It judges you on the level of questions that you can answer. Juggling work and family.

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It’s important to visit the website for the state nursing board where you intend to practice to determine the specific requirements of your state. How long would you recommend to wait before giving the retake. I was genuinely surprised that I had failed, it was a hard blow needless to say, and now I am struggling. They didn't get too high or too low from the line. Now I am wondering what other study materials you recommend, because at this point I am willing to pay and study whatever.

How anxious are you when you get ready to do something you KNOW you’re good at, or you’ve been really well-prepared for? Welcome to the RN club. This website is a place for students to find and rate other reviews. See below: 168,642 candidates took the NCLEX-RN for the first time. I wish I could draw you a picture to show what I'm talking about. Well, the NCLEX is not random. 38% of their class of 115 passed: 44 students. I'm an RN here in the Philippines and I must also take the NCLEX as well for me to have license in the US but i didn't have the exam yet but I'm reviewing now for that,,, well as for my advice you have to relax and don't forget to pray.

I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.

I think I overstudied after reading this article. favor spending time customizing their avatar with both “I can still pass. Find your sweet spot, then repeat until you have everything completely understood. You spent all that time reviewing and studying for the NCLEX. You know those students who barely study, yet ace exams? Be positive, it is just another exam on the road of life. Sorry it took so long to get back. Keep it up! Here’s what you need to know. Hi repeat test taker here, failed my NCLEX-RN with 260 questions. they didn't get too high or too low from the line. Hmm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say,

Statistically, not all applicants will be able to pass the NCLEX the first time around – a good 14-20% will have to take it again. I’ll update the post with this and some useful breathing techniques. The correct answer is “3” because a low potassium is the most life-threatening imbalance listed. But instead of STOPPING, going back, and making connections, they keep reading, hoping it’ll come clear later. Answers “1,” “2,” and “3” describe specific measures of outcomes, but don’t actually describe the rationale behind fluid restrictions.

Considering Hurst? The reason I’m telling you this is to show you that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to studying. Patients come to my unit to safely withdraw from Alcohol, Benzodiazepene, and Opiate addictions. It’s shocking. Well, take a look at the published pass rates, especially 2017 and 2018. If you get the last question wrong and you end the test below the line than you will fail. Good Luck!! Now, teach yourself the information in your head. The fat lady has not sung yet. There’s a whole industry based on reading the tea leaves and shaking up the Magic 8 Ball to help nurses know whether they have passed the NCLEX in the excruciating six weeks it takes to get your results. A Kaplan review guy came and talked to us about the NCLEX scoring process. I never once said to anyone how I felt I did.

I know I panicked when the computer kept going because I had studied every day for hours, for months before the second try. It was really great.

Remember how I said you have to know the material 110 percent before moving on? People who get 265 questions usually waivered on the line through the whole test. If you can walk through it and understand step by step without reading or referencing anything, you’re good to move on! A lot of students will make this mistake when self-studying: They’ll read something, and they don’t fully understand or connect with it. If you’re doing real, quality studying (with scaffolding and retrieval practice), one hour is pushing most people’s limit without a break. The test won’t shut you down if you’re failing at 75 or 85 questions; instead, it keeps going to give you a fair chance of passing. If you pass the minimum and then some, you’re probably doing fine. Just need to think clearly.” That would be a good one to use. No 5-day NCLEX review is going to make up for a lack of 2 years of quality education, right?

Is the NCLEX hard to pass? I graduated with a 3.58 and still walked out feeling like I'd been hit by a freight train. Glad this helped! Basically, it says that there are increasingly more difficult levels of testing understanding.

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