To type directly with the computer keyboard: → Conversion Ancient Greek > Latin alphabet, → Transliterated Greek keyboard to type a text with the latin script, → Ancient Greek language: dictionary, pronunciation, grammar, → Online test to learn to recognize the Greek letters.

→Tigrinya keyboard to type a text with the Geez alphabet • Memhr: basic Tigrinya grammar • Dehai Tigre page: grammar of Tigré language, by Omar Kekia (in Latin alphabet) • Locative constructions in Tigrinya by Engin Arik, in New research into applied linguistics and language learning (2013) • Manuel de la langue tigraï: grammar, texts & vocabulary, by Jules Schreiber (1887) ... packages from EXE files.

Amharic for Keyman Desktop. VSDC Free Video Editor supports mixing and editing of almost all popular codecs and video formats. MS ... . affairs - medical, • Dictionary of the Amharic Language by Charles William Isenberg (1841), • Outlines of Amharic, containing an English, Oordoo and Amharic Vocabulary, by Carolus Henricus Blumhardt (1867) (in Roman characters), • La clé de la conversation abyssine: French-Amharic vocabulary, phrases, conversations, by A. Raad & B. Ghaleb (1910), • Lexicon linguae aethiopicae: Ethiopian-Latin dictionary, with an index of Latin words, by August Dillmann (1865), → Amharic keyboard (Geez alphabet) & font to download, • Metaappz: Amharic spell checker (correction of spelling and grammar errors) & other tools, • YouTube: Amharic alphabet & basic vocabulary (video), • Amharic basic course, Foreign service institute (1964) (+ audio), • Initia Amharica, Introduction to spoken Amharic, by Carl Hubert Armbruster (1908), • Traité de langue amharique: the Amharic language, by Marcel Cohen (1884), • Praktische Grammatik der amharischen (abessinischen) Sprache: practical Amharic grammar, by Ludwig Mahler (1906), • Grammaire éthiopienne: Ethiopian grammar & Ethiopian-French vocabulary, by Marius Chaîne (1907), • Ethiopic grammar by August Dillmann & Carl Bezold (1907), • Grammatik der äthiopischen Sprache by August Dillmann (1899), • Grammatica linguæ Amharicæ quæ vernacula est Habessinorum, by Hiob Ludolf (1698) first Ethiopian grammar, • books about the Amharic language: Google books | Internet Try typing "Tefsir Ahlam", it will be converted to  تفسير احلام. Most people looking for Geez keyboard exe downloaded: GeezIME is an input method editor for the Geez writing system. - Switch between the Languages at the press of one button. Discover a huge collection of fonts and hand-reviewed graphic assets.

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