He's a very simple Card to use, do not require a lot of support, has no transformations and no restrictions, meaning he's always ready to fight. This provides good damage and Ki support, and both forms of Boujack also have Thirst for Conquest, opening the door for an unconventional multi-type team, although it plays against Boujack’s strength of being in STR-focused teams. Despite being repeatedly referred to as innocent, he doesn’t have The Innocents, which would  actually make him REALLY good, which itself is probably why he doesn’t have it. Good leader skill that can help you overcome a boss that’s otherwise edging you out, he has a very similar role to Red Ribbon Army’s Grudge Dr. Gero, and he even has a better version of that unit’s passive, being unconditional as opposed to Ki-based. Like all forms of Frieza, he can D-Awaken into Golden Frieza when that becomes available, and he’s in the conversation for the best  candidate among all of them; in addition to the usual boosts in stats and Super modifier, his guard break upgrades to also reduce the attacked opponent’s Defense by 50%, even further increasing his value to a variety of teams.

His sprite is also equally glorious and confusing to people who haven’t seen the Dragon Ball series. Leader skill’s not bad, but in general, offense is superior unless you can’t win otherwise.

Dokkan Battle Visual Tier List - Full Power (JP) Fluff.

Think about it: You both have to be getting your ass handed to you, and have to avoid healing yourself against something that’s handing you your ass, to make use of them. His links have the same exact problem as the future androids, as the best one is designed for only one other unit, and it’s an off-type.

Time for an Epic Showdown” to your advantage; Overflowing Resolve Goku is guaranteed to drop from the Z-Hard version of the first stage, and if you Z-Awaken him — a feat made easier by the fact that you can farm Gregory medals from Normal of the same stage — you’ll have a good shot to raise Top-Tier Training, buffered by his powerful passive.

Either way, he’s not the best Roshi, but he’s still pretty solid; unlike the other non-buff Roshis, he eschews team support to do the hurtin’ himself with a good passive, and he has a decent ATK stat to support it. That Chi Chi will also have Battlefield Diva, though, as will SSR STR Great Saiyaman 2, who D-Awakens from  Blazing Justice Videl, so Heart of Innocence’s value will actually increase a bit later, when she gets more quality link partners.

After that it starts getting specific, but interesting — he links rather well with Dastardly Space Pirate Chilled and Embodiment of Evil Frieza via Thirst for Conquest and Strongest Clan in Space, driving up those units’ value, and Thirst for Conquest also shows up on both forms of Boujack and Proud Royalty King Vegeta, giving the potential for an unconventional multi-type team, and the link will be showing up on some future movie villains as well. This is where you start to consider whether you should build around a certain unit. He likes hanging out with Elder King Piccolo or Teen Bulma in particular, but if you hit on any of the other Dragon Ball summon SRs or SSRs, you may want to give him a spin and see how he fares. His leader skill is also good, but with Saiyan Elite Vegeta and Western Galaxy Rivalry Paikuhan around, who have +3 Ki leader skills, and both link with The Nightmare Returns, it’s pretty redundant for most people.

This is the closest SR Kid Gohan to decent. Even a dead Goku is better than most of the other cards, as it turns out. He’s not AGL, so he’s also not your first option to fight the STR Broly, but he can link with an AGL unit, who can take the hit. Worth noting the Extreme modifier on his Super, though, which is rare among SRs.

Both get better if he’s D-Awakened, so again, there’s little reason not to unless you just don’t have a need for him in that state, but *do* need him to link with a Max Roshi for some Ki, some ATK, and the Kamehameha link. It comes down to whether you want more good options for your Frieza-focused team, or have literally no other Frieza units, but it’s out there.

Saiyan Warrior Race is a pretty common link otherwise, albeit not with many other INT units outside of Successor to the Strongest SSR Gohan,  and Saiyan Pride is shared with some strong units, like any of the Bardocks, including his SSR selves, Warrior of Daring Fasha, A Warrior Obsessed Majin Vegeta, and the aforementioned Never-Ending Battle Vegeta.

This means he’ll be firing Super ATKs left and right. Leader skill’s approaching token at this point, but if you don’t have it somewhere else, he’s not your worst candidate for it. Good leader skill, albeit one that might be overshadowed by the +3 Ki Strike characters, Mighty Mask and Jackie Chun. The problem is that they only have ATK Buffs, their Super ATK effects aren’t very good, and their Damage will vary a lot due to RNG. Lastly, he recently received Thirst For Conquest, giving him a hefty hit of damage if he’s linked to SSR Demon King Piccolo, Coora, Boujack, Dastardly Space Pirate Chilled,  Pure Corruption Dr. Gero, and/or Embodiment of Evil 1st Form Frieza. Resurrection of F is a good link that pops up in a few places, but it’s hard to make use of because of his affinity for STR-focused teams. Poor links, poor link candidates within his own typing, a mediocre leader skill, and a bad  passive; one attack isn’t nearly enough to provide value to your team. She has a decent stat line, with The Innocents being a solid link shared by a lot of usable units, such as non-Future Androids 17 and 18, Beerus, Mighty Mask, and some Buu cards. On top of everything, he is one of the Friezas that can Dokkan Awaken into Golden Frieza when the Resurrection of F event returns, and while that gives him serious competition for who gets that honor on Frieza-focused teams, because you can only have one Golden Frieza on the same team, on INT teams it opens some possibilities, because you can use both the original Mecha Frieza  and the D-Awakened Golden Frieza from him on the same team, and while Golden Frieza will no longer have Bombardment, he’ll still have Universe’s Most Malevolent, Prodigies, and Revival, contributing huge damage and Ki. You might have this guy pegged as a candidate for an android team, and for that you’d be crazy, apparently, because he doesn’t have any links with any other androids that aren’t themselves named Cell.

Worthless leader skill, forgettable passive, good stats. These are strong Cards in general that don’t quite make it to the top. This gives them a place on several category Teams.

Not exactly a dream team, but you could do a lot worse.

Good leader skill if you don’t have it elsewhere, and it supports the fact that one of his optimal link partners is a different type than him.

This is one of the reasons raw stats are one of the last things that matter; this guy has an absolutely ridiculous passive that explains why his ATK is low. Now here’s a guy who’s earned his reputation; Imminent Showdown is as underwhelming  as you can get.

This is the first Piccolo made to deal damage, via his very good passive, and there are lots of good STR Z-Fighters, making it easy for him to find a home.

That doesn’t change the fact that this unit is great otherwise, though, and only the strongest INT teams have no room for him. The Innocents  also puts him in consideration for multi-type teams featuring androids in general. However, he’s surprisingly powerful under the right circumstances. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved.

He has an interesting leader skill, although you won’t be using it for long, if at all, partly because of his most notable trait: that he Dokkan Awakens into Super Android 13, who’s better than him in every way, including his leader skill, and mostly solid on his own merits.

By. He needs Evil Elegance  Zarbon to make use of his links and help his stats, and it doesn’t hurt if he has either Despair’s Onslaught or Emperor of Iniquity First Form Freeza along, but those  are both STR, which may get in the way of team building.

The result is a mack truck of justice, and it gets even more outrageous if his link partner is the STR Great Saiyaman 2, whose passive gives another 1000 ATK. This one stands out a bit because of her links; while Money Money Money and Brainiacs stink, and Rival Duo’s a decent link found on many Yamcha and Tien units, oddly, Mysterious Adventure is on all units from the original Dragon Ball manga, even retroactively added to units like Innocent Challenger Kid Goku, and Mystical Wonderland is on all other units from the Dragon Ball tournament summon pool.

With very high HP and good ATK, bolstered by a decent passive, Coldhearted Invasion makes a good first impression.

Saiyan Pride is also a strong link that shows up on Warrior of Daring Fasha, Never-Ending Battle Vegeta, Proud Royalty King Vegeta, and SSR A Warrior Obsessed Majin Vegeta, giving him several quality link partners. Under those circumstances, this is one of the few SRs that can rival Resolute Valor Teen Gohan — who can still make a play at being called best SR in the game — even if he’s linked with other Super Saiyans. His leader skill’s decent, and his passive is good, as is the fact that he’s a TEQ Super Saiyan, which is hard to find quality units of.

His passive is alright, but his ATK is so low, you don’t get much mileage out of it. Time For an Epic Showdown” event, is  farmable, and guaranteed to drop, so get your Overflowing Resolve to Super 10 before Dokkan Awakening him into Messenger From Another World for some extra punch. You’ll find better cards, but he’ll treat you right until then. Note that because there’s a Strike event that has a base form Vegeta, Saiyan Elite, you can farm that unit to increase the considerable punch of this unit; make sure you Z-Awaken each one you attempt this with to raise your chances. Really good stat line, and a good leader skill, but that passive is awful.

Potentially better than the nearly identical Brilliant Battle Prowess Ginyu depending on how his passive treats you, but otherwise almost the same unit.

Woeful stats, including his ATK, and atrocious leader skill, but he has good links, at least; Mysterious Adventure is on all units that appeared in the original Dragon Ball, notably Innocent Challenger Kid Goku, who’s also AGL, and a free unit, Demon Duo is a powerful link that is shared with Demonic Lord of Darkness Dabura, who himself is a very good unit, World Tournament Champion is most notably shared with Master Roshi units, including the AGL, and Mystical Wonderland is on all units from the Dragon Ball world tournament summon pool. Good stats and a good passive means this unit can deliver some mighty hits, but his links are nothing special; The Saiyan Lineage’s decent, and on a freaking ton of AGL Saiyans, and Z-Fighters is quite prolific, but Brainiacs isn’t great, and All in the Family is terrible, and he doesn’t have Kamehameha, so he doesn’t have a lot to help out the team much other than his own strength.

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