I will still have a manual car. Autos have come a long way and auto trannys in sports cars can either be shifted manually or left in auto nowadays. I'll be honest - I only know a little bit about manual from my dad teaching me how to drive his '70 road runner but that was only in the parking lot. I love shifting and always thought that sports cars should be manuals also.

Thank you for the amplifying information.

Using Reddit. I'm going to be ordering a SRT 392 this week and I can't decide on the automatic or manual. The market seems pretty slim right now if you want a manual but I am finding some good deals on the …

Does anyone have any regrets getting a manual over an automatic?

), but I'm unsure about what transmission to go with. In NYC i wouldn't even drive. A secondary reason is that with a manual you must buy premium fuel. I would go with auto but I also find manuals annoying so it's just my preference.

Should I go manual or auto? NYC the D train all the way. I got the auto.

It's 2018, and hydraulic clutches have been a thing for a while now. I own a manual Scat and love driving it. This is not up for debate. Slamming the autostick forward or backward is nowhere near as fun as banging the 6-speed around.

Press J to jump to the feed.

We sell the occasional manual, however, most want the automatic and you can shift if you want and don't if ya don't. If your like me and just like being able to have more control of the car or like the feel of shifting gears Manual all the way! With the automatic you get MDS mode, and can average higher MPGs.

Everyone drove stick in the 70s and 80s. Especially in stop and go traffic it would be another source of anxiety for me, I'm already worried the car might clip the edge of the construction barricades being so wide. Challenger R/T manual vs automatic - looking for feedback from owners.

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