Red petechiae is confirmation that the body is riddled with inflammation, and not necessarily just in the areas that they have appeared.

Gua Sha is commonly used in the areas of the back; the neck and shoulders; the butt and hips; and the limbs. Anecdotal evidence from over 2,500 years of practice can’t be wrong and with acceptance of alternative medicine, Gua Sha has been gaining more converts. There are several potential benefits that a person may gain when they opt for a Gua Sha massage.

Similarly, gua sha on the face works to flush that same nutrient dense blood into the skin, but this time from the inside out. Give it nutrient rich foods, give it ample water, give it love, and your chi will start to glow from the inside out. Many believe that every crystal derived from the earth comes with a range of metaphysical properties that either heal, enhance, or protect the user. While the tools used for the Graston Technique only use stainless steel. Simple Tips for Keeping Your Family Healthy, Copyright © 2020 TCM Tips — Velux WordPress theme by, Gua Sha may cause a person to experience the development of small spots on their skin, ← Why It’s Absolutely Okay To Use Acupuncture For Lyme Disease, Gua Sha Plantar Fasciitis – Everything You Need To Know About The Chinese Massage For Heel Pain →, How To Use Reflexology For Arthritis Like A Pro, Infinity Evolution Massage Chair Review. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Gua Sha is a type of message that is performed with a round, smooth-edged tool used to rub and press the skin’s surface in downward strokes to draw stagnant blood and other impurities to the surface which allows the body to stimulate new blood underneath the skin to create new cells. You simply have to lay there, and allow the magic of the chi to move through you. This is a great sign, as it becomes motivation for the individual to continue with further detoxification in order to change the course of their bodily health.

Gua sha was very much alive in Ancient China, but passing it off as an elitist practice would be not only wildly inaccurate, but also largely disrespectful. Gua sha: What you need to know. These blockages build up and become sha–blood stasis or stagnated blood. The best thing about gua sha for cellulite? Thanks to the rapid spread of interest behind this subject, gua sha massage centers are becoming more commonplace. Gua Sha is a great technique for anyone who uses palpation to guide and inform their practice. Braun, M. (2011, March 12). These spots on the skin will only be present for two or three days, after which they will fade. Sometimes, they are considered harmless. The presence of petechiae on the skin can mean various things. Brown petechiae is a sign that the person lives in a generally dehydrated state.

These Gua Sha tools, or “boards,” used to be made from bones to porcelain, but the most popular versions (and the most beautiful, in my opinion) are made from crystals like rose quartz and jade.

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