The iMayberry Community goal is to help fans of The Andy Griffith Show connect & share their knowledge & love of Mayberry. How do I figure this out? Ernest T. Bass, Atom Ant and more Prolific actor, writer, director and producer Howard Morris died on Saturday, May 21, at age 85. See more ideas about The andy griffith show, Andy griffith, Don knotts.

He once boasted that he had lifted a mule onto his shoulders and "tote' her five miles to the doctor," an impressive feat of strength (if true). I love you, dad. They were friends of ours, too.

I was just six at the time but everyday I would hang out with him as he dressed up in costume. Attached stand and wall hooks for instant setup on any surface. This was the birth of Ernest T. Bass! (This is somewhat contradictory to earlier episodes, in which he often throws rocks with written notes attached.) He explains that he needs a…, Okay, call me a weenie, call me pathetic or silly if you want, (Lord knows I’ve been called worse), but this week, when I learned of the passing of Andy Griffith, I felt like my heart had been ripp…, Wanna know how Ernest T. Bass came to be? For you city folks, Salem is deep in the Ozark…, "Hey Barney! He attended New York University, majoring in drama, but World War II interrupted his studies. After World War II, Howard made his Broadway debut in the “GI Hamlet.” In 1950, Allan … Jerry loved to act. See the cast of the beloved sitcom relaxing, fishing and goofing around.

Morris’ son David announced his father’s passing online at, a website devoted to Ernest T. Bass, the eccentric, hill-dwelling bumpkin Morris played in five episodes of The Andy Griffith Show in 1963 and ’64. Character overview. This site was a very special place for him. We were close.

What time's the gold truck coming through?" Ernest T. is a rowdy mountain man with a penchant for troublemaking, who wreaks havoc on the otherwise sedate town of Mayberry. These are beautiful keepsakes. Always have, always will.

The replica courthouse was a fun place to visit. By Howard Morris. Well, for obvious reasons I was intrigued, but had many questions. It was a lot of pressure on Jerry, but was amazing as to how well he handled it.

He helped cast some amazing actors to play the various crazy characters. Satisfaction Guaranteed $7.00 PRIORITY 2-3 DAY SHIPPING, EVEN WHEN YOU BUY MULTIPLE ITEMS! Suddenly, I spot it heading in about a week or so out, and then, Today. I can’t describe with words the gravity of this loss. more. In 1963, I got a call from Aaron Ruben, one of the original writers from Sid Caesar’s “Your Show of Shows.” Aaron was now a producer of the Andy Griffith Show. A very very dear friend, Carl, passed away last night.

Lol this happens all the time!!! With love, David. It is revealed that he cannot read or write, except for a few posted signs around town and in the hills. That was just the result of my innards searching for ways that the character needed to move.

That is a wonderful thing.

This site was a very special place for him. Many questions needed to be answered.

She gives him his "diploma," which is simply a certificate stating that he knows some arithmetic, can read and write some words, and knows the boundaries of the United States. I read the part several times to try and figure out ways to communicate Ernest, and integrate him into my performing abilities, again, for you.

your own Pins on Pinterest So I say to you, my dear father, as much as I wish you were still here, I am relieved that you do not have to suffer through this. I had no idea what would, or would not work, but it was almost time to put my interpretation on its feet in front of the cameras, producers, cast, and crew.

Sometimes it was difficult to find the level of presentation and energy for Ernest T. None of the scripts called for Ernest to jump around like a nut.

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