One lies at his feet, showing that the work is nearly done. All Rights Reserved. When you get the Eight of Pentacles card in a One Card Reading, you are working hard, dedicated to your craft, and your work is of very high quality. The rest of the Pentacles are arrayed above him, displaying how hard he has worked so far. Through the EIGHT PENTACLES uncompromising social situations can go, requiring the answer “yes” – “no”. Get on the net of success and stop there. “I am creating the goals I want for the future”, “Learning this/ these skills will be invaluable to my future”. The Eight of Pentacles shows us a man sitting on a bench, patiently hammering away at a pentacle. We should do our best to pull up our socks and do the work necessary. Seven finished discs speak of the integrity of his work – he finishes the eighth.In the background of the master is a city, but he does not notice it.The master turned his back to him, and he was only interested in work. If the Eight of Pentacles Card appears ‘upright’ is a reading, the answer is in your favor – its a ‘YES’. In addition, it shows that we are interested in our business, we enjoy it and are proud of the first results. It could mean finally being rewarded for all of your efforts in business or important projects in your life. The Eight of Pentacles signifies a time of learning , whether it’s academic study or training to acquire a new skill. With this card, we work very hard to attain our goals in life and spend our energy patiently mastering our crafts and creating tangible things from our time. Dishonesty Hypocrisy contempt for the weak and poor, thinness extreme dehydration, danger of being victim of an attack, false loves, forced bachelorhood tendency to solitude, strong ill-gotten gains. It will eventually lead to success if we are diligent and patient.

This decade has an inherent tendency not to leave anything unfinished: only after completing one stage, move on to the next.

Your hard work and dedication may not pay off at this time, or you may lack the commitment you need to focus fully on the task at hand. Saturn in Capricorn, Saturn in the Tenth House. She considers human activity to be part of this natural process, which redistributes energy and maintains a dynamic equilibrium in the world.

Let us know how your reading went! You will be asked to focus deeply on your goals moving forward and to attend to your projects with dedication and commitment.

You will be asked to focus deeply on your goals moving forward and to attend to your projects with dedication and commitment. The number Eight in the Tarot Cards alludes to goals in life, and this is very clear when it comes to this Tarot Card. The Tarot card depicts a master in a leather apron engraving discs. Eight of Pentacles cars is about hard work and skill. With or without the assistance of our family, friends or partner, we have mastered a skill and may now be reaping the rewards for it. In an inverted position, the EIGHT OF PENTACLES means the absence of desires, ambitions, hypocrisy, falsehood, duality, futility, intrigue, vulgarity, mediocrity.In the field of health, this card symbolizes the destructive effect of intellectual activity on the body, which can manifest itself in renal failure, headaches, high blood pressure.

You should be well rewarded financially for your efforts at this time of your life. This is a careful, scrupulous and cautious attitude to the activities of your mind and hands, as well as to all other processes of life. We need to keep at it, knowing that there will be a great reward awaiting us, which is potentially physical/material. We may master a new skill or we may repeat the same thing over and over until we get it just right. empty ambition, vanity, greed, extortion, usury. The Hermit – Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana Card Number 9 (IX), Strength – Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana Card Number 8 (VIII), The Chariot – Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana Card Number 7 (VII), The Lovers – Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana Card Number 6 (VI), The Hierophant – Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana Card Number 5 (V). EIGHT PENTACLES does not at all favor the manifestation of their feelings and emotions, demanding a great tact and restraint from a person. This is a person who does not become disabled after a serious injury, but gradually exceeds his previous level.

Eight of Pentacles Yes/No Meaning. This is a card that speaks to the long-term and is not about instant gratification. This is because your work will eventually be recognized. The Nine of Pentacles stands for wealth and financial security. tarot card reading palm readingCountry.

The first decade of the Virgin, ruled by the Sun, tends to see a natural process in the world. EIGHT PENTACLES brings you back to the true essence.In addition, these are huge ambitions, albeit well hidden. The Eight os Pentacles card has a positive energy. Yes or No Queen of pentacles When we know how to read the cards, we learn that the Eight talks about things soon coming to a close. Eight of Pentacles in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a sculptor at work on stone. From money to property and to health matters too. The Eight of Pentacles is the eighth tarot card in the suit of Pentacles.. A positive card, you should expect good things to happen when you see it; especially aspects relating to a creative industry, or a project or part of your life that you have worked extremely hard on and dedicated yourself to. Perhaps we need to take time out from our families and socializing to achieve whatever it is that we want. PRUDENCE. As a result, there will be a material reward waiting. Hard work now will pay off in the future, this is a period of time when we have to knuckle down and start making headway towards our long term goals. Therefore, hard work and a quiet, modest attitude to work, not asking about the meaning of labor, are inherent in this decade. Chatting to a great Psychic Advisor, especially someone from Psychic Source or Kasamba, can be enlightening and helpful when we are working towards a goal that we truly desire in life. EIGHT PENTACLES – this is health, gained by first weighed, cold decision, then long-term training. Many eights in a Tarot Reading, especially the Celtic Cross Spread, can talk about a stage of life. Therefore, through the EIGHT PENTACLE, a person can be tested for directness, frankness, honesty, the ability to make decisions quickly, and professionalism. Hard work now will pay off in the future, this is a period of time when we have to knuckle down and start making headway towards our long term goals. Perhaps we need to take another look at what we are doing and change direction if needs be. In the upright position, the card symbolizes caution, prudence, the ability to notice everything around. … Or perhaps, you are the repeat love offender—falling hard and fast for a man—instead of gradually allowing a relationship… The stable sign of Taurus, the sign of the “circle of feelings”, makes out her feelings. When you get the Eight of Pentacles card facing down, it means” no” to your question.

EIGHT PENTACLES – this is Scorpio with pronounced planets, as well as Saturn. When we get this card reversed, we may lack the patience and perseverance to complete a task.

EIGHT symbolizes law, logic, directness. ContentsWorked extremely hardScrabble word finderCountry. We have to apply patience and discipline. Being so close to the final number ten, we may be starting to master something or need to master it. Anything that is tangible comes through in the Pentacles Suit. This is a map of the Apprentice, ready to begin a long and difficult, but extremely important work for him. Person who deserves all the trusts, excellent health and longevity, bone strength, honorable relationship, should be kept liberal woman, and progressive, difficulties to be understood with the children, ability to save high economic level, acquisition of goods. The Eight of pentacles marks the beginning of some promising business.

Mercury in the 3rd house as a symbol of zeal and dexterity. Learning a New Skill; Hard Work; The Eight of Pentacles signifies a time of learning , whether it’s academic study or training to acquire a new skill. More about Tarot at Wiki, Learn More About All The Meanings Of Eight Of Pentacles Tarot Card. The Eight of Pentacles speaks to our career, our financial goals and our persistence and determination in achieving a skills-set that we want to master. Yes / No Key Interpretation. The town in the distance shows you moving away from friends and socializing to be able to work on your skills. We may have to let our relationships know that we will be taking some time our to hone our craft and that the rewards when we work hard, will be greater. At the G8 level, a right angle reigns. Ingenuity and industriousness in construction and agriculture, prudence and economy, savings bonds and equity investments, gains small amounts, equal sharing of inheritance. During this phase, we are very focussed on the goal ahead, for better or for worse. Behind the trees do not see the forest. Eight of pentacles tarot card is most likely a Yes in a yes/no question. manage your property intelligently and cautiously, are rich but you're still humble. This card may indicate that in this situation, your patience will be checked; It’s important not to break loose. Six of Pentacles — Yes, but do be careful that you are not being taken advantage of. When we get the Eight of Pentacles card facing upwards in the Yes/No Tarot Reading means a “yes” to whatever you are asking. Carefulness is the key to long-term and successful work. Stay the course and don’t waver. Fraudulent dealings, picky, petty and greedy person.

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