The old mismatched tires are back on, so it could come off the jack stands and be rolled out of the shop for some photos. This is another good set of 15" rims welded to tractor centers. That idea has rekindled my interest in this project.

Spread the tarp so the truck floor would stay clean. I really wanted to take it for a ride last summer, but filling with fluids would have created problems unless everything was drained and put back in long-term storage condition. It was obvious to me this was really a late 8N Tractor. My apologies to anyone who was expecting another speedy step-by-step tractor rebuild, it just ain't happening this time. This tractor was advertised as a 2N, but I could see a proofmeter, late 8N shift knob, and side distributor engine in the photos. The 9N was the first American-made production-model tractor to incorporate Harry Ferguson's three-point hitch system, a design still used on most modern tractors today. Everything was tack-welded then bolted in place to check the fit and dimensions. This tractor looks no better than the others, and it's the first one that wasn't running when I bought it. Go to plan "B". Paintwork on the hood, grille, fenders and wheels appears nicely applied, though we spy a few sprayed-over rubber items on the frame/transmission case. The valves on three cylinders are still sticking open as the engine is turned over. Then again, this project might look so cool in rat-rod condition, it could stay that way. Interest Based Ads Said to be good for a mind-bending and tooth-rattling 55 miles per hour, this up-engined tractor may be one of the most potentially terrifying vehicles we’ve ever featured. This 1949 Ford 8N is no longer fitted with a familiar fN-series four cylinder, instead sporting a modified flathead V8. UPDATE DEC 2013–Still waiting for the V8 engine to magically appear. I've certainly gotten plenty of quality shop time figuring out how to get everything hooked-up, plumbed, and wired.

It was close, this time I guessed right, and the others bid just a little too low. After welding the fit was checked again to make sure nothing warped. The tractor actually looked better live than in photos. This is how it sat on the lot when I picked it up. The cockpit is as basic as they come with central seating and thin-spoked steering wheel, just like a slightly less dangerous-sounding contemporary Grand Prix car. Next the transmission comes off. Apparently two other people had the same idea and threw last-minute low bids. It's pretty obvious why this engine would not start for the previous owner. We take pride in the history of the Early Ford and would be happy if you would accept our invitation to join us on an incredible Route 66 tour. Had to winch the last few feet up the ramps. The original 8N engine block and cast iron oil pan are also the frame of the tractor. Per the seller, the entire tractor was torn down and rebuilt for this conversion, including the engine, transmission and rear end assembly. It includes a flywheel the bolts the 8N clutch to the 302, a spacer that connects the motor to the transmission and a pan the the motor bolts into and the front end bolts back on to. Re: 1952 Ford 8N 302 v8 conversion I have the Awesome Henry OHV conversion kit. WOW, never would have believed a year would pass before I got back to this web page. The plan is to get it rolling, fired-up, and run it a bit. The hope is that the tractor will actually start, and drive up the ramps. Other Details such using the original 8N battery tray, start button, air filter, throttle, and choke controls were very important to me.

It may be time to pass this project on to someone with the talent to finish it properly. Given the quoted top speed, we’d wager that either the Step-Up or combination gearbox is fitted. This engine does not appear to have any terminal problems. It even has live hydraulics! I can be really precice and detailed when it comes to mechanical systems, but body and fender work is an art. Instrumentation is very basic, and there are actually two shifters present.

All Tradenames and Trademarks referred to on these web pages are the property of their respective trademark holders. Most of the tractor will not be refinished until after fabrication is complete. My current engine stand is a bit light for a V8 so there is no reason not to go ahead and pull this 4 cylinder and put it on the stand. Said to be good for a mind-bending and tooth-rattling 55 miles per hour, this up-engined tractor may be one of the most potentially terrifying vehicles we’ve ever featured. I've been hoping to swap some repair work for body work, but none of my friends has blownup anything. The V8 engine block already had four threaded holes in the front that were used to attach the bracket for the axle carrier. None of these trademark holders are affiliated with this web site, nor is this site sponsored or endorsed by them in any way. That put this tractor project on hold.

To be honest, the real hang-up is a fear of doing a really horrible job on the body and fender work. Often these gearboxes were fitted by the dealership from new. 4 CYLINDER ENGINE TEARDOWN: The cylinder head came off … Front rims/tires are 15". Find it here on eBay in Selbyville, Delaware with no reserve. Used more straps and rope than necessary to secure the tractor, and headed home. That was the original plan. but additional support is required to keep the axle from twisting and breaking loose. It was released in October 1939. That idea has rekindled my interest in this project.   |   While bodywork appears very standard, the silver Edelbrock aluminum heads on the flathead V8 make a strong visual statement. There was a convenient hill. Short mounting tabs were cut from 1-1/2" x 1/4" flat bar. Engine rebuilds can easily cost more than one of these tractors is worth. If you have any questions, or problems with this site, please send me a message. It is usually better if hardware on the back side of anything is captive. Please enable JavaScript to engage in the discussion on this site. I sold the last set of these I had. The intent is to rebuild the transmission and rear axle if necessary. 4 CYLINDER ENGINE TEARDOWN: The cylinder head came off easy, and looks good. Tried a few tricks but called it quits when a steady stream of gas started running out the carb. Interesting, it seems there may be a few Flathead V8 engines available nearby. Maybe that way the worst leaks, and design flaws can be fixed before everything has a nice new finish. Holes were drilled to match up with radiator support and transmission bolts before welding the tabs to the frame. Turn gas off. The available types were Step-Up (higher ratios), Step-Down (lower/crawler gears) and a combination Step-Up/Step-Down. Stretching the hood a bit and keeping the fuel tank close to the original location seemed better than some of the other conversions I've seen. Got fire, but no bang. All Tradenames and Trademarks referred to on these web pages are the property of their respective trademark holders. Sorry about the image quality for these shots. This project has basically been ready for a test drive for months. The ad wasn't generating a lot of interest, so I decided to keep an eye on it. Moved the truck, set up ramps, got the tractor rolling, and almost drove it right in. Two pieces of 1-1/2" square 1/4" thick heavy tubing were used for the frame rails.

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