Im pretty much self convinced that this is about me going away, about me earning more money than him (due to country currency differential), and ive been too clingy and nagging the last weeks. What guy in the right frame of mind would want a breakup in the middle of the honeymoon period right?

He has deactivated his and social media as a whole package to my anxiety.

If he’s already moved on to the other girl or broke up with you to be with you then work on being a better version of yourself that you were during the relationship while you are in the middle of no contact.. Take note, better than who YOU were in the relationship. I want him to pay but they way I read research after research it sounds like narcissists will never reap what pain they have caused on their loved ones simply becuz they can’t feel. Would it be strange I’ll be initiating contact and still sound like I want him back? Narcissists are without mercy or empathy. He said he undestood me and was willing to keep distance if that’s what I wanted. The pain is indescribable, but the abuse I have had to endure over the past three years has left me broken. Sometimes it’s ok to put aside what you want so he can do what he wants but that should be a temporary thing. We had been dating for over a year, during which time there was not a single argument between us. I asked her why her parents couldn’t take care of Sophia whilst we both went to the councilor today and she said they were out of town. he knew one of them was going to tell me and he regretted it. And then during vacation, you spend almost every day together. I always wondered when my turn would come for that kindness and mercy. Sleeping with friends and neighbors, stalking me, but also telling me I was the crazy one and he didn’t want me back.

But before I move on I do want to address a question. Love is always enough, but love is about loving actions, loving behavior. He left me to go through this on my own.

I’m grateful to have found this blog ! One of the biggest mistakes you could make would be to beg for him back. Time.

Oh, and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Deep down they don’t want to hurt your feelings because they know that the truth will probably hurt you on a very deep level and you may feel like he led you on (which he kind of did.). Some of you may be sitting back and wondering if there is a specific reason for why I ordered the reasons in this way. If I was honest with myself, he was a total waste of my time, tears, and money. Since then, I’ve applied active NC but my feeling is that there is no turning back.

He was 40 and I’m 55 . You’re such a looser she said. Got a 38th Anniversary card 2 days after I congradulated him on his 25th Anniversary of f’ng his girlfriend in her car at the Christmas Party when I was frantically looking for him for 45 min thinking he was sick.

Hi Chris, You’ve heard of the honeymoon stage, right? We remained in contact and friends for a month after, he still has my stuff as well (he said he would keep it for now) . They help you through complicated and difficult love situations like deciphering mixed signals, getting over a breakup, or anything else you’re worried about. So… Any advice? It is not part of their psychological makeup. And now that I understand how his mindset works I can begin to accept that it’s not me it’s his mental state.

We hit it big time again, more than the first time.

He said he needed me as a friend.

He had been fairly distant with me for a few weeks before we broke up and he had said two days prior that he didn’t know what he wanted. I asked if we would ever date again and he said no in the near future but he’s not gonna close the door completely. He reasoned on our breakup that He doesnt love me like before.

i watched him graduate with a bachelors,he shattered both his heels last august and couldnt walk and i helped him get back to walking, everyday i would come home and take care of him after work. Their solution was to communicate a lot on Skype when they couldn’t see each other in person. He was never the best communicater which he said he’d work on but now im left in shocked even more so because he said he’d probably regret ending it with me.

The entire time she was gone up until the day our divorce was final (9 months), I did nothing but continue to act like a husband and tried to prove everyday to her that I loved her very much.

Do you convince him to stay and wait for the child to get used to you or do you just accept the fact that his child may never approve of you? while he was having fun at school.

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