Actually most used than the Mauser. Imanoblekobel20/To avoid getting temporarily banned... Shoot Framed that are holding guns or knives.

Any of the Police will die if they fall off the helicopter. Imanoblekobel20/The possible "Savior" of this wiki. Best way is just to run into the escape without cops knowing where you are. Double Agents mode, when framed win the game. In this case, instead of escaping police shooting, the last standing Framed wins the game. For instance, consider the game, Framed, which suits those people who love spying.

Costs 2 points. During the epilogue, kill the last remaining Framed. Half of the players being Police and the other half being Framed. is a high-action, deception Roblox PvP game made by pa00.. The rest of the players will be Framed.

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If a framed kills another framed player that is not their target they become red-handed for the rest of the round. The most exciting game mode is Double Agent, whereby there is the Framed and the Double Agent. The goal of the police in this game is to kill any Framed individual who has his gun pulled out or has a wanted status. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Radar(Framed)Shows the location of your target. In this level, you win the game if you are the only one left standing after shooting everybody else down.

The Dragunov is the only sniper rifle in the game. The objective is to find the Double Agents and kill them.

Shops require points which you get from killing your targets or doing certain missions. If you attempt to kill the wrong person, a 'dud' sound is heard indicating you approached the wrong target.

Cost 3 points. Framed! Costs 5 points. Spas-12(both sides)Semi Shotgun with slug rounds,meaning it requires 2 bullets at any range.

The cars have been removed due to a glitch that made them unable to turn.

The hunted man can kill any other Framed individual to stop them from being the hunted and the last standing Framed person becomes the winner.

Therefore, if you are playing the cop, you need to be very careful. Bowie Knife(Framed)The Bowie Knife is your typical knife except it one hit kills anyone. This is useful if you are a dude that holds out their gun 24/7.!

Framed is one of the 2 most common game modes in Framed! The sight on the six shooter is inaccurate, but it can be used for quick stealth kills. The Framed all have a target and a hunter. The Undercover does not have a knife, as such, don't go too close to any Framed as they may mistake you as their hunter. You can check the face of your targets so as not to kill those who do not appear on the board. The police can legally hunt and shoot you down. Costs 4 points. Roblox games are some of the best and most challenging games that you can spend your time playing. The framed players goal is to kill the hunted man meaning that all the framed players have the same target. The game begins with two police, one undercover and all the others as Framed. Genre The Police will then be free to kill you whether you are armed or not. The other mode is the Hunted man whereby all Framed players in the game have one target to hunt down.

Once this happens, the game goes into the Epilogue. Thus, there is no point trying to hide if your one of the above. Dragunov(both sides)Semi Sniper Rifle which instakills with one bullet and only houses 1 bullet in a magazine. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Double Agents: Takes place on any map the ordinary mode can be played on.

As a framed individual, you should use your knife or gun to kill everyone who appears on your target board.

Using a weapon will display a "red handed" meter which shows you how long the police have to kill you prior to having your gun out. Your email address will not be published. Framed! Costs 4 points.

Killing an Undercover will net you a couple of points. City Chase: This takes place in a very large map filled with Vintage Cars. The Dragunov ingame is based off of a Dragunov SVD. The goal is to find your target without getting caught. Visits

There will be one Hunted man at any instant while the others are Framed. Hunted Man: Takes place on any map that the ordinary mode can be played on. Framed! The hunted man changes once someone dies.

is a high-action, deception Roblox PvP game made by pa00. FPS As of February 16th, 2018, the game has been updated which features fixes, a revamped gun system with 8 bullets instead of the old 6 along with lower gravity.

Classic Framed: Similar to the framed round except that there is no Epilogue, meaning either the last Framed alive wins or if the time runs out, the police wins. Do not go suspicious, if the player looks behind them, they must carefully shoot the player if that was the hunter, the player is safe.

Don't kill your target if it is beside one or more people with a Knife. Pressing F as an officer of the law,or a partygoer framed for their crimes and a little portable shop will open.

Additionally, the police can confirm they are the cops by pulling out their badge hence saving themselves from being shot. As health cannot be re-generated, stay as far as possible from the last framed to prevent them from killing you.

That is why the Undercover player has a badge that shows he/she are an Undercover and not a framed. Roblox is ushering in the next generation of entertainment. The game continues until there is one remaining Framed. The framed come equipped with a PDA to keep track of their target, a luger or other upgraded gun, a knife, and glass of water to blend in with. But if close up,it's a killing machine.

For instance, consider the game, Framed, which suits those people who love spying.The game requires shooting skills, stabbing, aiming, and dodging your competitor’s weapons. Costs 3 points. Framed can kill you without being a mistake,so be careful when showing your badge. They must stealthily kill their targets while watching their back for their hunter. Roblox Framed! Play it today.

Framed is one of the 2 most common game modes in Framed! Very useful at close range,but literally useless at long ranges. In this gamemode, there are 2 uniformed cops, 1 undercover, and the rest of the players are framed. An undercover is a Framed individual in disguise and unless you pull out your badge to confirm your status, the police will shoot you. Killing a player that is not the target will result in a "mistake", and the police have the authority to kill the player even if they are not caught "red handed". The difficulty is that they are disguised as Framed as well, so you cannot tell the difference until they act out. Ballistic Vest(Cops/Police)The Ballistic Vest increases your HP. As of February 16th, 2018, the game has been updated which features fixes, a revamped gun system with 8 bullets instead of the old 6 along with lower gravity. Be the last surviving Framed and escape during the Epilogue.

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