[75], Manga author Masashi Kishimoto cited the cast as likable and expressed a preference for both Palom and Porom and their scenes. Immediately after this, Rosa uses her magic to teleport them out of the unstable tower and she remains in the party for the rest of the game.

Though the Enterprise gets caught in the crossfire between the Red Wings and Giott's tanks, the dwarves soon befriend Cecil and the rest of the party. Leonora heals Palom's petrification, and reveals to him she was the girl he was flirting with at Mysidia many years ago.

Black Mage

Using their planet's Crystals, the party draws out and destroys the darkness within him, causing him to become unstable and destroy the True Moon. Ordeals.

In Final Fantasy IV, Palom is a playable party member. [11] This represents one of the game's themes; "brute strength alone isn't power," as when he becomes a Paladin, Cecil's power actually decreases, although he gradually becomes more powerful than he ever was as a Dark Knight. Clothes, robes, hats, armlets Black Mage

She is defeated by Cecil, Edge, Cid, Palom and Porom with the real Rydia's assistance but she escapes from them.

The Elder of Mysidia is the trainer of Palom, Porom, and the other mages of the town. Hobs, he and his fellow monks are attacked by a group of monsters. [38][42] He falls overboard when Leviathan attacks Cecil's ship on the way to Baron, and is tended to in Troia. In The After Years, Palom is sent on a mission to Troia to train a replacement Epopt, Leonora. [1] In 2011, a third game in the series was released. Cecil, Tellah, Palom, and Porom return to Mysidia, where the Elder congratulates them.


At first Luca seems untrusting of Cecil, but like the other dwarves, she learns to accept them.

He left his home and traveled to Damcyan to confront Edward. After marrying Cecil, Rosa has a son named Ceodore; her pregnancy causes her absence from most of Interlude. Kain defeats his dark alter-ego and merges with him, causing Kain to become a Holy Dragoon. She is Cid's apprentice, mastering the skills of airship steering and maintenance, and joins the party in Rydia's chapter along with her two dolls. At the end of Interlude, Kain, who is still living on Mt. Porom is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. [43] He finds his way to Baron after Leviathan attacks the party's ship, losing his memories and attacking Cecil before coming to his senses. When the King orders Cecil to rob the magical town of Mysidia of its Water Crystal at the cost of killing innocent people, Cecil begins to question the king's morality. Twincast allows him to cast stronger spells with sister Porom, while Bluff boosts his Intelligence (increasing his magic damage), which lasts for a limited time in 3D releases, and stacks additively with multiple uses in the Advance and Complete Collection releases.

Upon returning to Troia, Palom questions the Epopts over why Leonora had to learn Black Magic, finding it suspicious. With his companions, Cecil is able to defeat Cagnazzo but Golbez continues to hunt for the Crystals and Cecil must continue his quest. Kain Highwind (カイン・ハイウィンド, Kain Haiwindo, "Cain Highwind" in the Japanese version) is the leader of the Dragoon Knights of Baron as well as childhood friend of both Cecil and Rosa. He ultimately jumps off the ship and detonates explosives to seal the Underworld. An arrangement is on the Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon album.

The Maenad, initially only known as the Mysterious Girl, is a strange being with summoner powers encountered in Interlude and The After Years. Palom and Porom accompany him to Mount Ordeals, where Palom uses magic to extinguish a fire blocking the route up the mountain.

Ordeals. Palom with his sister in the opening FMV (DS). She has brown hair worn in a high ponytail. In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Palom's hair h… As both Cecil and Kain were orphaned at very young ages, King Baron took them in and raised them as his own. Under the rule of Luca and her father, the Dwarves help assist the party in their battles in the Underworld. Biographical information [76][77] Lark Anderson from GameSpot instead said the acting was "weak", stating it made some scenes overdramatic. Leonora is a supporting character in The After Years.

Later in the game, something good will happen to them though. Weight She also appears as an optional boss in Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls on the final level of Hellfire Chasm, and is one of the revived Lords in The After Years.

[21] However, after Cecil claims the last Dark Crystal, Golbez resumes his control of Kain.

Palom and Porom's sacrifice, from the official novelization. [34] Due to the different flow of time in the Feymarch, she physically matures during her stay despite being gone only a short time in the real world.

She has brown hair worn in a high ponytail.

[3] Tokita also pointed out the variety of characters helped to appeal to a wider demographic, stating that the team worked hard to make all side characters fit into the story, something that, at the time, was difficult to do in Japanese media. He wishes to leave the rigid confines of Mysidia behind him to travel all over the world in pursuit of his dream. Final Fantasy IV [6] Cecil reaches Baron and learns that the new leader of the Red Wings is a man named Golbez, and that Golbez's minion, Cagnazzo, had killed and impersonated the king.

Fusoya and Golbez attempt to stop Zeromus, but he proves too strong and Fusoya is forced to send Golbez to the Blue Planet alone in order to protect it from the Maenads. He is still plagued by the deaths of Anna and Tellah, but is able to move on when their spirits encourage him to find someone else to love as he did Anna. [19] Cecil also appears in Secret of Evermore as a weapons dealer and makes several references to Final Fantasy IV, including being king of Baron Castle, his wife Rosa, his battle with Zeromus, his being a paladin, and his adventures on the moon. 5 (Final Fantasy IV)[1]6 (Interlude)22 (The After Years) "Palom and Porom" is the twins' eponymous theme tune. Although Cecil is reluctant to master the Dark Sword, he excels as a Dark Knight and is eventually promoted to the command of Baron's airship fleet, the "Red Wings". If Lugae is defeated before the player destroys Barnabas, then Barnabas will explode, damaging the party.

Armor The theme is also included in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Compilation Album. [7] English translator Tom Slattery had to change various parts of the original script for the voiced scenes in order for the characters' mouth movements to match the words they were speaking.[8]. Cecil Harvey (セシル・ハーヴィ, Seshiru Hāvi) is the protagonist of Final Fantasy IV and Interlude and a major character in The After Years.

[69] Similarly, Micky Gunn from GamePlanet stated that thanks to the characters' expertise, the player had access to a wide variety of moves from the game's beginning. After his wife's death, he gave his wife's necklace to Luca.

Player character The party faces him again within the Giant of Babel.

She is voiced by Hitomi Akino in Japanese and Zarah Little in English. [68] Greg Kasavin from GameSpot had similar comments, and appreciated that unlike other RPG protagonists, Cecil was already an experienced warrior at the start of the game and had strong relationships already established. Concept art of Palom and Porom from the developer's blog (DS). Edward Chris von Muir, known in the Japanese version of the game as Gilbart Chris von Muir (ギルバート・クリス・フォン・ミューア, Girubāto Kurisu fon Myūa), is the prince of Damcyan, soon to become the seventh king of the region. During Cecil's quest, he is joined by his childhood friends Kain Highwind and Rosa Farrell, as well as other warriors from around the world who also seek to stop Golbez.

As Eidolons are directly linked to their Summoner, Cecil and Kain inadvertently kill Rydia's mother in the process. Rie Kugimiya Tellah tries to heal them, but to no avail, as they have turned into stone of their own will. The party makes their way to Baron Castle via the Ancient Waterway after finding Yang.

They mount a black chocobo and fly to the Lodestone Cavern, where the Red Wings are made to discard their metal weapons. After its initial release, Final Fantasy IV was later ported to multiple consoles. [49] Because Cecil and the rest are after Rubicante as well, Edge, joins the party and leads them into the Tower of Babel. [19], Fusoya, known in the Japanese version of the game as Fusuya (フースーヤ, Fūsūya) and FuSoYa in earlier versions of the game, is a Lunarian, and a resident of the moon.

[71][72] Both GameSpot and IGN stated that the cast was interesting and avoided common cliches.

Since Tellah's passing, Palom aspired to follow in his footsteps. He stays with the party throughout the game. Porom schedules a visit to see Rydia with Palom.

Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [67] The diverse number of characters has been praised for their distinctive traits by RPGFan's Matt Rickert.

After helping her old friends save the planet, Rydia decides to rebuild Mist with the cooperation of Cecil and others, and also becomes the adoptive mother of the child Maenad Cuore. His fate is left unrevealed. He reappears in The After Years as a revived guardian of the True Moon. Concept art of Palom and Porom from the developer's blog (DS). This act of sacrifice further strengthens the party's resolve to stop Golbez. Rubicante (ルビカンテ, Rubikante) (Rubicant in the original SNES release and PlayStation re-release) is the leader and strongest member of the Four Elemental Lords. Black Magic, Bluff, Dualcast (during event) Later, the Elder, along with Palom and Porom, directs the prayers of the world to Cecil before the final battle against Zeromus.

Rydia becomes enraged when she learns of their actions, using Titan to cause an earthquake that separates them, but injuring herself in the process. He briefly reappears as a spirit in The After Years, alongside Anna, advising Edward to not let his heart be weighed down by their deaths and encouraging him to come to Harley's aid.

The After Years Tellah wounds Golbez with the forbidden spell Meteor, but dies in the process and the party is left at the mercy of a wounded Golbez.

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