1.6k. Your best self defense moves are AB, 8B, and 4/6B. E is the least appealing of the three but can still be good if defense is your priority. Plus you can cancel into this from your Main or 2B, making it a potent option in the close range. 2-hit combo. Special Melee: Rick Dom Summon. You can also freefall with this by cancelling into A. You have a lot of ways to stagger and stun the enemy, leading to good damage in the close-range. However, Gato’s Gelgoog has access to a one-shot down CSA, which you can second impact with together with his BR to deal some hefty damage. I always wished that Char would’ve gotten the Dom then Gelgoog instead of the Zeong at the end of the OYW. Rare to the EXVS series is the option to even go diagonal- for example, 9AB will make the Naginata curve towards the right in a wider arc. With its stronger armor, improved vernier thrusters, and external propellant tanks, the Gelgoog Marine boasts performance far surpassing that of the standard Gelgoog. While I won't deny that the vulcans are almost useless against the Rick Dom (But they are effecttive against pretty much everything else a GM would encounter, such as the Zakus and Gattles and whatnot), the scattering … 5 second reload time. You also slide a good distance inheriting inertia before using this move, making it relatively safe to use, especially when cancelled from a Main shot. Charges at the enemy with the shield in front. Posted by 1 day ago. 31 comments. This has good vertical tracking, and is a great tool for catching landings. If the shield hits, Gelgoog then kicks the enemy. The Gundam Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community.

Mass Production General-Purpose Mobile Suit, Color art and line art for 1/144 HGUC Gelgoog Marine model release (2000): conceptual design by, Federation troops being round up by Zeon forces with Gelgoog Marine and, Close-up of Cima Fleet's Gelgoog Marine, armed with Sturm Faust (from, Cima Fleet's Gelgoog Marine bashes a Delaz Fleet's, Gelgoog Marine (right) armed with Beam Rifle (from, Delaz Fleet's Gelgoog Marine Team as featured in, Gelgoog Marine (Propellant Tank equipped) as featured in Gundam Card Builder, 1/144 Gelgoog Marines: modelling of production F-Type and commander-use Fs-Type using 1/144, 1/144 Gelgoog Marine (Zeon Remnant Version) from, Gelgoog Marine: information and specification (from Gundam Perfect File). It is equipped with the same heat-dissipating radiator backpack Desert Type. Design changes were made due to the falling parts supply and production capabilities at the California Base because of the worsening war situation. Small hitbox, but extremely fast charge speed. Between the years of U.C. After further battles by Char and test piloting by Chimera Corps aces Johnny Ridden and Thomas Kurtz, the Gelgoog was put into mass production as the MS-14A Gelgoog. As with the Zaku line of mobile suits, many variants of the Gelgoog were produced for different mission roles, such as artillery support, desert combat and sniping.

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