Even the highest-paid job becomes drudgery if the job comes with a lot of stress and pain. No matter how a person looks at it, getting a CS degree offers real advantages to the people who hold them. Computer science is a very broad and easily applicable field, so CS graduates have a great job market to look forward to when graduating. Let me be clear. For my experiment, I decided a CS degree would be worth it if it both offered more job opportunities and would have prepared me for my job better than my self-taught route did. Do I Have to be Good at Algorithms to Get a Computer Science Degree? Getting a good job without one is.

That might have been true maybe 5 or 10 years ago, not sure about today. Now, I doubt the new section on my resume stating “computer science degree (2020)” was to thank for all of this newfound interest.

but i don;t see any of those, Bill Gates didn;t finish collage people around here... A constructive and inclusive social network. It’s tough to master a specific skill or language when the course material jumps from subject to subject every month or so.

Thanks for not including Amazon there! so i am interested in computer science and almost have my AS in CS, and i am also interested in electrical engineering would an associates in EE and a bachelors in CS be a good combo? One thing I’m curious about with regards to your journey is the role accountability plays into it? Computer engineering is learning how to design and maintain the hardware the keeps computer system working. I made a post about it on this subreddit (that I actually still receive PMs about every couple of weeks), and ended up following my intuition and earning a second BS. I graduated last year and most of the people in my class had jobs lined up before they graduated. There were certainly courses that were relevant to my day-to-day work, but even more that weren’t. What’s more, people who hold advanced degrees can earn as much as $30,000 more a year than those who don’t have a master’s degree. I've been considering doing a second bachelor's in CS even though I suck, reeeeaaaally suck at math. If you want to gain resume experience I'm sure a university lab would take you on to develop programs. Despite all the articles titled “Self-Taught vs. CS Degree” and “How I Got a Job Without a CS Degree,” it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ guide to computer and information technology occupations, the answer is yes. My department head said that the field is growing and even if all CS students that are enrolled graduated, we would only fill 40% of the demand. Additionally, with the advances in digital currency, programmers who work in the financial industry will be on the cutting edge of the global economy. Speaking from experience, I took courses covering calculus, discrete math, operating systems, computer architecture, data structures and algorithms, network security, project management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and much more.

So I decided to conduct an experiment. Although there's a shortage of CS employees and a lot of job openings, there's a whole bunch of entry-level employees, and a big part of the gap is in skilled Developer and Senior Developer positions, not entry-level. They're either incompetent, inexperienced (GET AN INTERNSHIP) or socially awkward enough that in person interviews are as far as they get (like it or not, your perspective employer has to actually like you as a person...). From Bricks to Brains: The Evolution of the Cell Phone, Of Cops and Cookies: How Police Are Using Computers to Solve Crimes. So that's why I was able to complete faster than 4 years. Those who hold computer science degrees are in the position to become web developers and to create those complex websites. Now this sub convinced me that entry level positions are oversaturated with new grads and a lot of people are getting underpaid. Family has suggested CS to me and...no. *edit* I also want to add the advice my dad gave me: A degree doesn't just say that you know your shit in your field, it also says "this person knows how to learn and worked for 4 years at bettering themselves". New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This includes those who did not have internships and the average was probably 60k starting. I used to sit on the couch with my wife and play video games on my laptop, now i dink around with Python and i really enjoy it. This includes those who did not have internships and … According to Career Builder, almost 40% of employers now want employees who have advanced degrees. If you're getting a comp sci degree to get good at programming or to learn certain technologies, you're wasting your time and money. But I do think it played some role, as many job listings these days have a line saying “computer science degree (or related experience).” My degree made for a nice tick in that checkbox.

Computersciencedegreehub.com is an advertising-supported site. However, for someone with a family to support or whose age is over 30, I don't recommend this path. Of course taking electives courses may seem waste of money and time, but I enjoyed learning things outside my major which I was interested and helped me gain more perspectives.

You must carry a diploma or Masters degree combined with internships at big companies with high brand recognition. The vast majority of the other students in my classes were looking either to break into the technology field or to leverage the degree for a better job. And most statistics that mention growth don't take into account the many workers that don't have a computer science degree because it didn't exist when they were in college. Computer scientists work in diverse fields, like information security, video game development, and IT management. I'm a sophomore Computer Science student and I'm starting to wonder if spending 4 years in college learning technology that may not even be relevant is worth it when there are opportunities for people who haven't even been coding for a few years. The median salary for a web developer is $73,760, according to the BLS. My impressions where the same as yours. Top 10 Information Systems Security Online Degrees (Bachelor’s), 30 Most Affordable Online Master’s Degrees in Computer Science, 30 Most Affordable Residential Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science, 30 Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science, Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Engineering Schools in the U.S. 2020, Top 10 Best Computer Science Online Degree Programs, 5 Cheapest Associate’s in Cybersecurity Degrees Online, Top 10 Cheapest Online Associate’s in Information Technology Degrees, Top 5 Cheapest Online Associate’s in Network Administration Degrees, Top 5 Cheapest Online Database Management Degrees, Top 10 Cheapest Online Network Administration Degrees, Top 10 Cheapest Online Associate’s in Web Design, Top 10 Cheapest Online Master’s in Information Assurance Degrees, Top 10 Cheapest Online Master’s in Information Technology Degrees, Top 5 Cheapest Online Bachelor’s in Web Design Degrees, Top 5 Most Affordable Ph.D. in Cybersecurity Degrees Online, Top 5 Cheapest Software Development Degrees Online, Top 5 Cheapest Mobile Development Degrees Online, 5 Most Affordable Ph.D. in Computer Science and Computer Engineering Degrees Online, 5 Cheapest Associate’s in Computer Science Degrees Online, Top 50 Master’s in Computer Science Degree Programs.

Just not for me. What is the Average Salary for Someone with a Computer Science Degree? Some of us love it, but most find it very difficult and boring. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The pay gravytrain right now is partially propped up by the 2017+ tech bull run, but even in 2015 salaries were rising rapidly. “If you don’t have a software engineering degree you’re not a real software engineer. In some settings, there is no differentiation between the designer and the developer. Or at least it did to the people I told. Is a Computer Science Degree Right for Me? Bootcamp people will lose in the long-term. With a college degree, there is that graduation date, though the learning obviously doesn't end there. And mastery is important because employers want expertise. Very dependent on location because of cost of living. Is the U.S. Edit: I spent 2 years as an intern while in school and have 1 year full time employee experience. It also seems impossible to get a job at a Big G/MS/FB due to the competition. These careers and the accompanying salaries on this list certainly make it seem that way. I would earn my CS degree and finally see for myself if it is really worth it.

Computer Science is not like Liberal Arts, Political Science or other majors. It is one of those majors that is very doable online (though it may be harder to do online). Not only that, but I learned about three different programming languages over the span of a year and a half.

I know many developers with all sorts of degrees other than Computer Science - Philosophy, English, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology - but they all have something in common.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. When I was younger I was really interested in tech and robots and stuff but I've always just been arts oriented and I didn't nurture it. Are you willing to pull all nighters debugging code? Your choice is: Making quick money, which fades anyway; or striving for the long-term future proof career.

I was curious to see if I would fare better this time around. Not all CS master degrees are worth the same, even from the same university from the same year. In 1995, during my final year at IIT Kanpur, TCS and Infosys gave job offers to more than 60% of my class. So why did I even go back to school if I was already a software engineer? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the learnprogramming community. Honestly, I'm not too sure. The advantage of this type of program is that students are ready to hit the ground running once they complete their programs. If you are a programmer, companies are only interested on how quickly, error free and cheaply you produce marketable output. It's very simple to answer your question.

Also on the list are software developers, web developers, and IT managers. I don't really know much about the Clayton Christensen connection, but yeah I also wonder if my feelings would change if I were to have gone to a high profile university like Stanford. But it wasn't working out great for him, he then had the nerve to tell me that me getting my degree is a waste of time. In the past, a CS degree was enough to get a job, but times are changing. And for you self-taught developers, take time to learn the computer science fundamentals. On the low-end of the pay scale, information security analysts make almost $58,000 a year.

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