Gamepedia. This weapon can be found not far from Gaia’s Wrath in a gruesome cave south of the Valley of the Damned teleporter.

on The Mortal Beam is a laser rifle.

The Berserkers are the only faction you can join that can employ the use of fireballs, summons, and the like. All you need to do is to use the jetpack and get to the Infinite Skies shrine, from there search the far end corners of the shrine for a ladder that leads straight to the sword’s location.

There might be some spoilers ahead.

Redeemer is nice but the Mortal Beam is 106 dam vs 100 for the Redeemer. PIF - Poison, Ice, Fire.

This gun is easy to obtain being located in a metallic building in a checkpoint compound just north of the Fort of Tavar. Unlike the Outlaws, the Berserkers’ name is much more misleading.

The lake is near the Goliet hotel and you have to swim to an island. The area can be accessed either by walking into the cave straight from the teleporter or by dropping through an opening above using the jetpack, but no matter the path taken a fight is imminent. List of Ranged Weapons available in ELEX with Damage and Attribute requirements.

In all cases a special key (claw, see Katta or Rat) is required to gain unrestricted access to the thief’s den, but once you do the Archon’s Might can be looted without any problems. A tribute to one of the most beloved character of The Walking Dead TV show, Daryl’s Revenge is a crossbow located in Tavar, on a mountain cliff west of the Convertor. The easiest way to access this powerful weapon is during the “A Strange Mechanism” quest. This is one of the easiest weapons to obtain in the game as it’s situated at the top of the cleric’s fortress in the Domed City. The Clerics live in a colder climate with a society that revolves around technology and the element Elex. In the center of the island you will find a well. Here are all six of them.

You can get this weapon early in the game. All rights reserved.

We've recently moved from Disqus to Spot.IM. This overpowered gun is found on the rooftop of the North Abessa Convertor. SQE - Stasis, PSI, Energy. Jump to: navigation, search. havnt had much of a go at this game due to work so im still finding stuff, You know how easy legendary weapons are too find? Smig. Each faction in the game has its own specialty and it is difficult to make an absolute classification. © Valve Corporation. On top of its imbalanced qualities this weapon deals a ton of burst damage in the area of impact while also setting all the enemies hit by it on fire.

), knowing this gun’s location comes with a spoiler as the player should be lead here by a series of quests. The task is connected to the option of finding the weapons of murdered clerics and delivering them to an ... best after meeting one of the characters mentioned below or Rijka from the Hotel Ruins of Goliet (during the conversation ask her whether she has a job for you). This weapon can be found south-east of the Domed City teleporter on the shore of a lake that has a rather mellow troll bathing in it.

We invite you to add comments, thank you. I use Snake Bite and then Antique Sword (Erik Eisenhauf's sword) stolen from Berserkers. The room it is located in is guarded during the day, so you have two choices: kill the guard during the day or wait to sneak in at night. ELEX Energy Weapons with Damage and requirements. The weapon is found in Goliet inside Sinda’s shop on the left side from the entrance. The time spent in Elex was quite enjoyable and I felt compelled to go the extra mile and find as many legendary weapons as possible. The bow has 50 meters of range and causes 72 damage. You can find Calaans legendary shield in the cleric's cliff.

The gun is located on the well-hidden balcony of that room. As they don’t rely on technology from Elex, they use more primitive weapons like knives, swords, and such. This amazing gun can be found in Ignadon, at the bottom of the mountain north-east of the Hangar.

The Redeemer is a devastating plasma rifle capable of stunlocking enemies to death. by They have ridiculous stat requisites but half the dmg or less of the upgradeable weapons.

But despite my obsessive searching I could only find 20 weapons. What the best weapon or type of weapon in game? The Furnace is equipped with a special magazine which can hold 35 more fuel than the standard flamethrower which makes up for the sacrifice in mobility. Help . Near the ruins, where you are tracing the beginning of the game of the dead cleric patrol, there is a bandit camp. All the enemies in the surroundings can be avoided with ease while using the jetpack to reach the top of the building in question. Kiss of Death is the most powerful melee weapon I found. The Mortal Beam is situated at the base of the volcano west of Hort and north-west of the Volcano teleported. For upgrading your weapons, you need a variety of materials that you can find in Magalan. Elex is the next to join that list of massive RPG’s with a difficult faction decision to make. It is hidden inside Duke’s Bunker in the secret stash of Duke Logan.

Your experience helps other players. Another lovely named weapon, Dr. From ELEX Wiki. Below, you’ll find all the available legendary weapons and their locations. Guns, grenades, drugs, you name it and they have it for you.

Elex: Weapons - Legendary, Benefits and Upgrade Guide. Near the Hotel Ruins of Goliet is an island. This weapon is found in a radioactive crater north-east of Sandy Pines, the entry point to the Tavar desert. The Berserkers have the Magic but the others can compensate for it well. Archon’s Might: This energy weapon is found in The Claw’s hideout. Their armor and weapons all give off a Mass Effect-vibe, ... Due to the unbalanced nature of Elex, they are easily the best and most superior faction in the game. Use your jetpack and avoid unnecessary risks. You can sell this Phantom bow and the dealer will pay you 1400 Elexit. Thunderclap has a range of 30 meters, caused 91 damage and has seven shots. The Redeemer: This energy weapon is by far the most challenging to collect, due to its location and powerful nearby enemies. monitoring_string = "9825918b2b361fb0e003f4935ce18ae6", Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One, PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X. With so many options to choose from, it is only right that you are able to find loads of loot scattered profusely throughout the environments in Elex. Thunderclap can be found in Duke's Bunker in The Fort, the Outlaws. You can sell it for 660 Elexit. For this, you need the Upgrade Weapons ability. All Weapons Legendary Weapons One-Handed Two-Handed Bows Ranged Energy Heavy … For Archon's energy weapon, you must seek the hiding place of the claws.

The Furnace is a flamethrower that can stunlock enemies with the flame ball fire mode. ELEX Walkthrough, ELEX Maps, ELEX Guide & Wiki. The largest selling point for the Outlaws is that it is really the only faction that can truly craft.

You’ll find it on a table in the hiding place during A Strange Mechanism quest. There aren’t really any threats close by this gun, just a long walk. Enemies are nearby, so watch out for them before jumping down the hole to find the sword stuck in a rock similar to Excalibur.

Get a 2 hander, aoe swing, interrupts opponents, same attack speed. 2 years ago. I was using a regent 3 with electric damage when I found that. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Approach this location carefully as a mountain troll pretty much sits on the weapon and a few rippers can be found not too far from it.

I started a new playthrough after an easy endgame with a plasma rifle, and I'm planning on focusing on melee this time. Stealing it is really a walk in the park as the Cathedral has no restrictions for its upper floor and the patrols are scarce. The Armor Cracker is a one handed axe with average stat requirements that deals radiation damage. Since all of them excel in both short and long range combat, only the strengths are slightly higher than in others. Once you get to the point where there are no more lifts, you have to use your jetpack to access the actual roof itself.

Once inside the hideout, Archon’s Might is found pretty easily as it laying right on top of one of the tables.

This weapon …

Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. Ironfist’s Shield is a berserker’s shield that provides resistance to lightning damage. A big thank to Obus, Overlord Cthulhu, Simbacca82, Veritas Calivmeir, Matei Valentin and others for sending additions to the list of weapons. The legendary weapon offers a range of 30 meters, 100 damage and has seven shots.

List of One-Handed Weapons … It’s found at the top of the tower in Origin or the Camp in the Center. This weapon is located on the small island just south-east of Goliet. In Elex, you will not find many weapons and therefore, it is always good to upgrade your existing ones. But the cream of the crop are the legendary items in Elex.These legendary weapons and armor are the best …

and can you only craft energy regent swords with clerics? Category:Weapons | ELEX Wiki | Fandom. ELEX One-Handed Weapons with Damage and requirements.

Ranged is easier to cheese because melee asks for a lot, from skill to terrain. Due to the unbalanced nature of Elex, they are easily the best and most superior faction in the game. 1 handers are trash, shield only parries weapons and the heavy attack is a piddly shield bash as is the special attack. It’s a two handed axe that deals a hefty amount of ice damage. This page will be updated when more is known. I'm pretty sure shock is the best damage type because Clerics must be OP.

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