Against players, the Disorient status effect lowers your accuracy and scrambles your controls, making you move erratically until the effect wears off. Find more information here. It's a weird place to put it and I missed it. Click on any of the links below to skip to a particular section. Question. If you haven’t purchased the Year 1 Pass, you have a much longer journey ahead. 2.1k. Joining the fight together with the other Specialists, The Gunner is equipped with the powerful Minigun, which will be a force to be reckoned with on the streets of Washington, D.C. With an emphasis on sustained damage output and damage resilience, the Gunner will serve as the vanguard of SHD Agents in the ongoing fight to reclaim the city. Go to BoO, where you unlock all the specs. SPECIAL FIELD RESEARCH. For more information, check out the Ubisoft Parent's guide. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Disrupt is therefore very similar in The Division 2 to how it worked in The Division 1, silencing current Skills and preventing the use of future Skills until its effect wears off. You’ll need to complete five stages of Field Research, and each stage has multiple challenges that you must fulfill. As is often the case with these status effect, Burn is far more effective on NPCs than on yourself, and you can take advantage of this either by destroying flammable canisters near enemies or by unlocking the Incendiary Grenades for the Survivalist Specialization. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the thedivision community. Disruption is an effect which you may remember from a certain Side Mission against the True Sons in the earlier parts of The Division 2. The Gunner will be available to test on the Public Test Server, opening on June 4th, in order get as much feedback on it before it is released on the Live servers in Title Update 4, coming in June 2019. I did. Progress on your Field Research can be viewed by pressing Triangle/Y on the Gunner while at the specializations bench in the White House. Marksman Rescue: Use only marksman rifles to complete public execution activities. Rock Paper Shotgun and RPS are registered trade marks of ReedPop Limited. Task 1 : Set Lt. Kennedy on fire three times before defeating him in the Air & Space Museum on Normal or harder difficulty. Safe Room 13. The Division 2 status effects guide. Below we’ll walk you through each one in turn, explaining what it does both to players and to NPC enemies, and some of the ways in which they can be applied.

You can find incendiary ammo in the hall after the Mars exhibition, on the east end of the upper balcony. Yes. This makes it best not to move out from cover until the effect has worn off, because while Disoriented you are not in full control of your agent’s faculties. Close. The kind folks over at Reddit have actually put together a graphic with all of the Field Research challenges, so you can get a sneak peek for the types of tasks you’ll have to perform to unlock the Gunner. Posted by.

When an enemy stumble out of cover is the perfect opportunity for the Gunner to use their special grenade – the Riot Foam grenade – trapping the enemy in place. Can I still get the cosmetic rewards if I start the Specialization Field Research without the Pass? While the three previous Specializations are automatically available to you when reaching level 30, to unlock Gunner you need to take on Special Field Research: five stages of in-game challenges, each with their own set of objectives and rewards. In that case, You were made aware that this effect was rendering you unable to use any of your Skills until you dealt with the source of the disruption. You’ll most often come across this effect when you find yourself up against the blade-touting remote control vehicles that enemy Wireless Operators may send your way.

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