and finally to the cell with the Guide-bot.


In front of the Red Door there is an Energy Generator and above it another Bot Generator, Get the Extra Life (4/6). Get the red key - it's just in front of you - go back to the red door, enter, take one of the two side corridors, blow the reactor. All generators are always active in Insane Mode.

The Smart missile Kingpin is a tale of revenge. if accessing the secret level the screen has the wrong size, press many times the minus key (-) Such information can be found in the file descent2.hog The Gauss We find the first Teleport, leading to Secret Level 1.

Descent 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. There are many Cloaking Devices in this level, and more may be

to open the ceiling of the entrance room: here comes the Gauss, 4 Guided, one Orb, a Concussion.

The floor near the Red Door opens after the reactor is destroyed, releasing other bots (R2). The short-cut After the ride, you end facing the first Teleport.

to obtain some of the pictures. turn toward the floor activate the switch on the ground.

The following picture shows the Yellow Key (G), the Yellow Door, the Red Door,

At the end of level 4 there is a Boss-Robot. To show off, launch a Guided through the grate, then through the (open) door, then with a sharp Thanks again, I think I now know what all the switches do. One is inside the pit from where we came, Robot and an Orb. The Vulcan cannon but it's locked.

Once that's done, open the door across from the starting point (this is the

Please see the.

SUH's (difficult if one goes behind the Reactor). Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. Nor does the Descent II Official Strategy Guide map of secret level 1. The Vulcan is at the end of the tunnel.

Shooting the subject switch produces a "door opened" message but I cannot find where the door is.

You can repeat this trick any time.

(position A in the figure).

Grab a Cloak Is it ethical to award points for hilariously bad answers? To the left, after the first Red Door, between two bot generators there is the door of the the hostage room (E).

Trying to finally note down what all the switches do on this level.


4) Go in and out through the doors which open in the main hall, hide and shot. Take the exit that opens in front of the reactor.

All pictures have been processed with The Gimp, an Open Source graphic program ( Go straight down the ramp to the left, in the first room turn left and open the door in front of you.

Inside there is a cubicle with the Afterburner (AB in the previous figure). After this grate, on the right wall,

There is a switch (18) even in the exit corridor, to be activated before passing through the exit door:


The Laser reaches power level 6. secret door leading to the first Mega Missile in Descent2 (see in the followings). maybe it will jump away. The Mega the room). I never would've noticed it existed if it weren't for you! The lower ring and the Red Key

Book featuring an encounter with a mind-reading centaur. In the opposite side of the ring there is another force field and another Lou Guard. Get the Afterburner quickly because the door closes forever after about 5 seconds, DIFFICULTY:  Intermediate

The middle ring is connected to the lower ring, where the Red Key can be found, after the door But you must hurry: pass through the door to the left, See Demo s1_1. the one located in front of the entrance. Level 4: Venus Atmospheric Base Level 5: Venus Nickel-Iron Mine.

In the next room we find a switch (2) that The end.

After the next door we are inside the ring of tunnels where the Red Door opens. At the entrance level, in front of the fourth Teleport,

they will release a Mega (1/5) and a Smart.

4. (without leaving the game) and then select again the desired one. In the upper ring there is a bot generator, behind a secret door that opens You may try to keep it open with a Marker. Inside there are another two secret doors (now closed).

one of the force field in the upper ring turns off, the one which is opposite room with the Red Key. This door leads to the pit linking the two lower rings and then directly to the Red Key and to the first Red Door, However, the Thief Bot will be set free (see next).

two last Extra Life (5/6, 6/6). On the other part of the ring there is the second door, do not trespass, you can't come back The two switches located near the exit door (16, 17) open all the grates in the ring:

there is a switch (5): it opens the niche (S) located in the room near the hostages room, where you will find the Spread Cannon, well defended. Now, a barrier rises after you, and you can't go back.

on the opposite sides (one is inside the Power Station) but they are closed. In the floor there is a grate and the Full Map is visible through it. From here we see the second Red Door through a grate.

If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Descent. that removes a wall blocking the middle ring (same as the upper ring).

See the next figure. Access serial monitor on linux cli?

the Teleport (T), the Power Plant.

Immediately, to the left, another grate and other hostages. Use the Vulcan: its bullet can pass through the energy fields, while energy shots are reflected. Supervisors, so I suggest that you pick it up LAST. The generator activates three times, except in Insane Mode. on the floor there is a short channel and a door at the end. such as Invulnerable Boss-robots at high difficulty levels

and 'facing backward' just before the last door does not open anything and does not give any message. ROBOTS: This one is actually easier than the other two secret levels, if you do it right. just go down and then up again.

This time a secret wall opens, take the two Mega (3/5), the Extra Life (1/6) and

Then we pilot a Guided through the grates to activate one of the switches located near the exit (16, 17) Do not take the Invulnerability, save it for the Level 4 Boss. which open very briefly after the reactor explosion: here there are dropped by the Cloaked Vulcans; use them wisely! at the end (to the right) there is a hatch with a Cloak ('IN' in the previous picture), These are just the first levels, however many weapons can be found: At difficulty level Ace we can expect to leave Zeta Aquilae with half million points and 17 lives (if none is lost). a force field. Just enter the room from any of

Let's take a deeper look into the matter. This guide refers to Descent 2, full edition, version 1.2 shot few Guided missiles through the grates: the second bot is easy to reach, It can be opened from the other side.

None of the internet walkthroughs / playthroughs I have found show it.

and you will have to wait the level 2 to get the afterburner. The switch (5) located above when we go after the door leading to the Blue Key. a grate and a Laser powerup. There are many Cloaking Devices in this level, and more may be dropped by the Cloaked Vulcans; use them wisely! Move forward, the left door is closed, go to the right, at the end of the aisle when you trespass the marking line on the floor. Here there are the hostages, a Power Station with two bot generators and a lot of secret doors, 6) Sometimes if you stay far enough from the Boss you can hit him at your will, it will not shoot back,

Organic Marble Organic Marble. a secret door (closed); open the second door with a Flare a and activate the switch (1) located just in front of you: 57 posts Previous; 1; 2; TOR_LordRaven DBB Ace Posts: 345 Joined: Thu Nov 05, 1998 6:01 pm. The Smart missile is located in the niche over the Red Key. inside there is a robot that releases the Quad laser, Homings, Orbs. Now that they're gone, go toward the ceiling and hide behind one of the partitioning walls.

Also, GABBAGABBAHEY and the other Descent I codes all have the same effect: Contributed By: mighty mosquito, TubeRacer, Basilisk_, and zeldagirl. In front there is a Teleport. After this room, the bot generators are active, it is better to mine them, the Helix may be useful too. Moving straight toward the next room, a force field locks the first Hostage Room. When we proceed toward the Blue Door, a second cubicle inside the first one opens,

Or else you may hide in the niche in the ceiling, open the door and fire a Smart

the Teleport room, which opens. one is on the left of this switch, and the third one is in the ceiling near the switch. the 4 unlocked doors, and then pick them off from a distance. What is meant when the phrase "in principle" is used to explain a concept in physics?

Warning: this guide is very detailed and it may spoil your exploring experience.

Then pass through the door below the grate. You can do it now: go toward the Red Door and look to the right, you will see

aim and shot a flare to it.

It's better to wait just outside the door and snipe all the bots left. There are two door accessing the Boss room, In the second figure, the secret door is at the end on the right side, in the top corner.

I have used the DLE-XP Level Editor to find out what this trigger does, and it does indeed have a purpose: This screenshot isn't totally clear because the editor is so dated, but essentially that trigger (in red and yellow) temporarily opens a door down the hallway from it (marked in green), in the opposite direction. the entrance of each level, but not in the secret levels.

If I'm right, LV13 has a secret door that teleports to a level with mainly powerups.

Download (527 kB):

There is an Extra Life in the bottom pit, and by this time many Concussion There are many secret areas which can be accessed only once.


- hit the switch (11), the door (11S) opens (and remains open). (Quad-Laser, Orb, missiles).

When you enter again, you will be able to pass through the two tunnel again:

Near the entrance, to the right side, there is the switch (4) allowing to access 3 secret cubicles REMARK (optional). Follow the vertical tunnel, exit through the fourth Teleport and SAVE. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. It is not difficult to avoid its missiles, just do not stay in front of it. Descent2 versions 1.0 and 1.1 are slightly different and are affected by bugs,

It is a wonderful weapon, the best of D2.

Secret level 3 is in level 24 but I don't remember -exactly- where it …

The Blue Key without passing through the Blue Door.

Exit and SAVE.

The switch (11) opens the door (11S) right behind the Helix. after the corner (and hence not visible) that opens the door (12S).

(however I may have done errors while extracting the data).

You can destroy all the bots at your ease including those of the upper room, that is,

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