This is the simplest way to encourage me to keep doing such work. % of the cost function (computeCost) and gradient here. Q2 Q3 Q4

So, You might be right in that case. This is happening because variable parts has the same name as of parts(conf) function in file ex1/lib/submitWithConfiguration.mMake the following changes to resolve this :Line 4 - parts_1 = parts(conf);Line 92 - function [parts_1] = parts(conf)Line 93 - parts_1 = {};Line 98 - parts_1{end + 1} = part;Basically, I've just renamed the variables.Same thing is happening with one more variable, so make the following changes :Line 66 - submissionUrl_1 = submissionUrl();Line 68 - responseBody = getResponse(submissionUrl_1, body);Line 22: response = submitParts(conf, email, token, parts_1);Line 37: showFeedback(parts_1, response);This worked for me.

Don't get confused with normal and vectorized implementation.> "sum" in vectorized implementation represents summation in the given formula.> In normal implementation, "temp = temp + formula" is equivalent to that of "sum" in vectorized implementation.Please look at below code, (both codes achieves same result) compare them and try to understand. Hello Akshay Daga (APDaga,Very glad to come across your guide on ML by Andred NG.I been stuck months, could complete the Programming Assisgment.Have done up to computeCost but got stuck at gradientDescentBelow is the error. So that I can keep on updating that blog post with updated questions and answers. >> gradientDescent()error: 'y' undefined near line 7 column 12error: called fromgradientDescent at line 7 column 3>> computeCost()error: 'y' undefined near line 7 column 12error: called fromcomputeCost at line 7 column 3 i am getting this kind of error how to solve this, heyi think the errors related to undefined variables are due to people not passing arguments while calling the func from octave window. Hi AkshayThank you for the quick reply & help ...It s totally clear now, make sense !!! * X(:,1)));t1 = theta(2) - ((alpha/m) * sum(((X * theta) - y). Thanx for your guidance due to which I can now understand coding in a better way and finally I have passed 2nd Week Assignment. Just now i started ML.

Sorry to know that. I tried to re-ran the code and everything worked perfectly fine with me.Please check you code. how can I solve this? A learner is required to successfully complete & submit these tasks also to earn a certificate for the same. You need, % to perform the normalization separately for. error: structure has no member 'message'error: called from submitWithConfiguration at line 35 column 5 submit at line 45 column 3error: evaluating argument list element number 2error: called from submitWithConfiguration at line 35 column 5 submit at line 45 column 3how to solve this.

But i am getting error this:error: 'num_iters' undefined near line 17 column 19error: called from gradientDescent at line 17 column 11how to correct this?? Can both java ve... Click to Download AI for Everyone Week 2 Coursera Solved Quiz, Oracle Forms 12c: Forms Materialized Item, TRANSLATOR - Encryption Decryption Package for Oracle DB, Countries / Cities / Provinces / Areas DB, Oracle Merge. I think you should raise this concern to Coursera forum. I am using Octave UI where i write the code but i don't know how to submit using UI. have you found out a solution yet? Question 9 has a wrong answer 11 June 2020 at 18:02 Hasan Jawaid said... Sravan please share correct one! I have another question. Submission failed: 'data' undefined near line 19 column 18Function: gradientDescentFileName: C:\Users\Gunasekar\Desktop\GNU Oct\machine-learning-ex1\ex1\gradientDescent.mLineNumber: 19Please correct your code and resubmit.This is my problem how to correct it, Hi, I think you are doing this assignment in Octave and that's why you are facing this issue.Chethan Bhandarkar has provided solution for it. % markers larger by using plot(..., 'rx', 'MarkerSize', 10); % ============================================================, %COMPUTECOST Compute cost for linear regression, % J = COMPUTECOST(X, y, theta) computes the cost of using theta as the, % parameter for linear regression to fit the data points in X and y, % You need to return the following variables correctly, % Instructions: Compute the cost of a particular choice of theta. We want to multiply each training data with corresponding error. View DSP_Tutorial2__DiscreteTimeSignalAndSystem_Solution_V1.pdf from ENGINEERIN ENG3051 at INTI International College Penang.

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