Technique: Dark Claw, Pit Crusher, Dark Whisper, D Mag. But, once you take care of it well, it will become attached to you. Technique: Dark Crusher, Shadow Claw, Tiny Bomb, Dark Claw, Base Stats: 109 HP, 114 MP, 72 Attack, 63 Defense, 69 Spirit, 71 Speed, 20 Aptitude. It can manipulate the power of the universe. The leader of all female angel Digimon.

A Digimon created from a virus-infected foreign video game software. Technique: Heavy Tackle, Winning Punch, High Sonic Voice, Volcano Napalm, Traits: Powerful 4, Protect 4, Fire Aura 4, Base Stats: 222 HP, 230 MP, 136 Attack, 117 Defense, 95 Spirit, 100 Speed, 55 Aptitude. If sucked into its mouth, a Digimon's digicore is pulverized. This chick-like Digimon's wings have developed into arms. Technique: Sharp Claw, Metal Star, Cross Cutter, Spiral Claw, Base Stats: 167 HP, 167 MP, 109 Attack, 95 Defense, 69 Spirit, 73 Speed, 42 Aptitude. It shows no mercy and makes the enemy suffer without expression. Technique: Boost On, Megaton Hydro, Power Cutter, Winning Punch, Base Stats: 236 HP, 253 MP, 148 Attack, 129 Defense, 67 Spirit, 111 Speed, 55 Aptitude. It can summon multiple meteorites. Technique: Rain of Pollen, Power Cutter, Gaia Healing, Drain Whipping, Traits: Numb Ward 3, Sniper 3, Critical 3, Base Stats: 209 HP, 244 MP, 112 Attack, 108 Defense, 109 Spirit, 114 Speed, 50 Aptitude. Technique: Middle Tackle, Dramon Claw, Sharp Fang, Giga Breath, Base Stats: 155 HP, 177 MP, 107 Attack, 81 Defense, 82 Spirit, 86 Speed, 35 Aptitude. It falls apart into pieces when startled. Technique: Instant Blow, Battle Stamp, Energy Cannon, Shining Ray, Traits: Heroic Power, Heroic Heart, Mind's Eye, Critical 4, Base Stats: 303 HP, 355 MP, 142 Attack, 136 Defense, 158 Spirit, 135 Speed, 68 Aptitude.

It moves so fast that the enemy is said to see a mirage. A Digimon that looks like a bear cub. Another world is connected from inside the cloth. General. Square, Base Stats: 335 HP, 358 MP, 187 Attack, 160 Defense, 179 Spirit, 131 Speed, 80 Aptitude.

Note that although the games share a main story, the plot differs between Dawn and Dusk to some degree. A mysterious Digimon which suddenly appeared in the computer network.

A Digimon with a snake-like long body which lives in the water. On the other hand, it likes gambling. It transforms itself into a normal tree and attacks passersby. A Digimon which looks like a huge cactus. A snow Digimon made with icy crystals. The highest ranked "Royal Knight." Technique: Small Breath, Light Coat, Mega Napalm, Holy Cannon, Base Stats: 177 HP, 168 MP, 104 Attack, 113 Defense, 86 Spirit, 60 Speed, 40 Aptitude. It is poor at close combat, but good at destabilizing tactics by using its powerful legs to jump like a thoroughbred horse.

A fiery Digimon with a heart of flame and a Dragon's power. Technique: Sonic Counter, Mind Reader, Lore of Light, Royal Claw, Traits: Heroic Power, Heroic Heart, Healthy Body, Mind's Eye, Base Stats: 291 HP, 351 MP, 146 Attack, 137 Defense, 144 Spirit, 119 Speed, 67 Aptitude. Despite its name, it is not related to Angemon. This cyborg's upper body is covered in Chrome Digizoid metal. One of the Demon Lords that is independent and likes to work alone. Technique: Winning Punch, Great Wall, Burst Tackle, Flash Punch, Traits: Heroic Guard, Critical 4, Gladiator, Collector 4, Base Stats: 301 HP, 325 MP, 158 Attack, 140 Defense, 117 Spirit, 134 Speed, 68 Aptitude. Technique: Claw Attack, Small Tornado, Grand Cross, Light Coat, Base Stats: 118 HP, 115 MP, 83 Attack, 63 Defense, 65 Spirit, 58 Speed, 27 Aptitude. It releases a shockwave which can crush rocks. Despite its ferocious appearance, it's intelligent and doesn't like to fight without reason. Technique: Energy Bolt, Normal Blade, Energy Shot, Rising Ray, Base Stats: 170 HP, 165 MP, 115 Attack, 92 Defense, 72 Spirit, 80 Speed, 35 Aptitude. Technique: Dark Savior, Demon Claw, D Mag.

Technique: Holy Slash, Light Wave, Mind Reader, Fatal Cross, Traits: Psychic 4, Critical 3, Economizer, Base Stats: 202 HP, 257 MP, 114 Attack, 109 Defense, 116 Spirit, 117 Speed, 50 Aptitude. Technique: Light Tackle, Soulful Kick, Raging Machine, Great Wall, Base Stats: 105 HP, 109 MP, 75 Attack, 63 Defense, 57 Spirit, 53 Speed, 20 Aptitude. A small Digimon which looks like a chick. The games' English titles were confirmed on May 16, 2007. It has learned dynamism and "agility of the beast." Its entire body is like a weapon, down to the spikes on its helmet, making it an even more powerful opponent. It may look like a child, but it has unbelievable power. Technique: Light Tackle, Gatling Punch, Tiny Bomb, Raging Beast, Base Stats: 113 HP, 100 MP, 76 Attack, 68 Defense, 61 Spirit, 70 Speed, 20 Aptitude. Its main weapon is "Thor's Hammer.". As with Digimon World DS, Dawn and Dusk introduce several new Digimon to the franchise. Technique: Electric Rage, Electric Coat, Double Blaster, Power Blaster, Base Stats: 172 HP, 162 MP, 112 Attack, 101 Defense, 67 Spirit, 75 Speed, 32 Aptitude. An Aquan Digimon resembling a hermit-crab. Technique: Big Ice Blast, Power Cutter, Triple Wave, Crazy Ice Blast, Traits: Powerful 4, Mist Cape 4, Critical 3, Base Stats: 240 HP, 242 MP, 128 Attack, 122 Defense, 115 Spirit, 90 Speed, 51 Aptitude. Covered in darkness, it's agressive, and has strong jaws and fangs. A Digimon patrolling the network. Technique: Mini Blade, Surprise Blow, Normal Blade, Double Blade, Base Stats: 158 HP, 187 MP, 105 Attack, 86 Defense, 68 Spirit, 81 Speed, 38 Aptitude. Players also explore different areas depending on the version of the game they play. It's hard to find it. It hides in sandstorms.

Technique: Demon Claw, D Mag. A Digimon with a long neck that resembles an ancient dinosaur. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It's aggressive, so even Tamers should handle it with caution. Since it spends more of its time in the water, its skin hasn't completely hardened up yet. DotShineGreymon and DotMirageGaogamon make their debut, with DotAgumon and DotFalcomon returning from the first game. It stuns the opponents with its red eyes and slashes them with sharp claws. It can move fast despite its appearance. Digimon World: Dawn and Dusk | Table of Contents | Walkthrough Key. The lighning bolt on its face changes based on its emotions, so it is thought to be the eye. The Digital Hazard in its Digicore is completely sealed. It never lets a day go by without grooming its mohawk. An ancient Digimon that was born at the beginning of the Digital World. It sometimes goes up on a rock and does voice exercises. A digivolved version of Seadramon after living in a harsh environment. Technique: Big Tornado, Cyclone Claw, Hyper-Tornado, Purification, Base Stats: 217 HP, 255 MP, 129 Attack, 102 Defense, 106 Spirit, 109 Speed, 50 Aptitude.

A Digimon which looks like a poisonous toadstool. Technique: Warning of Light, Light Wave, Purification, Electro Whipping, Traits: Heroic Guard, Heroic Heart, Healthy Body, Dodge Dance, Base Stats: 319 HP, 359 MP, 173 Attack, 158 Defense, 172 Spirit, 141 Speed, 71 Aptitude. It attacks enemies by swinging a bone club. An Insect Digimon whose body has been attacked by a virus. It's said that the Digimon was born from an egg filled with humanity's destructive instincts.

A wild Unimon is so dangerous that others should not get too close to it carelessly. However, when it comes down to crunch time, it displays its hidden power just as well as Terriermon. It was one of the three great angel Digimon, but a virus caused it to turn evil. An attack Digimon which strengths its defense by wearing mineral data.

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