With that idea in mind i lined up black hole in Maia with Merope system and sure thing, that line points out to Heart or Soul Nebula close enough.

}(document, "script", "twitter-wjs")); The idea behind that thought was that they somehow use black holes to slingshot their exploration ships on huge distances. Im out here right now, and might start trying to map the area.

The Soul Nebula, about 330 LY away is less diffused than its neighbor. Mobius, the dedicated Player vs Environment group in Elite: Dangerous. Discord

t = window.twttr || {}; Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Metal-rich body (3 to 45 ls), Earth-like world (712 to 1,068 ls), Water world (584 to 2,261 ls), Ammonia world (1,477 to 4,019 ls), Terraformable (554 to 1,106 ls), Estimated value: ! / -5326.6875 7,800 LYs from Sol and situated on the far fringe of the Perseus arm and right on the very near edge of the Formidine Rift. I just checked both nebulae. I went kersplat shortly after taking the last series with the python so I'm hues sing it is still mostly undiscovered territory.


Are there any big black holes in those Nebulas that can be considered "central" ones, like Maia in Witch Head? The official unofficial subreddit for Elite Dangerous, we even have devs lurking the sub!

Press J to jump to the feed. I'll dig around tonight, I may be able to give a general direction.

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I can check later, but it would be nice if someone from r/Canonn heard that theory. Declination: 60° 49'1.424'', Habitable zone: Low-G planets, ravines, high metal content. vertical-align: middle; It's in the heart nebula, close to the center. Enjoy the trip and post pictures!! ... ngc7822 nebula behind me about 3k ly - on the Galaxy map the heart and soul nebulae is to the right of the cluster - the pic is upside down in relation to the Galaxy map. t.ready = function(f) {

Sorry missed you. As a freelancer, you can weight into my work more than you can think, window.twttr = (function(d, s, id) { t._e = []; return t; When i saw the Unknown Artefact in Merope i thought to myself that the Aliens(i don't believe its Thargoids, i think its someone else) that own them might have come from Heart or Soul Nebula. Follow @EDSM_NET 210 ships passed through Hypoae Ain MO-I d9-37 space, including 1 ship in the last 7 days.

every single donation is time for me to do more awesome work for the community! Equatorial coordinates: Hadn't actually thought of that. Not sure about the color of the main star, but Im using the same color as the one at Merope for now. };

Drop around some other black hole using it as an arresting gear, but actually stoping a little further(due to inertia), release exploration drones (Artefacts themselves) and then use black holes again to jump to another nebula with another black hole to keep exploring there.

The Heart Nebula is lit by the Melotte 15 cluster at its core and stretches for over 30 light years. EDSM - Elite Dangerous Star Map © 2015-2020 |. Heart Sector ZE-A E10 is clear, nothing there but one rocky body. / 98.625

The Heart and Soul Nebulae are a pair of nebulae in Elysian Shore.The Heart Nebula is lit by the Melotte 15 cluster at its core and stretches for over 30 light years. You control your own spaceship in which you can participate in exploring a 1:1 scale Milky Way, trade between star systems, participate in bounty-hunting wanted ships, and even pirate other ships for their cargo. All objects are thought to be part of a giant molecular cloud within what is called the Cassiopeia Superbubble.

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