Jackson returns from episode 7, as such ends Wei Daxun's stint as host. The teams are fixed for 2 episodes, but the head chefs would change each episode. (Ep. Gemini from Shanghai, but also has American citizenship. At the end of Season 5, both He Jiong and Jackson both predicted their first guests on postcards sealed in a wax-sealed envelopes. Write Review . Therefore, Wei He (Why) was formed.

Be the first to create a discussion for Go Fridge: Season 5 … Actor, former pianist and hip-hop songwriter from Huairou District of Beijing of Manchurian descent. Reviews. Chinese. Worked in a hotel as a seafood chef. Jefferey, Tian Shu, Laura (1 each). The Story of Happiness Episode 38 English Sub . Be the first and write one. Returning from Round 1, first guest chef to win twice as Head Chef in episode 5.

The seating arrangements for the dining area has also changed. Written and performed the theme song for the second season, can speak basic Korean, An Xianmin's culinary student. Reviews.

Also: To better learn about the chefs outside of work, they will only wear the show's own aprons when chosen to cook, and hands are sanitized with sanitizers before food is served. Singer from Sichuan, husband of Xie Na.

The rights were bought from South Korean television series Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.

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Be the first and write one. Since Jackson is a fan of Yang Zi, there was a deal made to let He Jiong to take over for 7.5 minutes, so they could have a mini fan meeting. The rules have changed to become a team competition, partly in response to season 3, where Liu Kaile and Anaud (X-Factor Chef) were not picked to cook all of season 3. The chefs splits into 2 teams and make dishes based on what the guest have in their refrigerator.

By the 4th round, however, Jackson decided to let all chefs make their own dishes, with one main co-ordinator named as Head Chef because Jackson was 0-4 as leader.

Li Xiang,[27] Angela Wang,[28] Sha Yi,[29] Angus Sha[30], Vinny Huang, Vinny, An Xianmin, Laura Luo, Jason Zhang, Vinny, An Xianmin, Laura Luo, Darren Wang, An Xianmin, Hu Shasha, Laura Luo, Cheney Chen, Vinny, An Xianmin, Laura[65], Zhou Dongyu, Papi Jiang (Jiang Yilei)[78], Special feature: Rice Lunch box by An Xianmin, Singer from Hong Kong, member of South Korean group.

Restaurateur, opened Shanghai's first western restaurant targeted at children. A decent cook himself. From Canton of, Actress, Host, gained fame as 'Managers' of various singers in the Chinese, The cast of Go Fridge head to Korea to visit.

Food blogger, gained attention due to her postings of her kid's meal online. Sniper Episode 29 English Sub. Building the first vegetarian restaurant in 2018. Add Recommendations.

View all (2) Photos. The fridges are limited to standardized sizes, and are hidden between the two Lego mascots: Popo (Po-tato) and Todi (Pota-to, new in season 6).

If they are unsuccessful, they must wear a costume of the partner's choosing. As such, he separated his personal fridge and one for his family. Recommendations. (instead of having to incorporate a random ingredient into their dish as done in the first two seasons). New Topic.

Each episode features a specific guest's refrigerator. Lipton became their primary beverage sponsor.

Each episode features a specific guest's refrigerator.

Unlike Jackson, he loves spicy foods. Man in a Veil Episode 37 English Sub. It is already confirmed in the first episode of season 5 that Jackson and He Jiong will become head chefs and must be in charge of making a dish within 15 minutes. Dancing Angel (2020) Ep 51 Eng Sub Watch Video Dramacool. Since Jeffrey Chen was picked to cook in both episodes of the last round and won both times, he was promoted to become a regular chef. Actor, same age as Jackson, but younger by 7 months. Vegetarian, likes Chinese poetry and medicine. In the end, the winning chef will teach the winning dish in their mother tongue (regional dialects, if applicable). He decided to stay in a dorm because during he lived alone during his trainings as a nurse, and has developed a fear of being alone.

New Topic. If they are picked to cook and win two head-to-head battles, they may be promoted as regular chefs, as was the case with Jeffrey Chen. Jackson and He Jiong each write names to predict the pair of guests for the first episode of season 6 as a bet. 7, child-model. This is why he can still work well under An Yanmin despite their contrasting working styles and ideologies.

Hates spicy food. There have been no recommendations submitted. Each chef's parting gift is a postcard with each chef's offer to cook him a meal, a lifetime free dining pass from He Jiong, and the main plaque from the cooking area of the filming set, along with his own apron.

Recent Discussions. At the end of the final episode, all 6 chefs made a meal for He Jiong and Jackson using the remaining items from Stephy and Cheney's fridges. It is revealed on the May 30 episode, on Zhang Xinyi's wedding anniversary, that she is a single parent. Loves hotpot with different types of sauces, but also loves to eat healthily. Chris Lee (Ep. Was forced to swim naked if he suffers 6 consecutive losses, but the losing streak was snapped. Loura Lou (Episode 7-8) Guest. On episode 3 of season 5, Chi Zi violated the rules of stuffing the fridge with new items on the day of the fridge being moved, so the new items on the fridge are isolated.

Go Fridge (simplified Chinese: 拜托了冰箱; traditional Chinese: 拜託了冰箱; pinyin: Bàituōle bīngxiāng) is a Chinese cooking show produced by Tencent Video. From Tianjin.

From Jilin Province. The cooking guests and Wei Daxun also have an apron of their own. Jason Zhang's wife, who was not pregnant at the time of recording, she gave birth to twin girls before season 4 when Jason appeared on the show. The show went through a repackaging and format overhaul that is unique to the Chinese version.

In season 3, the format changed as two X-Factor chefs, mainly professional chefs, joined the show alongside the six regular chefs.

Actress from Hunan, best known for her roles in, Actress, director, vlogger, Chinese Internet Personality of 2016. [41] [42] Fringe reached its lowest ratings ever with the episode " The Boy Must Live " which first aired in the United States on January 11, 2013 on Fox to an estimated 2.44 million viewers, and earned a ratings share of 0.8 among adults aged 18 to 49.

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