Fred Weasley cannot be interacted with in the Three Broomsticks due to being a first-year student in Year 6. Surprisingly, Chiara will want you to keep the photo. This explains why she was so reluctant to let you get close to her. At the start of term, Professor Albus Dumbledore introduces the students to Curse-Breaker Patricia Rakepick, who tells the students not to go look for the Cursed Vaults. She is about to transform and tells you to run.

Chiara believes Borf the puppy led her to Lupin because he knew she needed guidance. While her Defensive move stuns, it deals way less damage and doesn’t apply bleed every time, meaning you will likely be able to outdamage her, despite the stun effect. For a short while in Year 5, 5-star Defence Against the Dark Arts classes could be completed with just 45 energy in total, giving players a faster way to earn house points and crests for special events. More magical pets have been added since, along with two Hallowe'en pets, which were originally event-exclusive but are now available for notebooks. Lone Wolf Side Quest Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery - YouTube In addition, the following spells were "learned" as rewards in duelling events upon completion, and all listed under Year 1, which became the only completed Year that constantly had updates with spells to learn solely for duelling and without any story arc attached to those said additional spells. In Potions Class, Jacob's sibling and Merula Snyde appear to share a cauldron. Achievement "Become an Honorary Rocker" and its Side Quests.

While players are only able to interactively participate in.

Chiara will then decide to open up to you and explain why she was pushing you away. However, she is still not too comfortable talking about herself, so you will suggest playing some Gobstones instead. This was fixed by the time Chapter 22 was released, and the character is now shown with a different name. Part 1 of the Lone Wolf Adventure is separated into 5 tasks which must be completed to progress to Part 2.

Shortly after the start of Year 6, players received notifications for a quest called "PEN-FRIEND OR FOE" or "Y6_TLSQBeauxbatonsC1" (the latter was likely a code name for the former), but no signs of a new time-limited side quest. The recommended attributes will always be one level above the ones you have, which will make this duel quite challenging. One of the best strategies for this duel involves using Aggressive stance all the way and hitting her with Depulso each time you win. Achievement "Packmates" was previously titled and displayed as "Chiara" when it was released around.

Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for the Halloween Feast Adventure Walkthrough. Discover who is behind the recent Werewolf attacks at Hogwarts and make a new friend, Chiara Lobosca. Disappeared shortly after it was added, making it impossible for players to complete unless they were quick. If MC chooses to date Penny and to fancy Penny in Year 5, the reveal seems to be surprising despite the fact that the two already went on a date (although at that point in Year 5, the game had no way of knowing if the two had already been on a date).


The player may create their own name if they wish, but there are player names which are banned for unknown reasons, including the name Roland. Fortunately Pippa shows up before thing escalate.

Search the Training Grounds in a 1 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete. The reason for this strategy is fairly simple. At least some content in this article is derived from information featured in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. It’s time to prove that you’re worthy of her friendship. Guides.

Now play some Gobstones to take her mind off things in a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

Might have been Bill." Aside from the three previous classes, the player gets to participate in Transfiguration in addition. In the Artefact Room, the player tells the player (using the player character's name) to keep going. In the main story, it is established that the Ravenclaw Quidditch team is stuck in Cursed Ice at the end of Year 2, but this causes a contradiction if Jacob's sibling is a Ravenclaw, as they are not stuck in the ice.

She just says it was dark and it all happened so fast… she thought it was a werewolf, but isn’t certain. There are two options to respond with. In Year 5 Chapter 9, Hagrid mentions his birthday being soon, which would indicate that all Chapters until Chapter 9 take place between. As the player tries to locate the vault, Rakepick occasionally lends her Niffler, Sickleworth, to help out. However, once he found out that she was giving him her own potions, he decided not to take those from her anymore.

It is possible that, with future updates, the player will be able to date other characters as their friendship advances to a greater level; this was hinted by Andre Egwu at Hogsmeade during the third year. We worked very hard to bring this game to ... summoners glory. She is hesitant to discuss the Werewolf, but you can convince her to talk.

Throughout the game, there are hidden opportunities to gain energy by clicking on a certain character or item. The quest is only available after the completion of Chapter 5.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

After being trained, the player and two friends venture into the Vault of Ice where they find a notebook and broken wand and a voice tells the player to never let "her" find the other ones.

Murphy McNully cannot play Gobstones.

Barnaby is also mentioned several times as if the player knows him as his uncle Cecil Lee plays a role in this event, yet as mentioned the player should have no clue who Barnaby is. Aside from the four previous classes, the player gets to participate in Herbology in addition.

For a moment, Chiara will seem calm, but not long after that, she’ll become aggressive again.

| Jam City Support, What do I get for max level friendship with Diego? Hogwarts students become largely affected by the Sleepwalking curse, with most students heading towards the Forbidden Forest, which is concluded to be a likely location for another vault. There has been much speculation about who the werewolf is and while it's possible it's still someone else, it seems likely the loading screen werewolf's identity has been revealed. Chiara has 29 courage, 27 empathy, and 27 knowledge. If you’re ready for some tips on fighting Voldemort, we’re here to help, thanks to this article from Game Rant. Additionally, there are a few dialogue options where the player can mention having feelings for certain characters. Ben and Penny were present in Care for Magical Creatures' first lesson but then disappeared after that, for they don't show up in any classes after that. Sadly, she will remember that the full moon is about to rise, and she’ll hastily run away. After talking to her, you went to meet the wizard.

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