endobj [7][8] In February 2012, Williams joined the team of BBC Wales pundits, covering the Six Nations. /Subtype /Link /Rect [417.120000 489.199999 545.759999 499.759999 ] Shane Williams had eventually signed a contract with a team of Neath. endobj The BBC One Wales had also aired a documentary movie called “Shane – For the love of the Game” in the year 2017. But some drastic changes in the squad before their match with New Zealand led to Shane being in the team. <<

>> Wayne Gretzky: Born, Nicknames, Height, Stats... Maurice Richard: Facts, Born, Nicknames, Spouse... Henrik Sedin: Born, Height, Spouse, Net Worth, Salary... Steve Yzerman: Born, Age, Awards, Number, Spouse... Daniel Sedin: Born, Height, Spouse, Age, Children, Wiki. The police had lost his passport in the middle of this. /Type /Action In the month of February in the year 2012Williams had joined another team which was made up of the Pundits of BBC Wales and which covered the Six Nations. He had also made a try-scoring appearance in the WRU Bowl final of 2017 that was held at the Millennium Stadium. >> However, Shane had made another return to the game when he had played for the club of his home village, called the Amman United, during the season of 20116 to 2017. /XObject << [28], Williams has appeared numerous times in Welsh language television programmes on S4C. endobj [21] He would subsequently increase his Six Nations tally to 22 tries. 16 0 obj 8 . /CSp /DeviceRGB I just don't write about Ice Hockey and cricket, but I love playing it on Sunday's as well. /Rect [445.919999 590.960000 476.639999 601.519999 ] 8 0 obj /Type /Action saveTextPlaceholder. /Type /ExtGState /S /URI Gail Branwen Lacey was the childhood sweetheart of Shane Williams and they had met in the Amman Valley School 14 years prior to when they got married, in the year 1991. Mike McCann. Shane Mark Williams, MBE (born 26 February 1977) is a Welsh rugby union player most famous for his long and successful tenure as a wing for the Ospreys and the Wales national team. 18 0 obj >> The police lost his passport; his lawyer described the whole incident as a "total stitch-up"; and on his return to the United Kingdom, Williams suggested that he should have spent his holiday in Tenby instead. [19], On 13 February 2010, Williams scored the winning try against Scotland in Cardiff, completing a remarkable Welsh comeback. Shane Williams had scored three tries in this tournament. 'i�A�y���h5�(~���ɑ,;F�^f.���ݟ>�c��߷�?�g�i���qS�Wm��g��s�/�����_{���n��~��yݾn>l>����|ݘ�����x��5�����ͻ�6����������y������>��iz��ϛ~h���}}?��o�W㪾�w�i��*�uw�6�������}�u�������o5o�[�������1���?o~��C>��\g�z�L��ok��:L7�[m�_���3���n����1�՗�Ɣ}KW���,�$��f��|�����7>�l�=�;���˸�7���2B���n_~��q0��˯�a�?�6\p�B.4oO/ɀ�_ŏ-z�v�p���u��4�. /A << Gail Branwen Lacey. In the same year, he had also made a TV appearance on BBC2 and had showed the beginning of his career through gymnastics the in Amman Valley School. One of the tries that Shane had scored was in the quarter-final match and was against the team of Ireland in Wellington. Shane Williams Popularity . /URI (http://danielo.easterndns.com/Imwy) 6) In the year 2003, however, Shane Williams was selected as a third option for the position of scrum-half.

endobj In the month of August in the year 2005, Shane Williams had taken a vacation and had headed off to Cyprus. Amateur, Died, Jonah Lomu: Born, Height, Weight, Spouse, Children, Died. Shane williams gail branwen lacey Shane williams gail branwen lacey. 2 . He had then signed a contract with the team called Mitsubishi Sagamihara DynaBoars, which is currently situated in the Japanese League System in the second division. /Type /Annot /Border [0 0 0] /CA 1.0 [4] Williams was selected to the Barbarians squad that played Wales in June 2012. Shane Williams was born in a town called Morriston in Swansea. SportsUnfolded. 14 0 obj This try resulted in his father Mark Williams winning £25,000 from a £50 bet placed almost 10 years previously that he'd one day become Wales' leading try scorer. Dan arti suluk dzakakubabun Nov 30, 2016 . The couple's first daughter, Georgie, was born on 7 November 2006. In 2012 he had a TV appearance on BBC2 showing his careers beginning with his gymnastics in Amman Valley School where he was played by 15-year-old Jonathan Coleman. Shane Williams was also a part of the team of wales which was selected to play in the Rugby World Cup of 2011.

It would be difficult for any visiting team in Cardiff on a day like this, the fans carried us though.”, Shane Mark Williams was born on the date 26.

After Shane had returned to the United Kingdom, Shane Williams had said that he should have spent his holidays not in Cyprus but in Tenby. /Type /Annot

>> 1000 Route 80. He married TEENhood love, Gail Branwen Lacey, in 2005 and the couple had two . /Type /Action >> /ColorSpace << Participated With .

/Type /Annot [6] Williams was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2012 Birthday Honours for services to rugby. He was selected in the final group game against New Zealand as Wales made numerous changes to their starting fifteen. >> /Creator (�� w k h t m l t o p d f 0 .

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