We have been able to do all the others no sweat, just this one is really hard. Since you will be inside your Armored Kumara, they won't be able to shoot at you. “The dairy industry in Northern Ireland simply does not have the capacity to process all the milk produced on farms at present, and we are seriously exposed,” Johnston said.

Hope that kinda helps a bit.

Stay calm and drive it back to the facility.

Objective: Eliminate an arms dealers to recover information on the Barrage ATV being flown into Los Santos. Watch for the Juggernauts also they will respawn in between.

The Deluxos have a hover mode feature which is unlocked when you get to the boats part of this mission. Target

Best advice is to be methodical and slow, let the juggernauts come to you and headshot with a shotgun if you can (this is best for the first room, rpg is an alternative, but will often leave you vulnerable).

Keep eliminating them and moving forward.

Once you reach the landing site, you will notice that ULP is being chased by some attack choppers. As soon as you take the guards out, hop into the Akula and deliver it back to the facility. You will be attacked by some enemy choppers but you can hack and ask your friend to take care of the choppers or vice versa. If they are behind you and shooting at you, then don't worry about it as the Chernobog has quite a lot of health and it won't get destroyed. You're looking for a green colored lockbox inside which you will find a laptop containing information about the location of the test site of the Khanjali stealth tank. If you die you will be spawn back from the last place where you dropped your vehicle. If you want to be extra careful, you can use sticky bombs. Not bad at all honesty, worst one was the paramedic setup.

Go straight through this passage and keep an eye ahead of you, as some guys might come at you.

If you're doing this mission solo then it will take a very long time and you will need to return back to the house several times to get the other Deluxos. After that, once you pass the metal detector, take cover by the wall to your left and take out the guards across the glass window. Now this one is a pretty short mission, you have to go to the target on the map and eliminate it. Now here's the trick, the node matching is completely random however you can keep matching them until they do not reset. This is our guide to Act 1: The Data Breaches of the Doomsday Heist for GTA Online.

You have to fly through towards them and destroy them one by one.

Quickly take cover by the wooden planks on the left hand side and switch to your mini-gun. Once inside, take out the incoming enemies and drive to the next point. All you have to do is reach the place, quietly follow the target, kill it and then take his briefcase.

Get into either your Buzzard or Oppressor and head towards the Hydra. Once you reach the next location, you will have to fight with more enemies.

Your Buzzard/Oppressor Mark II is now your quick getaway vehicle.

The vehicle is slow but it is strong, just keep it driving ignoring the one who are chasing you. Once done take the agent to the extraction point. You will also see IAA Defense's "health" bar on the bottom right corner of your screen - you need to ensure the Defenses do not get low or else the mission will fail. Wait for it to get closer to you before finally taking it down. Look around properly inside this base you will see a lot of soldiers are around. There are three ways for completing the preparations: 1. Zeina Qadamani.

For this mission you should be stocked up on snacks and armor just in case.

So go the house, and kill the guards first.

Keep driving until you pass the road block and also remember to keep your inventory menu opened up.

You don't need to kill all the guards, you just need to kill the guards who are in your way and the ones you absolutely have to kill. Once the crew reaches the end of the tunnel, the crew clears the site from four Juggernauts armed with Miniguns.

One team is a paramedics team while the other one is a pilot. Once done you have to steal the Khanjali tank. Go to your interaction menu and put on rebreathers from the gears section. As soon as you see the Juggernaut, start shooting. When you reach the location, the target will leave the area and walk away.

You need to go to Fort Zancudo and head inside of a control tower. This is the ambush point where you will have to wait for a while.

• ­Help deliver the Thruster to the Observatory.

Proceed towards the control center and you will go through a passage way.

With the vehicle picked, the crew is ready to go to Mount Chiliad's secret entrance in the tunnel. Go slowly ahead and first destroy the equipment.

As for the Cargobob, you will be able to see the health of the Cargobob at the bottom right corner of the screen. After you finishing with the puzzles you have to kill all the goons in the area. Go to Facility planning screen and setup the cut for your team mates.

You will have to fight your way out, towards the extraction point. It will make it much more convenient to go through this mission. It's a narrow passage and it is easy for you to get trapped and die. Dr. Mike Johnston, CEO of Dairy Council NI said: “Based on Dairy Council calculations in a no-deal Brexit, trade tariffs on both raw milk and finished products moved from NI to the EU would total £320m, before you calculate the cost of the administrative burden customs will place on dairy processors. After a few seconds, they will come out accompanied by a security guard. A tip here is that if you connect the nodes 2-3 times incorrectly, simply quit the hack and then start hacking again. After dropping it, go to the barrage. Kill the tea first and then take the Chernobog.

Each act has its own setup cost which are: This guide will walk you through all the preparation and setup missions of Act 1. Hop into the Armored Kumara and head to the test site which is an aircraft scrapyard.

… So try not to do that. When you reach the next level down, there will be a couple of interrogation rooms and a soldier in each room for you to kill. It is best if you and your friend both shot at one Juggernaut, as it will kill them faster. Take them all out and eventually they will start trying to run away.

Make sure not to run on the roof as sometimes running on the roof and making noise alerts the guards below you. First go right, but not all the way. According to Lester if you want to make more money you have to take Barrage, but the benefit of Khanjali tank is that it is nicely armored. I've completed most prep/setup work with 1 buddy and completed hiest on hard for Act I as host.

The crew is instructed to go to a lot in Grapeseed to pick either the Barrage ATV or the TM-02 Khanjali tank.

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