Like the dramatic red-tinged cliffs of New Haven’s East Rock captured on two canvases in the exhibition Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: An Artist’s Guide to the Universe, [1] Old Lyme’s “mineral kingdom” invites exploration. Ellen Barkin, Chadwick Boseman, David Schwimmer and AnnaLynne McCord weighed in on whether they can distinguish between the work and accusations … All Rights Reserved  |  Design by Julia Balfour, LLC. But local rocks sometimes served more playful purposes. She is well known for being the wife of the late A. L. Raghavan. LHSA, Local rocks sometimes became sites for sermons and temperance lectures. She played supporting roles in films from 1970 to 1990.


Temperance.” LHSA, A rocky elevation in Black Hall also became an open-air platform when Augustus H. Griswold (1789–1836), after a distinguished career as a packet ship captain, delivered rousing speeches to gather support for the local Temperance movement. Childe Hassam, The Ledges, October in Old Lyme, Connecticut, 1907. 99-100; The Day, August 29, 1911. M. N. Rajam was born as Madurai Narasimha Achary Rajam on 25 May 1940 in India. A 1775 survey of the “highway” leading to the ferry locates that “Cragged Ledge of Rock,” [3]. Thanks to raise sunshine, Who maid it possible to see Simon Cowell, and sing to him journey don't stop believing. Gift of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, Florence Griswold Museum, FGM. [9] Today, protected by the Old Lyme Conservation Trust, the Jumping Rocks at the end of Library Lane remain a distinctive feature of the town’s enticing “mineral kingdom.”. AARON MAHALINGAM 4 Results; ABBEY MAHALINGAM 4 Results; ABBIE MAHALINGAM 4 Results; ABBY MAHALINGAM 13 Results; ABDUL MAHALINGAM 4 Results; ABE MAHALINGAM 12 Results; ABEL MAHALINGAM 13 Results; ABIGAIL MAHALINGAM 6 Results; ABRAHAM MAHALINGAM 6 Results; ABRAM MAHALINGAM 4 Results; ADA MAHALINGAM 12 Results; ADAH MAHALINGAM 13 Results; ADALBERTO MAHALINGAM 8 Results; ADALINE MAHALINGAM … When she was 14 years old, Rajam played the vamp role in the Tamil classic Ratha Kanneer in 1954, opposite M. R. Radha. Evelyn McCurdy Salisbury (1823–1917) described the red porphyritic granite on her father’s farm as “one of the richest known stones for architectural and ornamental uses.” In 1880 the McCurdy quarry beside Duck River measured “about 50 by 30 feet and from 5 to 10 feet in depth from the present ledge.” The site was never commercially developed, but Charles J. McCurdy (1797–1891) contributed its distinctive granite to build the Channing Memorial Church in Newport, completed in 1881. 1860. Allan B. Talcott, The Ledges at Pilgrim’s Landing. Ellen Noyes Chadwick, View of Ferry Point, ca. Gift of The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, FGM, “The variety in the landscape would drive an artist to distraction,” historian Martha J. Lamb (1829–1893) wrote in a profile of Lyme for Harper’s Magazine in 1876. W. P. Blake (1826–1910), a prominent geologist who analyzed the “carnation red” McCurdy rock, described its special features: “The contrasts between its minerals, the cleavage planes of the large porphyritic feldspars reflecting the light, the iridescence of some of the feldspars and the attractiveness of its general color make this an unusual rock.” he wrote. With Pillai he shared eccentricities. This is what you need to know about Madurai Narasimha Achary Rajam well known as M. N. Rajam.

George M. Bruestle, Light and Shadow.

FGM Purchase.

Charles deWolfe Brownell,Joshua’s Seat, 1858.

“Transportation is by cart about one-half mile to New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad,” the geologist noted. Gift of The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, FGM, Granite quarries, now overgrown and obscured, once featured prominently in the landscape. Gift of The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, FGM, Edward F. Rook, Bradbury’s Mill Dam, ca. 1905. From the time of the early colonial settlement, farmers quarried Lyme’s granite outcroppings and harvested its scattered stones to clear fields for cultivation. Preview our upcoming exhibition Fresh Fields with this new perspective... By Carolyn Wakeman As the coronavirus epidemic rages around... By Patty Devoe Featured Image: Lieutenant William Platt Hubbard,... by Carolyn Wakeman Featured Image: Matilda Browne, Untitled [Yellow... by Carolyn Wakeman Featured image: Malik Naveed bin Rehman,... by Carolyn Wakeman Featured Image: Walter Magee, Merry Christmas,... Never miss an update. [4] Katharine M. Abbott, Old Paths and Legends of the New England Border (New York, 1907), p. 54; Old Lyme Land Records 4:69.

The larger and darker colored stones were placed on the foundation, and as the front wall rose, the blocks of reduced size, and lighter colors, were selected and added.” [5], Stephen J. Lord, Addition to west wing, 1842. Her article encouraged early tourists to discover “one of the loveliest nooks on the New England coast” and included sketches by an illustrator, likely Charles Parsons (1821–1910), the magazine’s art editor.

Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, LHSA. Instagram. 1862. She even began working in TV serials from 1995 and continues to work in films till 2014. 1901. See also: Stone: An Illustrated Magazine, For Producers, Workers, and Users of Stone, Marble and Granite (May, 1889), Vol. Monographs P–Z, LHSA.

In View of Ferry Point, ca. See also Dale and Gregory, pp. Another 19th-century depiction of the landscape includes a rocky bluff, now demolished, that once overlooked the mouth of the Connecticut River.

© 2020 Florence Griswold Museum. A decade later much of the bluff above the ferry landing was leveled to make way for the railroad.

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