Choose a location to deploy to It would also not be considered KOS if it is part of a fitting roleplay scenario. A weapons modpack inspired from the Metro games!

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Claim an apartment and start storing your equipment behind a secure metal door

Rustic style lamps which make an excellent replacement for vanilla torches.

The site allows players to buy new kits and ranks on the servers. A modpack containing warfare equipment, Dual Pistols :Well to start off i have been playing on a whitelisted server its called Fudgy whitelisted server and now i want to try something new i also have a group called (Brotherhood) and as i said for my self we all wanna try something new to expierence how it is to change from an semi rp to a full roleplay.

© 2017 by Fudgy. We just wanted to quit because of the BB being so fanbuys over videos, they just searched for every opportunity for a video and any moment any second just to get even for 1 frame in the video. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Polycount page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's reddit page, Enter the full URL to your item or group's Sketchfab page, This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Additional decorational items are expected to be provided by the player. Detailed Walkie Talkie Steam profile URL: Login. /kit starter -You may not grief the safezone. Spring has been amazing with setting up the server and doing the coding. Shows a list of all the permissions and commands you have access to. We are sorry for our behavior and we will try to fix it in the future and even now. NW Airfield. ):I do i have been playing at the start pvp then i got bored and playid rp for a while but with time everything got boring and semi rp show up and made me wanna play again now i got bored of that and i wish to go back to some rp. We want to make it clear that this rule is only in regard to obvious bullying. HUD FX for AviEconomy plugin, Chernarus LN (URP) RAD ZONE Ban by association: And considering the fact that you destroyed your whole base they were using for a video because your team member got demoted explains how you guys will be. Another compound previously constructed and owned by the Milita, A huge trading city protected by tall walls, A camp made by a group of survivors so they can survive the night. This is includes things such as destroying, carjacking or stealing players vehicles, or If you have building permissions, placing unwanted buildables and structures.

But they did find a reason apparently. -You may not camp outside the safezone and wait for players to leave to KOS/rob/act hostile towards them. Founded. Gather supplies by either looting or killing other players This website is for Fudgy's Unturned servers. Players can find modded loot in airdrops, Currency Survival Focused A simple starter kit with a 1hr cooldown. iLLmatik's Littlebirds The site and servers are run by Fudgy, the one currently typing all this. We don't like to enforce many rules, we want our players to be free to enjoy the experience and do what they like. Detailed, custom animated, buildable minigun. Vehicle Events

Hosted on premium servers When inside the safezone, players have godmode and cannot be harmed. Isn't this the faction from Fudgy's series????

These are areas on the map in which KOS is allowed. Magic, spells and wizardry! So.. to make us leave better and in kind of style was just to fuck with them a bit. It is only visible to you. Flare gun -It is not recommended to build near Safezones.

Fudgy was all the times going with the "FLOW", Nylex plans his videos as i saw. So we went around and one of our member approached one of the "citizen", the "citizen" turned around and attacked him, but the zombie missed. Engage in some PVP action at NW Airfield (KOS Zone). 1,000,000+ awesome subscribers! Kit Includes: Navy Seals Helmet Navy Seals Top navy Seals Vest Navy Seals Bottom Navy Seals Nightvision Navy Seals Backpack M4A1 w/Halo Sight Military Magazine x6 Glock 17 Glock 17 Magazine x4 Medkit x2 MRE x2 GPS Binoculars Command: /kit military Home; Unturned; Fudgy Gaming | Semi-RP | | 24/7; Current Featured Servers: 0.

A collection of modded military vehicles. Combat logging, or TP logging is the act of disconnecting or teleporting away in the middle of a gunfight or altercation to avoid being killed or being at a disadvantage. A huge collection of military and special forces outfits, Metal Building Assets

If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL. Home; Events; Hosting; FAQ; About Us; Add Server; Register. Owning a shop in the safezone is a responsibility trusted of you by the staff team. Complete quests to level up and unlock new areas to explore & to gain access to better equipment. -The dedicated KOS Zone, usually marked on the map and/or regioned with warnings. If you're banned and are caught trying to evade your ban by using alternate accounts, VPN's or hardware ID changers, your chance to appeal a ban on any of your accounts will become void. -Shop storage is limited to different shop sizes, which are listed in-game at the safezone.

KOS ZONE GROUP LOCATIONS Sparkly flare guns in a range of colors. A detailed, very cool looking backpack fit for any survivor in the apocalypse. Large structures that cause lag to the safezone will be removed. Unturned is © Smartly Dressed Games 2014-2020. However, we do have to enforce just a short list of rules to ensure the roleplay aspect of the servers remains in play! Featured Servers Offline: 0.

Lots of new building assets to make bases look way fancier and apocalyptic. A really nice furniture mod that brings so much customization and freedom for detail to building. -Shop owners must not add additional storage that exceeds the limit for their shop (decor and furniture is fine) This does not mean you can KOS your attacker outside of the location of the incident. Base Price Multiplied By: x 1 . -as stated above, you must leave others' vehicles be If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Unturned. Greece assets bundled as one, Nylex Caps January 4, 2016. Large collection of high poly weapons and gear. Conduct heists on banks and other important facilities. The Rad zone is a location that is home to a radioactive toxic gas that is impossible to survive in without a gasmask or biohazard equipment. We have safezones set up on our servers, these places are a hostile-free place for players to converse, trade and run shops. Admin-only tools to help with creativity, Camo Outfit -Similarly, you may also not camp inside the safezone and attempt to kill other players who are outside the safezone. -Shop owners must not build anywhere in the safezone that isn't part of their shop unless given permission.

Admins will only provide storage. Everything Fudgy Fudge Army. Thanks for the feedback with our behavior and i will talk with the team to get the toxicity out of the way. Forum contains no unread posts

-You may not leave your vehicles in the safezone while you are offline (Vehicles left in the safezone while the owner is offline will be destroyed immediately). fudgy how many unturned life servers do you have i can't find it and which server are you playing on for unturned life videos M Gaming < > 19 Comments Cheesy__BOI! That was the past and we are trying to get over many things, bad things, and that's one of them. This is.

The Cordoba Please see the. Solved GHJ's Layered Clothing There is a no KOS (Kill on sight) rule on our servers. For example: Jack warns Rick that if they don't drop their gear within 10 seconds, they will be shot. Our servers are hosted on only the best hardware with our server machines rockin' Intel Xeon CPU's, 32GB RAM & High-speed SSD's.

KOS Zones Try catch an airdrop! Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Fancy looking metal buildables by Roll4Charm, Multi's Food

In the event of another player instigating hostility, retaliation is absolutely fine. With realistic weapons and addons to make your experience more fun.

Mark all read, Topic Icons: Hot Quests FishNipples helped when it came to organizing kits on the server, giving ideas and being an admin! More Farming Mod So we decided to just quit it. NIGHTPATROL was great for giving me tips on how to run an Unturned server and providing lots of information. /kit watcher Sticky No KOS Again, these guidelines ONLY apply for roleplay scenarios, you don't have to worry about any of this in general play/pvp. Closed, Highlights of activities you can do on the server. Recent Posts Unread Posts Tags, Forum Icons: Have you had any previous roleplaying experience? Replied We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The Safezone is a communal place that welcomes all survivors to trade, run their own shops & socialize. Why do you want to join the whitelisted roleplaying community?

Negotiator Minigun As i heard trough the videos so i can see the RP-ers in there to see how old are they, and many other shit that they do around there. All rights reserved. :Very well my accent is a bit off. Our Fail RP rules are very simple as not to over complicate things. All our New Life Rule asks is that if you are killed in a roleplay scenario, it's best not to go back to where you were killed for a while (or until the roleplay scenario has ended)

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