Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. Doing this unlocks the The One That Got Away trophy. Keyboard and Mouse support has been added to the game for PS4 and Xbox One. Watch Dogs Legion - 100% Trophy Instructions - Recruit a Video Game Designer to earn the trophy Meta-Gaming. Sony Bend has announced that Days Gone on PS5 will run in dynamic 4K at up to 60 FPS when you are playing via backwards compatibility. DayZ PS4 Update 1.12 Patch Notes Confirmed Michael Harradence / February 21, 2020 Bohemia Interactive has released the full DayZ update 1.12 patch notes for your viewing pleasure. On the Playstation 4 you have to download and install 178 MB. DayZ Update Version 1.22 – Hotfix Patch Notes for PS4, Xbox and PC. Anyone who owns the Livonia DLC, will be able to freely switch between Chernarus and Livonia servers, with the same character. Get the full patch notes below.

Dayz update 1.09 brings support for new weapons and adds fishing to the game.

Get all the details right here.

Here is how to use the PS5 DualSense controller on PC, including how to connect it to Steam and have it work with your games. The games DayZ 1.07 update dropped on February 13 which means we should see a further 4 updates in the remaining 7 months. Fixed: A server crash caused by certain player actions (On XBOX One), Fixed: A game crash caused by inventory manipulation, Fixed: A server crash related to dropping large items (reverted the physical dropping until this issue is resolved), Fixed: A case of bullets not being registered when starting to shoot while the weapon is moved, Fixed: Doors in certain military barracks were disappearing, Fixed: Item description of beige Working Boots, Fixed: An exploit allowing to carry heavy items while running, Fixed: Voice chat could be activated while in the inventory, Added: Amusement park locations throughout Chernarus, Fixed: A client error caused by re-encountering the weapon you dropped during a previous death, Fixed: The map always used to open at the top left corner (now remembers the last opened position), Fixed: Disabled “Jump out” action for back seat passengers of the ADA 4×4, Fixed: Action circle was missing while dismantling the oven, Fixed: The player can no longer attach both the suppressor and compensator to the SG5-K, Fixed: Issue caused by starting an action with a different item in your hands between client and server, Fixed: An animation glitch related to throwing, Fixed: Several types of inventory interactions related to item swapping, Fixed: Water bonus from wells was added to early in the action, Fixed: Infected would not cause bleeding as intended, Fixed: Issues with doors in the aircraft hangar, hospital, school, harbour crane, Fixed: Issues with the sounds of doors in the fire station and big ATC buildings, Fixed: Issues with a ladder on the construction site, Fixed: Piles of wooden planks could spawn on top of each other, Fixed: The big doorway of the sawmill had bullet collision, Fixed: Object placement fixes for Enoch and ChernarusPlus terrains, Fixed: A yellow heat comfort was giving a penalty on health regeneration, Fixed: Position of the combination lock widget, LODs and textures, Fixed: The player could collide with individual ivy parts, Fixed: The Denim Skirt showed the wrong colour in 1st person mode, Fixed: Infected could not navigate into the large grey shed, Fixed: The Construction Light behaved weirdly when thrown, Fixed: It was not possible to empty liquid containers in interior spaces, Fixed: Blue Athletic Sunglasses had a green texture (, Fixed: The Thermometer would always display 0 degree (, Fixed: Night vision was darkened when someone entered the players network bubble (, Fixed: Base building actions could be mixed up resulting in building the wrong part, Fixed: Barrel with holes was still able to store liquids (, Fixed: Missing icon for the night vision goggles attachment slot, Fixed: NVGs were not operable while holding an item in hands (, Fixed: Door of the Radio Station would spawn opened half-way, Fixed: Belts with attachments could be put inside clothing items, Changed: Global lighting changes (ground-lighting addition, brightness of day and night, shadow contrast during clear weather, rain visual tweaks, darker clouds during overcast), Changed: Updated the inventory attachment icons (missing icons added, some icons tweaked and unused removed to free space for more in future), Changed: Clean-up of the car damage zones, Changed: Lowered the amount of leaked coolant when the radiator is destroyed in the car, Changed: The open option for the fence gate can be accessed easier, Changed: Removed the collision from Barbed Wire, Changed: Barbed Wire now causes bleeding sources instead of shock damage, Changed: The fence and watchtower kits can be dismantled, Changed: Heavy items (with collision) are dropped using physics, Changed: Rework of the combination lock destruction (requires more time, but in shorter cycles), Changed: Sawing a pile of wooden planks is now a truly continuous action, Tweaked: Decreased range of the night light, and changed its colour, position and brightness for better immersion, Tweaked: The fence gate opens and closes slower, Tweaked: Inventory view of the Assault Helmet Visor, Tweaked: You receive one additional plank when cutting down a wooden log, Tweaked: You receive one more wooden log when cutting down most trees, Tweaked: Base building materials are now placed more clear, Tweaked: Sorted the attachments icons of firearms, Tweaked: The base building build action won’t show up at all when it is being blocked (previously allowed to execute without result), Tweaked: Adjusted the logic behind obstacle checks when building base building parts, Tweaked: Removed the collision from tourist trail poles, Tweaked: The pickaxe can build watchtowers and fences again, Added: Access to the server mission files, Added: Admin log parameters to selectively monitor certain player actions, adminLogPlayerHitsOnly = 0; //1 – log player hits only / 0 – log all hits ( animals/infected ), adminLogPlacement = 0; //1 – log placement action ( traps, tents ), adminLogBuildActions = 0; // 1 – log base building actions ( build, dismantle, destroy ), adminLogPlayerList = 0; // 1 – log periodic player list with position every 5 minutes, Added: New server config parameters to customise night lighting, lightingConfig = 0; // – 0 for brighter night, 1 for darker night, disablePersonalLight = 1; // – disables personal light for all clients connected to server, Picking up an item on the upper floor of a watchtower can crash the game. DayZ Patch Notes 1.09.153419. Editor-in-Chief at GearNuke.

The DayZ PS4 Update 1.22 can now be downloaded for all platforms. Bohemia Interactive today released a small hotfix update for DayZ. Bohemia Interactive today released a small hotfix update for DayZ. This Guide will show you how to complete the Side Quest Finding Bagley in Watch Dogs Legion. This Guide will show you how to complete the Side Quest Royal Treatment in Watch Dogs Legion.

This isn’t save the world, you don’t have to duplicate on here you lazy peasant . © 2006-2020 PlayStation Universe, All Rights Reserved.

Dayz update version 1.09 is available to download now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Dayz is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

Watch Dogs Legion – Paint Me Like One of Your… Trophy GuideWatch Dogs Legion - 100% Trophy Instructions - Stun Clan Kelley members 5 times with paintball gun headshots to earn the trophy Paint Me Like One of Your…. FIXED

Console players are getting new tools, as we are enabling the mouse and keyboard support on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Click on "Watch later" to put videos here. Dayz update version 1.09 is available to download now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This patch is to fix the global update 1.09.

Doing this unlocks the A Roof Over Your Head trophy. DayZ update 1.09 for PS4 and Xbox One released following server issues DAYZ update 1.09 has launched into the wild on PS4, Xbox One and PC, following server issues across platforms. Here are the full patch notes for this update. The DayZ PS4 Update 1.22 can now be downloaded for all platforms. On the Playstation 4 you have to download and install 178 MB. Need more Guides and Solutions?Here you will finde all Guides. Here are the full patch notes for this update.

The update …

Watch Dogs Legion - 100% Trophy Instructions - Complete a Revenge Mission to earn the trophy A Dish Best Served Cold. You can follow me on Twitter and Google+, Advertising  Contact  Us Privacy Policy Who We Are Write for Us Manage Cookie Settings, Fortnite Update Version 2.88 Full Patch Notes, Marvel’s Avengers Update Version 1.08 Full Patch Notes, The Division 2 Update Version 1.27 Full Patch Notes, Dead by Daylight Update Version 2.02 Full Patch Notes 4.2.1, Fallout 76 Update Version 1.43 Full Patch Notes 22, Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update Version 1.11 Patch Notes 3.0.0, Fixed: Character stats would not properly synchronise and update in the main menu, Fixed: Servers could get stuck in a loop trying to disconnect players.

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