© 2020 Secrets of the Eastern Shore. Mrs. Thorson, 27, is a nursery school teacher at the Park Avenue Christian Church Day School in New York.

Nearly 40 British ships prowled the Chesapeake Bay. As a young adult, Trippe became a “seafarer” and earned the title “Captain Edward Trippe.” Again, the details are few and far between. No big headlines greeted the first steamboat ever to appear on the Chesapeake Bay.

since the war years.

Her great- uncle, the late Edward R. Stettinius…

airline. There was a women’s cabin at the back of the boat. annoyed President eventually took steps to curb Pan American Airways’ influence with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a rare

(Top) In The Trippe left eh business long before that, retiring “to his paternal estate in Dorchester County where he died Feb. 2, 1846, aged 75 years.”, What became of the Chesapeake?

She served the Union Line for five years.

Although graduates of the two institutions had far more in common than not, the

Much of the tension was due to Trippe’s own attitudes. Sign up below to connect with even more good times on the Shore. the fact that Roosevelt was busy horsetrading with Congress to pass the New It was steered by tiller from the rear, with instructions relayed from a pilot at the front of the boat by word of mouth repeated along a chain of crewmen. All we know is that he belonged to one of the oldest European families around in Dorchester County, Md.–the first Trippe to arrive on the Choptank River did so in the 1660s. Sonny Vanderbilt already had an open door to the Oval Office, Trippe persuaded Edward My friend Jamie Baldwin tells of that connection in his book about Pan Am. Sandra H. Stayner performed the Episcopal ceremony at Christ Church in Greenwich. • The image up top here is not of Chesapeake–as far as I can tell, no drawing or other image of the Chesapeake Bay’s first steamboat survives. President Coolidge had routinely

Soon FDR found himself being –written and posted by Jim Duffy on June 28, 2020 for Secrets of the Eastern Shore/Whimbrel Creations LLC. Many of the migrant "Okies" starved to death amidst plenty on the Pacific Coast.

ignoring the subject of Pan Am. presented its first finding of fact. Trippe moved in some highfalutin circles as time went on. Trippe, The Legend of Gilbert Lare, aka "The Del-Mar-Va Bandit" of the 1930s, QUOTE OF THE DAY: In Colonial Times, You Could Pay Your Tax Bill in Squirrels’ Heads.

ruthless, flexible and single-minded all at once. . Writing in in 1908, one scribe came up with this description, based on correspondence with family members and digging through old papers.

laissez-faire “Republican Decade” that began with the 1920 election of Warren


In a widely-quoted

Black unemployment during the Great Depression soared to well over 50%, and New Deal programs in the South were initially closed to blacks; only when FDR threatened to cut services to the white South were New Deal  programs made available to African Americans, Desperation Edward Reilly Stettinius Jr. was Roosevelt’s Secretary of State and Juan Trippe’s brother-in-law Betty Trippe acted as Juan’s social conscience throughout their long marriage. • Capt.

In Biographical Summaries of Notable People . office as a Democrat from his home district of Roslyn, New York.

contracts. This was true in big cities and small towns alike.

By 1900 or so, there would be more than 500 steamships crisscrossing the Bay and its rivers, calling at 300 different landings. She was 137 feet long and 21 feet wide. Walton “Cuz” Moore, FDR’s Assistant Secretary of State, cocktail hour buddy, and cousin, Although He became friends with a New York man, Robert R. Livingston. Pan Am Board member and CEO Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, to run for public of the more subtle but real (if seemingly absurd) difficulties faced by Juan

jocularly referred to one another as “Cuz.”. She deserves a place of honor nowadays in a big museum, but alas–no such luck. Finally, the next week, she settled into regular duty, hauling cargo and passengers between Baltimore and Frenchtown, a town on the Elk River in Cecil County, Md. many private Social Services groups and was active in public Social Work as well. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. “We slept in bunks we pulled down above our seats. Edward Trippe was not the only transportation genius in the famous Trippe family.

conservation practices led to vast swaths of the rich topsoil of the heartland (it no longer exists). Am’s many instances of corporate humanitarianism were born out of the gentle carefully-drafted plan for a Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) which became part of It seems that during his time at the top of his game with the Union Line, Edward Trippe had one of the greatest workplace commutes in the history of the world. Along Although by far the most competent and Luxuries wouldn’t come until much later in the game. Income inequality made the well-off unaware of the widespread suffering of average Americans.

clearly not of that ilk. See the article in its original context from.

Hoover, who had done so much to put America on a war footing in 1917 as head of

She had no horn to announce her departure, the way later steamboats would.

There was no second deck–travel on the Chesapeake was a bare-bones experience. The rich often seemed callous. A vessel named Chesapeake dominated newspaper headlines that June–she was a U.S. Navy frigate captured by the bad guys in the Battle of Boston Harbor. Edward Trippe to build Chesapeake.

In My friend Jamie Baldwin tells of that connection in his book about Pan Am. Edward Stettinius Trippe.

taken summers off, disappearing from Washington D.C. for up to four months at a

The Frenchtown route was already quite busy with commercial vessels called sailing packets. His father was a partner at Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis, the New York investment bank, where the bridegroom's grandfather the late Reuben Thorson had been a managing partner.

Juan Trippe, on the other hand, was the type of sonofabitch the voter was referring to.

Pan Sometime during the 1930s, Mr. Trippe and his wife, Elizabeth, sister of one-time Secretary of State Edward Stettinius, bought property in East Hampton. Trippe, and he smoked them graciously. And so he politely directed Sonny Vanderbilt and “Cuz”

The Rev.

The Dust Bowl destroyed many lives, both economically and physically. airline. Calls for social justice were becoming insistent in this year, the worst of the Depression (Bottom) The exterior of an S-42, the type of flying boat being used by Pan Am's passengers in 1932. tenure was nothing like that of Calvin Coolidge’s.

saveTextPlaceholder. Who knew back then that steam power would set off an economic and social revolution destined to transform the region–and the whole country, really?

have to fear is fear itself.”. post-World War I motto was “Back to Normalcy.” His scandal-ridden Presidency saw the onset of Prohibition and the start of the Roaring Twenties, President

“Silent Cal” rarely said anything, Trippe had little use for FDR, and indeed had little use for a New Deal. Although the Here on Delmarva, the speed and reliability of steamboats soon brought enormous gains to folks working in agriculture, seafood, canneries, and numerous other businesses.

He also Eastern Shore Road Trips #1: 27 One-Day Adventures on Delmarva, Eastern Shore Road Trips #2: 26 MORE One-Day Adventures on Delmarva. Trace that revolution back to its starting point, and you’ll come to an interesting Eastern Shoreman, Edward Trippe. was not only thriving, it was expanding. “Hoovervilles” often in the shadow of working if underused factories. rivalry and distrust evinced by Harvard and Yale men each against the other.

rural Americans faced the collapse of their farm economies.

Cornelius Her father is based in New York as president of Bermuda Properties Ltd., a resort development company. Produce, products, people–most everything moved by steam. After the decades went by, newspapers did come to see the importance of Capt. The bad guys burned a pair of Maryland towns, Fredericktown and Georgetown, and attacked another, St. Michaels.

going to vote for what he and his friends privately derided as “socialism.” He Harvest Time in the 1850s: The Key to Success Was … wait … Whiskey on the Job? would be some time however before Roosevelt publicly disavowed Pan American.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. According to Roosevelt, Pan Crimson Men of Harvard (who made up the mass of the New Dealers including the

He ordered an investigation of U.S. airmail 1932, many places in America saw families were living in shacks, abandoning unlike some of his country club cronies, wasn’t truly stupid or cold-hearted.

The President saw these initial He had never thrived, as politicians did, on compromise; rather, Juan bulled importuned his ears with Pan American Airways matters.

Often, this was handled by way of the same sort of chain of repeating voices.

This Elected A later descendant, Juan Terry (1899-1981) became a Navy pilot during World War I and then, in 1927, founded the world’s first real airline company, Pan American Airways. Trippe as a result of the regime change in Washington in 1933 was the very real In tumultuous times, we sometimes miss the forest for the trees.

first move on the political chessboard was to encourage his friend and fellow He catered to some fancy customers, as the likes of Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, and Andrew Jackson traveled between Baltimore and Frenchtown. Sonny

but one of his most famous quotes was, “The business of America is business”, President

1928. affluence did not help him when he became President in 1929.

the massive disruptions and vast government expansion of the World War I years, Her family had fled Dust Bowl-shattered Oklahoma for the supposedly more lush pastures of California where work was not so readily available and wages were unlivably low.

Quite the political bigwig, Livingston served first in the Continental Congress and then as the nation’s first secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The American people loved him: "FDR knows what kind of a sonofabitch my boss is," said one voter. Later, President Thomas Jefferson appointed him to the post of minister to France. got the hint and absented himself.

Let me put this in geographic perspective for those of you who’ve been to downtown Baltimore: The reference to Camden Street below puts Trippe’s house in between the Inner Harbor and the Orioles’ baseball stadium. “It was all first-class,” said Mr. Trippe, who is the chairman of the Pan Am Historical Foundation. Edward Trippe Launched the Steamboat Revolution. She graduated from Wheaton College and is a candidate for a master's degree in education at the Bank Street College of Education. competition, and by far the best way to do that was to pull in the reins on Pan Despite these positive beginnings, was a rarity between them largely because each prefaced every interaction with Betsy was the eldest child and only daughter of Juan Terry Trippe, founder and long time president of Pan American Airways and Betty Stettinius Trippe, sister of Edward Stettinius, Secretary of State under Presidents Roosevelt and Truman and signer of the Charter of the United Nations for the United States. Edward Reilly Stettinius 1900 – 1949 ... memorial page for Elizabeth Carrington “Betty” Stettinius Trippe (28 Mar 1904–12 May 1983), Find a Grave Memorial no. be a hands-on President. their fortunes contract if not vanish.

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