This batch of strings is for alternate takes of the descriptions of lost items, with varying levels of difference from the final strings (which are stored in an entirely different file than this batch). (08-11-2019, 09:54 AM) kurokairaku Wrote: (08-10-2019, 11:55 PM) Jokero Wrote: Great job guys I've started messing with those NUNO/NUNV properties too and it's really annoying to fix models manually.

There seems to be a 250 megabyte restriction for any upload as I tried uploading all maps twice more. would anyone be against me compiling all the unused unit files (hel, new year's takumi, etc) into a single submission? In the final product, the Archbishop Class's sprite is reused instead. Likely meant to be used by enemies affiliated with the Western Church. This update made multiple changes, added color to some important in-game warnings and even changed some support conversations such as Alois and Leonie's A support or Bernadetta and Byleth's B support. darthkeeper, I think it's due to when the first Echoes units released. Chapter 14 has a different icon in every route when the save file is seen through the file select screen, which shows the location where the chapter's main battle takes place (or is at least connected to it). Hmph, they pushed quite the dangerous task on you. Fixed a bug that prevented a support conversation event from happening when certain inputs were made after increasing Support levels while exploring the monastery. Several icon variants for weapon and equipment exist in the game which are left unused in the game proper. Let us hurry and proceed to the others. Please rotate your device. Each student has their own Talents. Message when attempting to invite someone who has previously eaten to a meal. The early strings are significantly longer than the final ones, and they (all of them in Japanese, the first few in English) incorporate the item's name as part of the description itself. I am very proud of who you have become. then again idk how to get sprites from a switch. A book describing sweets from all across Fódlan. Meant to be Thales's signature weapon. Support for the first wave of Expansion Pass DLC was added. If a subject is a student's specialty, or if it's the focus. Fixed the bug causing the effects of the Nuvelle Chamberlain Co.’s gambits Battleground Café and Evasive Partner (from the Expansion Pass) to not end after one turn as the gambit explanation text specifies.

Likely meant to be used by the boss of the paralogue, Armored infantry, revived and enhanced with the power of. Provide more images from Infernal difficulty and specify what other differences it has. If a unit deploys Knights, it will be strengthened. Only the other four were translated for the English version.

These. I've run into a slight snag. A hatchet with a wide variety of potential uses. This one, naturally, was intended for the house selection part of the game. A collection of terrifying tales from all over Fódlan. Another introduction to battalions, similar to #6. Byleth's previously-unused Dancer costume was added as an option in the Unit Appearances menu. The Japanese early slot is occupied by a near-duplicate of the "The Art of Fishing" monastery item, which differs only in having the item name merged into the description.

This bonus is also added retroactively to save files which had passed this point prior to the patch's release. Curious that this got ripped fast, but Pokémon Shuffle Mobile didn't get rip until today. A new music option is now available for auxiliary battles. Yet your birth occurred sometime later, while Jeralt taking work as a mercenary. Likely meant to be used by berserk villagers in Chapter 8. If that's so, then you oughta stand down. The entries are followed by 125 pairs of placeholders for more entries which all read "Sothis Message x" (ソティスメッセージx); this suggests that, where not otherwise evident, the introductions are meant to be spoken by Sothis. Fixed a Ver.1.0.2 bug that caused an unintended sound to play at the beginning of Chapter 1: Three Houses (“The Academy “in the Movie Gallery) when the language is set to English. the games character sprites and not their portraits look like something you would see in a paper mario game. Lambert also has no presence in gameplay, appearing only in a flashback cutscene.

On January 18, 2017, the then-unnamed sixteenth Fire Emblem game was announced briefly in a special Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct without any footage, and with an estimated release in 2018. Fixed a bug that sometimes showed blank epilogues. If so, the event proceeds to display a small scene where it would normally end with an enemy Felix bracing himself to fight Dimitri. Fixed the bug that sometimes displayed “Learned the Magic []” when Faith was increased regardless of whether or not any magic was learned.

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