Shocking. Child's random future abroad. Swayer notified Swayed does not reciprocate honors. Type the name of an event, or an event ID, into the search box below to instantly search our database of 10559 event IDs. Second-place loser of Taming tournament notified. A finalist is losing: chance to use special action. Appeaser: Character was impressed by your learning. On death: if host dies, the event chain is interrupted immediately. All rights reserved. Other guests notified of kids throwing mud at them. Appeaser: Character was not impressed by your stewardship. Second-place loser of Drinking tournament notified. On_startup event to assign african face paint. Top Tier Mask: Pick spirit to inhabit it with. into the console, then pressing Enter. Low Tier Mask: Pick spirit to inhabit it with. Follow wolves alone, they run deep into the wild, Run and hunt with wolves, kill prey, eat raw meat, Return home, wife/lover/everyone is worried. On_five_years pulse handling the AI picking a Antagonizing target. Appeaser: notified that Appeased did not like his gift. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I know it's optional, but for reals? On-action battle_won: Soldier Distinguishes himself. Check if ruler's son and new heir, send delayed event. Appeaser: use your stewardship education to improve opinion? Become rival with a fellow vassal when both at same location and we got same liege, Child is often involved in fights with other toddlers, Child wants to play with friends instead of studying, Child is often playing very daring games with other children, Child has developed a habit for wild parties. Hero character wants you to duel someone! Start as the holder of gotland and form Scandinavia. Appeaser: send a gift to increase opinion? new_character is the other spouse. On-action event: A bastard child is born, but is not recognized as such by the spouse of the mother. Appeased: fighting a war against Appeaser as an unlanded commander, switch sides?

Host will handle the first row to decide the two final contenders and the winner. The co-hunter is about to fall/drown/random etc.

Hero character wants you to wage war against someone! Je connais deux events qui peuvent avoir un rapport avec ce que tu dis. is not affiliated with any game(s) on this page. Appeaser: use your learning education to improve opinion? On-action event: Divine Marriage due to Doctrine. (courtier event). Giant yearly event firing all the events related to appeasement. hidden event for the host, picking two finalists and sending event to underdog. scoped_running_child_1 second child notified. Appeaser: Becoming in love with appeased. Now, there is a quest for immortality that gives a huge health bonus. Warrior Lodge Hero decides whether to start. As the Anti-christ/spawn of satan, become Grand master of the Satanists, Jihad Sultan. On-action event: Pregnancy in matrimony, with another father! Appeaser: hidden event setting up flags for options and randomizing result. Second round over: the winner is notified of victory. Establishment of thieves_guild in a province, if budget in the red, Destruction of thieves_guild in a province, Establishment of smugglers_ring in a province, if red budget, Destruction of smugglers_ring in a province, Establishment of highway_robber_band in a province, if red budget, Destruction of highway_robber_band in a province, Relative demands inheritance due to ambition, Character goes into exile to raise an army, The ruler who hosts the pretender is notified, Relative reminds liege of promised marriage, Male relative who was denied decides to marry in secret, The liege is informed of the secret marriage, Court Imam receives Fatwa request from Liege, Victim informed Fatwa has been issued against him, ## A troop of wandering jongleurs seek your patronage ###, A traveling minstrel seeks your patronage, Send Marshal to deal with Highway Robber Band. Random Warrior informed that loser called in favor to not pay debt. Other guy was cheating, you are the last one standing. Decide whether you want a mask or an idol. ## Why is the church so rich when the peasants are starving and poor?

Opponent: receive insults on accomplishments. Luxury clothes are trendy at the moment. Low martial guy, inability to kill something. Appeaser: Character was impressed by your martial. Conclusion (Ambush success with daughter), Conclusion (Ambush success without daughter), Become friendly with a fellow vassal when both at same location and we got same liege. CK2 Blog. I don't think I've ever seen the AntiChrist event chain, but I'm assuming it's akin to the Gate of Hell chain where it's something natural that's misunderstood. You won't give us a crusade expansion, but you'll give us this?

Own all the silk route ports in india as a European merchant republic. Say something about it���, Swims river, sleeps outside, becomes ill or catches pneumonia. Guest: Want to participate to the brawling competition? Second-place loser of Tapestry tournament notified. ###. Appeaser: Notified Appeased has refused friendship. Wife denies. Ping event for the mission Lose Weak Focus.

on_focus_selected: Changing to War focus. Guest: Want to participate to the poetry competition? tribal_festival_potential_friend_1 gets regular friendship event.

Random society member sees winner and declares friendship. Marriage of primary heir - ROOT is employer. River crossing - saved spouse and spouse is grateful. Recognise bastard son as a legitimate heir?

Prey has fled, after wounding you and killing the other guy. Winner informed of friendship offer from Hero. Commission an expensive prestigious portrait, ## Notify band creator of education change, ## Mercenary captain stop being a silly coward, ## Notify band creator of awesome fight with prestigious commander, ## Mercenary captain starts to gain sympathy for local religion, ## Mercenary captain converts to local religion, ## Seduction event between captain and child of employer, ## Duel between son of employer and mercenary captain, Notify daddy about nothing happening duel, Notify band creator about nothing happening duel, ## Possibility to invite mercenary captain to a feast, ## Response to feast from mercenary captain is positive, ## Response to feast from mercenary captain is negative, ## The captain gain mercenary traditions from being on the field, ## Notifying Daddy about becomming skilled with handling mercenaries, ## Curious about tales from dads past for ward, ## Ward is told tales of his fathers deeds, ## Ward is refused the tales of his father, ## Notification event for increase in mercenary size, ## Notification event for wasting money on debauchery, Feud started between two clans because of raid and pillaging, any_province_holding = { holding_type = temple }, An ambitious character with no inheritance begins to plan an adventure for a foreign title, If neither break succeeded, kill it with fire, NOT = { has_character_flag = raiding_adventurer_nomad }, On-action battle lost Check raiding adventurer defeat, Notify host and other participants about winner, Clear all character flags and modifiers - safety catch. - Second row.

She keeps reading any sort of romantic poetry she can get hold of. Else continue raiding (send this event again)... Increase counter for number of nomad provinces, Calculate amount of gold sent from china to deal with nomad provinces, A rebel general appears, triggered from Civil War ending in China, Setup the general's titles and warn target, Informed a Rebel Chinese General has picked you as a target, Fired from various on_new_holder on actions, EU4 conversion, prepare on map China for conversion, EU4 conversion, restore on map China after conversion, News Event: China invading pretender China, News Event: Title invaded by China destroyed, On death remove chinese imperial government if heir not correct culture, News Event: Inform General won and founded Empire. On_start: setup event for scarred traits visuals and variable.

Simon Bonesteel. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Mid Tier Mask: Pick spirit to inhabit it with.

Random Warrior informed that loser gave favor to not pay debt. Who needs Vasco da Gama? The child was not interested in being a warrior.

Dangerous river crossing - save spouse or horse? What about keeping your courtiers busy by changing the fashion at court? Child forsaking intellectual activities for physical training.

Appeased: choose if you want to learn the Appeaser's lifestyle trait.

On_death: Clean up event for outliner characters.

i got the trait where my king his wife and his daughter got it i used the modern times dlc my kings daughter of scotland killed all my kids she got the modifer demon spawn she killed all my kids but she has amazing traits. Chance for either levy reinforcement bonus in capital, prestige, cheap troops, or raider ships. Appeased: request to join Appeaser for a few days. Below is a searchable table of all 10559 events and event IDs from CK2. Appeaser: write a letter to increase opinion? Swayer notified ambushes are now illegal vs Swayed and viceversa. is not affiliated with any game(s) on this page. Delayed cleanup for guests, just in case something happens. Hidden. Appeaser: send a tribal gift to increase opinion? Appeaser: Character was impressed by your stewardship. on_loot_settlement: Raid the province and end the quest.

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