Looking for something to watch? It is unknown on whether or not she would witness the birth of Stephanie Laurine Urkel as this would have been her true final appearance in the series. Carl's disappointment turns to dismay when Urkel gladly volunteers to ride along. So when the precinct's annual dance contest approaches, Carl and partner Harriette decide to teach Charlie a lesson or two in humility. The extended Winslow family redefines the word "togetherness" as their home splits at the seams with chaos, confusion and laughter. This FAQ is empty. But he saves the day when Carl falls through the ice, making a shaken Eddie realize that he easily might no longer have had a father to argue with had things turned out differently. She also had a good time helping Stefan get to know the Urkel family before he disappeared in Death of Stefan. Rate. But it may be his last hurrah; Willie Fuffner, his pride still stung from losing to him during a boxing match several weeks earlier, offers Urkel a peace offering - a glass of punch. Eddie Winslow, after finding out Myrtle Urkel is rich, dreams that Big Daddy Urkel offers to pay Eddie $10 million to marry his daughter, Myrtle, at Urkel Oaks in Biloxi, Mississippi. Eddie, Rodney and Urkel wander into an adults-only billiards hall, where a friendly yokel named Higgins decides to challenge Eddie to a friendly bet over a game of pool. Carl - embroiled in a dispute with Urkel's father - has a dream about he, his family and Urkel living in the Old West.

https://familymatters.fandom.com/wiki/Myrtle_Urkel?oldid=17726. Later on, he starts having dreams about Big Daddy Urkel visiting him at his parents house after his girlfriend leaves. Eddie - who doesn't have the skills to match Higgins - decides instead to try to win back his bet and enlists Urkel to help him. Watch Family Matters episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. 2. Today is Eddie's birthday and Myrtle surprises him with a leather jacket present and her video tape. A chance meeting with the victim's widow - she had sent her husband out for ice cream on the night of his death - helps Carl realize that nobody (except the robber) is at fault for her husband's tragic death. His girlfriend, Greta is going to make sure that the wedding doesn't happen because she knows it's a farce. She also has her eye on her loan officer, Steve Webster, then begins talking about him around the house.

Laura tells him that she'll be sure to notify Mother Winslow for his ungrateful attitude. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now.

Carl's dealing with a back that's killing him, and a rival officer named Charlie who has a monster ego. Cousin Urkel Carl is upset that he will be related to Steve soon. Carl finds (and wants to keep) a diamond necklace that's extremely valuable but knows it might belong to someone; Urkel is asked to tutor Laura's current boyfriend, Todd, who is struggling to maintain his academic eligibility and remain eligible to date the lovely Winslow girl. Family Matters (1989–1998) ... Laura and Eddie are involved in a prank war which includes Steve and Myrtle Urkel being in the middle of their dispute. In order to give herself some space, Laura attempts to convince Steve to point his affections in the direction of a shy girl at school. His sister shows up with a big box and he thinks Myrtle is still trying to bribe him tosses it out of the window into the trash can. Her rich father, Big Daddy Urkel (played by Reginald VelJohnson), was a loving and caring father to Myrtle but did not approve of Eddie being his daughter's boyfriend except when bribed with cash. Age: Last appearance: A drunken Urkel staggers around the rooftop, which is good for a few yuks ... until he tumbles off the side of the roof and finds himself clinging to a clothesline for dear life. Leroy - exasperated once and for all at Urkel's unending clumsiness - decides to take the insurance settlement and get out of the restaurant business, but Rachel finds the opportunity of a lifetime in the burned-out rubble. Big Daddy Urkel (father) Unnamed mother She, Maxine, Myra and a pregnant Laura would hang out at the Sizzle Club, but Laura grows concerned when the guys are more attracted to Myrtle, Maxine and Myra than her. Laura asks for some sympathy from her mother, but Harriette just wishes Carl would pay half as much attention to her as Urkel does Laura. 7. Immediate Family:see: Family Steve Urkel (cousin) Herb Urkel (uncle) Diane Urkel (aunt) Uncle Ernie Urkel (uncle) Uncle Cecil Urkel (uncle) Aunt Muriel Urkel (aunt) Uncle Omar Urkel (uncle) Aunt Oona Urkel (aunt) Cornelius Eugene Urkel (cousin) Julie Urkel (cousin) Dirk Urkel (uncle) Cleotus Urkel (cousin) Unnamed grandfather Unnamed grandmotherLaura Winslow (cousin-in-law) With Rachel's help, Harriette wins a radio call-in contest and nabs the grand prize: a new car.

View production, box office, & company info. 8. When Carl threatens to ground Eddie, the younger Winslow decides he doesn't have to take any more and plans to move out.

Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Had the show continued for a final tenth season, Myra and Myrtle would become friends and have a girls' night out, but get held hostage at one of the clubs. Everyone's shocked to learn Urkel still believes in Santa Claus, but who was it that delivered that Freddy Teddy that Richie's been wanting? Laura enlists Urkel's help for a science project, despite Estelle's stern warnings against it. The subject in home economics class at school: marriage. Greta isn't impressed when she crushes the tape. Title: Episode Recap Family Matters on TV.com. Several years later, she returned to Chicago to visit her cousin and renew her pursuit of Eddie; by this time, he and Greta had started dating. At Maxine's rooftop party, Urkel shows everyone how to "Do the Urkel." Urkel goes above and beyond what it takes to be a good husband, but winds up angering Laura when she feels smothered by his constant attention. Rate. Myrtle Mae Urkel made her first appearance in the eighth episode of season 2, "Cousin Urkel", as part of an exchange agreement between Big Daddy Urkel and Dr. Urkel. She decided to pursue other guys in the hopes of finding her true love and starts to leave. Error: please try again. Eddie rescued the girls, but Myrtle still acted very cold around him. Directed by Kelly Sandefur.

Carl and Urkel struggle with their consciences in separate situations. Will Urkel get to finish giving Laura his classic farewell speech before Eddie admits what really happened?

Eddie quickly finds he's taking on a pool shark and loses a lot of money. 4. An elderly man named Jimmy visits the Winslows, claiming to be the family's long-lost friend. Although happy at first, Eddie quickly realizes that now Myrtle's leaving, his life would be boring without her mixing it up by reaffirming her love for him and asks for her to stay.

She tells them that her father payed Eddie to marry her and it's a farce. Urkel loses, and everyone refuses to accept Carl's plea for forgiveness. Carl and Lt. Murtaugh are involved in an operative to uncover a smuggling ring.

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