The contact stated the wiring harness connected to the blower motor became hot and began to melt. I have a 97 ford ranger 4 cyl. They often do with in the first few days if they are going to die. i just replaced the battery in my 67 camaro due to the fact that after the 1st one wouldn’t start after charging it several times over a 3yr period now when i installed the new one it was having the same symptoms as the old one i don’t think it’s the battery it started up a few times after installation and then quit. Pingback: Rabbit Restoration on a Budget | Fast times at Esquimalt High. I am hearing a bit of squeezing in the serpentine system somewhere. Sounds like a bad altenator. Well the system is designed to cut the charge on and off on the nnbs. Auto Sparky has bailed out saying theres nothing else it can be ! 2000 buick park avenue ultra. Make sure your battery cables are newer and free from any corrosion down deep in the wire under the insulation. I couldn’t let my car set for more than 2 days or else it would be dead. My 2000 Dodge Durango alternator connector was bad so I changed it in my alternator is good and my battery is good all connections are good but my voltage meter is still dropping what could cause that, Plz text or call 701 339 7267 with any possible solutions.


Air blows cold on driver side and extremely hot on drivers side with dual controls both set to cool. I just had a similar problem with my ’98 ford expedition. Speedometer stopped functioning. I replaced the alternator because it was bad. Solution: At the very least, you likely have a loose alternator belt or bad wiring connection. The VIN was unavailable.the manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. Hello 12 hrs later nothing and when plugging in charger I get charger dial bouncing of the top and w/s wipers move a partial stroke. We replaced all the belts and the battery and we got the alternator tested (the battery light was on all the time before taking out the alternator now that we put it back in the battery light is on and off when driving it or sitting there just running) that tested good the battery light comes on in my car after replacing all this stuff and testing it everything is plugged in correctly what could b wrong, 1998 ford explorer xlt v6 4.0L I have replaced radiator,thermo housing,water pump,alternator, battery.

my altenator died so I changed it and got a new battery because it drained it out completely. same with my 2006 dodge charger,I change the alterator then took it to be tested and nothing was wrong with the alernator,now Im going to chage the battery,cause everything else looks good,any more ideas? Where was this fuse located my battery is no my alternator is new but it’s not charging can you tell me what fuse that was and where was it located, Where was this fuse located my battery is new my alternator is new but it’s not charging can you tell me what fuse that was and where was it located. okay, i have gotten so much stress from my 2003 ford since buying it used in a junk yard. and no abnormal lights show up, Last jump. Can you get it to an auto parts store so they can check it out?, is it making noise? Just wondering if you could help me out here.. and when I turn on the motor the wire that connects to the alternator gets hot. ..thank you, My battery light stay on while running and when i take of the negative it shut off. I just has a question if anyone had any ideas. GM cables have a tendency to corrode internally near the ends. I looked at my gauge and it was a little over the quarter mark.. then it dropped and all my electronics started shutting down one by one. not making any abnormal noises and runs great. No the alternator on nbs is regulated by at a steady rate... No the alternator and everything charged/ worked fine prior to missing the whole engine bay was covered in very watery mud which was sprayed off. Great guide! My 1993 kadett is having alternator problems its not charging the batery when runing and the dash light dousnt work but if I give the dash light a bridge to negetive it works is it possible that the problem is with the bosch alternators regulator? Disconnect the positive terminal on the battery and connect ammeter from Bat plus to terminal. The vehicle was not taken to dealer for inspection or repair. why is that the wire for my alternator is getting hot to the point that is melting the plug rubber connections. i had a dead battery in my truck 90 chevy silverado 350 my voltage gauge on dash said was running at about 12 or 13 while running, long story short i replaced battery truck starts no issue BUT now my voltage gauge doesnt do anything is buried below 9 on or off any ideas. Your email address will not be published. Bought a brand new battery and a multimeter due to starting problems and found that when my lights are ON I get 14v when the engine is running and when the lights are OFF I get 12v ish when it’s running?! If I drive for three or four miles and shut off the engine, it's charging again at the usual rate after restarting. The headlights will also be dim when the engine is idling.

Got home put everything back in same happened the next day. The current mileage was 113,000.

Any Ideas? I recently cleaned the battery terminals and cable connectors. I am gonna have it checked.

In January 2011, the contact had the wiring harness and the resistor qa replaced by a private mechanic since he smelled a burning odor and had to disconnect the wiring harness in order to protect it from melting. Replace as necessary! Gasp.

With key off the battery voltage is 12.60. 200 miles from home, Battery dies and won’t recover from external charger. Battery? Your charging system is responsible for restoring the charge to your car battery after use and is tasked with providing power to your lights, audio system, and other electronics while your vehicle is running. Installed new battery & before heading for home, had alternator & external voltage regular tested…Alternator tested good but the VR tested bad & replaced. I chased a starting/charging issue on our shop truck for a week once only to find out the cable that looked great on the outside was corroded up on the inside and losing connection. I feel that this is a safety hazard because I don't know my speed but I am lucky enough to have been given a gps to do that. Still can’t get a charge going, what else could it be?

what are your coments for this problem. The solenoid will make a clicking sound if the battery is weak or terminals or cables are not perfectly grounded and connected. Inspect and replace an abnormally worn belt and tighten a loose belt. We’d recommend a call to the Summit guys at 1-800-230-3030 to confirm but they can get you hooked up with the right replacement parts. I gotta drive it around the block every night before I sleep. Also the alternator was replaced like 5 months ago too but by a family friend. Without your charging system in proper working order, you’ll eventually find yourself stranded…without lights…and without good tunes. Other potential problems are a faulty voltage regulator or a problem in the charging system wiring.

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