[god_id] => 96 This item just gets countered way to hard by antiheal and offers no defense as well.

Learn how to play a new god, or fine tune your favorite SMITE gods’s build and strategy. Jump his 1 and his execute.

Hey there, my name is Jtree and today I’m gonna share you everything I know about Cu Chulainn in this in depth guide. Horrible without rage

[display_name] => Baron Samedi |[/center]

[url] => xing-tian As soon as you can afford full boots, return to base and buy them.

( You're never killing him and he's never killing you. [url] => odin

Array Has issues sticking to people against CC Heavy Comps


Instead this is what you should be doing. [god_id] => 94

You'll lose trades early but he won't kill you.

This yell costs no Rage and has a 35s cooldown.

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She'll always outbox you. [tiny] => Array

I'm asking, because I don't know, but it doesn't seem like he would...at least, he'd be weaker than standard picks. [url] => jormungandr [god] => Array

Same as Nike and Chaac. )


[god] => Array

[god] => Array The most treasured aspects of Britishness should be protected – at least in the north – to ease Protestants through a challenging transition period. I would just ignore and out clear this god.

( [god] => Array )

[scoreVal] => 4

[god_id] => 102

[scoreVal] => 3 He's just like Sobek.


[url] => jormungandr [god] => Array

I like the build but maybe specify which items to actually buy because you can only have 6 without boots and there are 7 items excluding boots. However be careful as even though you can depend on this shield quite a fair bit, it takes 3 seconds to transform. ) [1] => Array )

Let’s go over generating rage. Defense, Health and Cooldown Reduction are your best friend. When it comes down to building items it’s quite simple what you want to build on him.

[display_name] => Hercules Don't let him spam his 1 on you. Fight the enemy solo laner in the wave. Top of the mornin' to ya, Stuke here with a new guide. [url] => bellona ) 1. Cú Chulainn, also spelled Cú Chulaind or Cúchulainn (/ k uː ˈ k ʌ l ɪ n / koo-KUL-in, Irish: [kuːˈxʊlˠɪnʲ] (); "Culann's Hound") and sometimes known in English as Cuhullin, is an Irish mythological demigod who appears in the stories of the Ulster Cycle, as well as in Scottish and Manx mythology.

[display_name] => Tsukuyomi

[display_name] => Chaac [god_id] => 53 He's built like a tank and hits like a cannon, building protections, CDR, and health to maximize his potential during fights. Now this might seem like a weird one.

(Meaning you can sell it lategame for something else). You can try to kill him if he gets ahead but it's easier to just take his blue.

[scoreVal] => 4

( [display_name] => Cerberus The theme of faerie birds also occurs in The Wasting Sickness of Cú Chulainn (Serglige Con Culainn).

) [notes] => A 50/50 matchup that can go either way.

This yell costs no Rage and has a 35s cooldown. Note: you don't have to follow this guide to the smallest detail, these are suggestions on how to play Cu Chulainn.

Very rarely will you get a chance to kill him and if Guan Yu catches you out, he will kill you. I applied for my Irish passport in a panic over threats to free movement around Europe.

[display_name] => Bellona 175.3K 10 Free Bird: Cu Chulainn Guide (S7) by Stuke99 updated May 22, 2020. [god] => Array If you get pressure try to keep him in lane.

Getting it into Vamana is a must. Don't attack him while he's ulting. ) Share Tweet. War Cry however can be used more freely because it has only 2 uses: Damage and CC Immunity. [god] => Array [god_id] => 3

Cu Chulainn spins once in a huge AOE damaging and knocking up all enemies caught in the range of his Ult. [scoreVal] => 4 by Irondragons3 updated May 25, 2020.


[4] => Array

[god] => Array Green, white and orange: peace between Catholics and Protestants.’, showed my passport to a surly human resources director from County Leitrim in. After 3s above 85, he goes Berserk. ) Cu Chulainn's Mana, MP5, and Mana Heals are instead applied to his Health pool.

In a united Ireland, where we can all feel at home, it would have to go. [god] => Array ( Here's the kicker, once you hit 85 rage points, there is a short build-up, and then Cu goes Berserk which increases his damage, gives him a small health shield, and makes his second ability, Vent Anger, constantly active during the duration.

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