At a show maybe? Feb 8, 2017 - I'm afraid the time has come to part ways with a few of my prized possessions. We are a family owned business with an european background, that specializes in european luxury vehicles, muscle cars and exotics. Looks Great! I don't see why the Hamann one should be any different if they can manufacture them accurately.

You should look into the're right there..take a weekend and pop over for beer and Ham (ann).... HAHAHA! Untitled Document BMW E36 Z3 ROADSTER the item has to be paid within 1 day foll. Super nice! The differences between the Hamann and the OEM are subtle but make a big difference. Call or text, text prefered. by Boysie » Thu 14 Mar, 2013 12:02, Post price: $14,999 1997 Red leather driver & passenger seats, Z3 M convertible 1998 front end parts, please ty, Z3 Hardtop fitting kit wanted (possible top too? located in queens ny runs great. great shape. Comes with custom fitting cover. 14 watching. new struts and shocks. ....£1500 is a good starting point...+ shipping...I'd be happy with £2000 duty here. 82159415972, Im after a pair of wing mirrors for my 1997 Z3, preferably in boston green, Wanted fixing kit for hard top 2000 model w reg, Z3 front end parts wanted urgently bonnet bumper 2 headlamps and slam panel, 1999 Atlanta Blue Hardtop for sale. And also the automotive luxury class becomes distinctive with HAMANN MOTORSPORT – no matter if it is the Rolls Royce Wraith, Drophead Coupé, Phantom or the Ghost, or even the Bentley Continental GT.

by Eastsix » Thu 14 Mar, 2013 11:55, Post Local Pickup. Feature: 1. i just found parts to make a couple more sets want to save a little money and time.

BMW Z3 Hardtop Black 1996-2002 Z3 / M Roadster. runs great!!!!!! No holes or rips! Hello bidders, I am offering my BMW Z3 Hardtop ATLANTIC BL... You are buying a set ready to ship. Wanted: Pair of Body side Hardtop mounts for 2000 Z3 or M roadster. Power at its best – day after day. Hamann Hardtop Z3 / Contact at +49 (0) 176 82 10 99 01: Z3 - Spares Wtd Ad. mpg: up to 21 city / 28 highway

Please ask any questions before bidding, 1996-2002 bmw z3 roadster cabrio plastic covers. BMW Z3 Hardtop ATLANTIC BLUE 1996-2002 Z3 / M Road . £99 plus14.99 pp. nice hard top. You need a standard fitting kit on top of that. 2.3 liter supercharged inline four, automatic transmission, rear wheel drive. I am selling the hard top for my bmw z3, i sold the car a few weeks ago and i no longer need this. I'll wager the moulds are gathering dust at Hamann's factory..... the finish on that one is carbon fibre, but any idea what they were actually made of? You'd think if there was, it would be an enthusiast on a forum somewhere... JonTTT seems to be the ultimate collector and he has definitely expressed an interest in the past, he might know someone who has one. Also Land Rover enthusiasts find that special something with HAMANN: the portfolio features many individualisation options for the Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover. The cookies cannot identify you. For vehicles with and without O.E. Front Bumper for \R\ reg 1998 Z3 dark blue if poss but will consider other colours. Also, would that include the fitting kit? Price is 25.0 ! excellent condition. by Southernboy » Thu 14 Mar, 2013 13:02, Post The latest developments by HAMANN Motorsport include the comprehensive tuning programme for the Porsche Macan. brand new 19" wheels, brand new tires. Any question Please ask! It would probably double the value of my car! all hardware and accessories included. there were 105 black sapphires produced and and about 10 vehicles had red... 2008 volvo c 70 hardtop convertible 2-dr coupe (volvo c 70). He is getting prices for me today or tomorrow. Compatible for: BMW Z3 for sale Mint condition barely used, Have a close look on the photos to have right idea of condition. back exterior / black leather interior I dont think if they were more common the appeal would be less. 2001 z3 rare coupe hardtop 3.0 engine 104k miles (seneca). Wanted new rear plastic screen & someone to fit it too.

No nicks, cracks or chips. Also owners manual wanted for same. Grab a bargain before its too late. the main. Don't miss out on Z3 parts, keep calling in to view the latest ads. Looking for silver hard top for r plate z3 must be in vgc, I need a hard top (black) for Z3 1998 model, I am after a hardtop (silver) for a z3 1997 model. I think I'd def have it on for winter...all 3 months of it....and perhaps if I organise a hoist in my garage to lift / lower it off / would be a quick change for evening cruising, when the hard top might be more desirable...nice to have the options, and undoubtedly a plus in terms of vehicle value and just looks the part. now THERE's a question - is there a SINGLE Hamann hartop fitted z3 in the UK? by Captain » Thu 14 Mar, 2013 11:55, Post should make clear it will need to be the roof for cars with roll bars...the non-roll bar version doesn't have the "bumps" on the roof. But a final cost including shipping and vat needs to be worked out on a group buy. this car was maintained by bmw of tacoma for most of its life. I'll pay the shipping. First up up is my Hamann Hardtop. Hardtop wanted for 1998 Z3 M Roadster. Im not bothered about a standard hardtop but the Hamann version is lovely. The tuning programme includes powerful wide-body concepts, sporty aerodynamics kits with many carbon-fibre elements, performance-oriented suspension optimisations, high-quality light-alloy wheels and power advancements including insurance cover – and much more. Price is from Autovogue. Offered at 349. Someone really needs to have a chat to Hamann!! are the oem ones steel or something lighter?

no rocking seats, free-turning door lock cylinder; new struts on front

salavge title due to minor passenger side accident.

Pref Silver. Bmw Z3 15 Years Cars Autos Cutaway 15 Anos Automobile. by Eastsix » Thu 14 Mar, 2013 14:50, Post this is a new bmw mounting kit for the hardtop. Wanted Black Chameleon Leather heated seats for 2001 BMW Z3, Wanted Hardtop & Roll Hoops for 97 1.9 Z3, Wanfed fitting kit for roll hoops to fit 97 Z3, SILVER HARDTOP WANTED FOR 1999 (T PLATE) Z3, Z3 (1997) Wanted - A Black new or very good condition Soft top, I want to buy a Hard Top for my 1998 Silver Z3, Wanted hard top for z3 pref silver if poss, Looking for atlantic blus BMW Z3 hardtop for 1998 model, Wanted bonnet front pannel headlights sports suspension 99v 20ltr z3. !...except burning my a***. By the way: don’t miss our news and videos on Facebook and YouTube. by Southernboy » Thu 14 Mar, 2013 13:26, Post

The HAMANN team also takes care of the brand Lamborghini – with individualisation concepts and highest quality components for the Aventador, Gallardo, LP 640 or the Murciélago. p reg. by Southernboy » Thu 14 Mar, 2013 15:45, Post by Eastsix » Thu 14 Mar, 2013 11:34, Post come with screws and hardware to install as well as the screws that connect to the front of the hardtop. it has the hard... Only owned by females (2nd owner).

by Z3cade » Thu 14 Mar, 2013 13:21, Post by Eastsix » Thu 14 Mar, 2013 13:49, Post They shouldn't leak if the rubber seals are fine, but if your soft top leaks via any of the seals, then it is likely that a hardtop would too. brand new factory f-sport lowering springs.... 2001 bmw z3 roadster 2.5i[hardtop] (irmo). *** bmw_ z3_ for sale by luxury sport autos or Best Offer. It fits any year and model Z3. thanks 4 ur help, Topaz Blue Hardtop Wanted 2.0 litre 1999 model, Z3 replacement rear plastic screen needed, Any color hamann hardtop wanted for z3 roadster. MEASURES APPROX. it has new: tires, front lower control arms with new bushings/ball joints. Bmw z3 roadster with hardtop included please see pictures. Haven't seen it around for years though, 2000 BMW Z3 2.8 Titanium Silver Roadster with too many mods to list. BMW Z3 HARD TOP MOUNTING KIT WITH TOOL AND BOLTS all YEARS HARDTOP. OEM roof always go for good money and they are pretty common. Happy Bidding!Check out my other listings for more great buys! Car tuning at highest level! I'm assuming no-one on the board has one to answer these. 1955 Tri Five Garage Metal Car ! I'd be very interested in principal, but I wouldnt be handing over that kind of money till I'd been able to find everything out. clean title (pink slip) in hand.

convertible - $8,500 call us today! central locking system with... 2005 chevrolet corvette c6 only 32,800 miles hardtop + warranty (fort myers).

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