Enable or disable (by default) the verification of referer field in HTTP request header. Enable to allow HTTP compression over SSL-VPN tunnels. Tested with FOS v6.0.0 switch-controller network-monitor-settings, switch-controller security-policy captive-portal, switch-controller security-policy local-access, system replacemsg device-detection-portal, wireless-controller hotspot20 anqp-3gpp-cellular, wireless-controller hotspot20 anqp-ip-address-type, wireless-controller hotspot20 anqp-nai-realm, wireless-controller hotspot20 anqp-network-auth-type, wireless-controller hotspot20 anqp-roaming-consortium, wireless-controller hotspot20 anqp-venue-name, wireless-controller hotspot20 h2qp-conn-capability, wireless-controller hotspot20 h2qp-operator-name, wireless-controller hotspot20 h2qp-osu-provider, wireless-controller hotspot20 h2qp-wan-metric. FortiGate registration and basic settings, Verifying FortiGuard licenses and troubleshooting, Logging FortiGate traffic and using FortiView, Creating security policies for different users, Creating the Admin user, device, and policy, FortiSandbox in the Fortinet Security Fabric, Adding FortiSandbox to the Security Fabric, Adding sandbox inspection to security profiles, FortiManager in the Fortinet Security Fabric, Blocking malicious domains using threat feeds, (Optional) Upgrading the firmware for the HA cluster, Connecting the primary and backup FortiGates, Adding a third FortiGate to an FGCP cluster (expert), Enabling override on the primary FortiGate (optional), Connecting the new FortiGate to the cluster, FGCP Virtual Clustering with two FortiGates (expert), Connecting and verifying cluster operation, Adding VDOMs and setting up virtual clustering, FGCP Virtual Clustering with four FortiGates (expert), Removing existing configuration references to interfaces, Creating a static route for the SD-WAN interface, Blocking Facebook while allowing Workplace by Facebook, Antivirus scanning using flow-based inspection, Adding the FortiSandbox to the Security Fabric, Enabling DNS filtering in a security policy, (Optional) Changing the FortiDNS server and port, Enabling Content Disarm and Reconstruction, Preventing certificate warnings (CA-signed certificate), Importing the signed certificate to your FortiGate, Importing the certificate into web browsers, Preventing certificate warnings (default certificate), Preventing certificate warnings (self-signed), Set up FortiToken two-factor authentication, Connecting from FortiClient with FortiToken, Connecting the FortiGate to FortiAuthenticator, Creating the RADIUS client on FortiAuthenticator, Connecting the FortiGate to the RADIUS server, Site-to-site IPsec VPN with two FortiGate devices, Authorizing Branch for the Security Fabric, Allowing Branch to access the FortiAnalyzer, Desynchronizing settings for Branch (optional), Site-to-site IPsec VPN with overlapping subnets, Configuring the Alibaba Cloud (AliCloud) VPN gateway, SSL VPN for remote users with MFA and user case sensitivity. Enable or disable (by default) Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.0 (TLSv1.0). Low allows any. The period of time in seconds that the SSL VPN will wait before re-authentication is enforced. An optional feature to specify IPv4 or IPv6 addresses from which users can log in. Listen on Port 10443. SSL VPN disconnects if idle for specified time in seconds.

In addition, only PKI users with two-factor authentication enabled will be able to log on to the SSL VPN.

vpn ssl settings. Enable/disable insertion of empty fragment. Note: This entry is only available when http-compression is set to enable. Set the value between 1-259200 (or 1 second to 3 days), or 0 for no timeout.

Force the SSL-VPN security level. To configure the SSL VPN tunnel, go to VPN > SSL-VPN Settings. Set Restrict Access to Allow access from any host. Set Listen on Interface (s) to wan1. The IPv4 or IPv6 IP address of the secondary WINS server that SSL VPN clients will be able to access after a connection has been established.

Enable or disable (by default) allowing SSL VPN connections to bypass routing and bind to the incoming interface. SSLVPN maximum DTLS hello timeout (10 - 60 sec, default = 10). Enable/disable negated source IPv6 address match.

The minimum amount of data in bytes that will trigger compression. Use the dns-server2 or ipv6-dns-server-2 entries to specify a secondary DNS server (see entry below).

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