Online Performance, Entertainment and Performing Arts Education Company specializing in Hip Hop Dance Classes, Children's Drama Classes, Theater Classes, and Custom Private event and Private Party entertainment in the San Francisco and East Bay Area Rap Activist Sister Souljah is back on the scene. (Hint: it’s not Phat Farm) Relevance. 9) What word does the "MODE" in FUNKMODE come from? Both have trouble walking and appear to require a hip replacement. 10) What b-boy move is Mighty doing here. *Freaky Tah’s Murder Suspects Arrested I’m like 36 chambers in all 36 chambers.

by Adisa The BishopOf all the rappers from the Bay Area, none have made the impact ofAndre Nikatina. At the time it was the most for a 12 inch single.. Anonymous. I’ve always felt that for a woman as sharp and as insightful as she is.. she has never really gotten her props. Absolutely famous I tell ya. Ironically all four of those guys have had major run ins with the law. 3) Name the five main components of Hip Hop culture. The first patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and has a time booked for surgery the following week. *Hip Hop Riddle #2, Send comments, questions and concerns to 1) What does the “B” in B-boy stand for? We'll get back to you right away with your results. 2) Who was the inventor of the Funk Style dance called Locking? I could’ve used Jay-Z’ help 15 years ago when my crew went out to Marcy Projects to do a gig and got stuck up for all their equipment.. It will certainly garner them an audience.

Perhaps she’s too powerful. 4) Besides an arm wave, name one other type of wave. For those who don’t know… The person is none other then Joe Cooley.. of the Rodney O and Joe Cooley fame.. 1) Name one difference between Funk music and Hip Hop music? Folks are giving Lauryn Hill big props for speaking out and acknowledging the current police brutality crises that seem to be taking place all over this country. 12) What was the name of the crew Dr. Dre was with before NWA? Nomagróf Riddler - Időgép (Jéghegy), 2015 Iratkozz fel a csatornára!

8) Name 3 famous Funk bands from the 1970s or early 1980s. The book chronicles this woman’s life and times as she moves from the projects and out into the suburbs. For an interview contact Shin-Ken Entertainment at 5) What disco song does the famous Hip Hop song “Rapper’s Delight” sample? Wyclef promised that the next Fugee album will be a return to their hip hop roots.

4 Answers. I was down with the Mixmasters..My last name might remind folks of a famous high school… Like it or not I’m everlasting…. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Posts about Hip Hop Riddle #2 written by Davey D. R ap Activist Sister Souljah is back on the scene. 6) What is the real name of the rapper Mos Def? Tears of a Clown proves that Andre Nikatina is no gimmick rapper.

Answer Save.

9) What is the code name of the FUNKMODE Performance Company? Create a free website or blog at To find out how you did on any of these questions, contact us with your answers. 6) What Hip Hop artist is also known as "The Louis Vuitton Don"? He seemed determined to set an example to folks that they too can make it.. 4) Who founded Def Jam Recordings? hip hop riddle!!!!? 5) Who wrote the famous Hip Hop song "The Message"?

Who am I? Being the great rap star that I am, my song completely overshadowed the concept my group had originally developed for their album. The FNV Newsletter

14) In what state did the Hip Hop dance style rockin originate? 10) Name one of the first graffiti artists to use aerosol paint. Riddle Me That Answers – Level 31 What is a bunny’s favourite music? Plus Tame 1 wearing 2 Chainz's chains and spitting the same level of flames as Shia LaBouf's fame from Sway's 5 Fangers. As the shows began to grow then Fox would come along and pull the plug. 6) Name one Hip Hop artist who has won an Oscar. The other week during her concert in Madison Square Garden.. An attendee at the concert wrote me to say this….

According to the story, Nas, Puffy and Funkmaster Flex literally ran for the hills when these tigers got lose and ran amuck. If you may recall Souljah stirred things up a few years back with President Clinton who had the nerve to publicly criticize her and refer to her as a gangsta rapper. These were all popular shows that had some facet of hip hop as a key element. Choose from a variety of Hip Hop puzzle options with different sizes, number of pieces, and board material. Roger Rabbit, Kid N Play, Bobby Brown, Masterpop, Robo Cop, Harlem Shake, Typewriter Press J to jump to the feed. I recall seeing the two go head to head at the Scottish Rite Temple here in Oakland.. Joe had an edge over Cash who seemed to more creative, but was no match for Joe’s incredible speed. In the case of Meth and DMX they were most definitely wronged by the police. Plus I got 5 on a Big L for my homies livin' poor and dangerous. Aug 14, 2016 - Explore Heather Kilgore's board "Hip Replacement Humor", followed by 119 people on Pinterest. Two patients limp into two different Australian medical clinics with the same complaint. 8) What rap duo wrote and performed the famous song "Fight the Power"? 10) What is the name of the style of Hip Hop dance this guy is doing? Considering all that you’ve heard and seen by Pras, Wyclef and Lauryn, how do think a Fugee album would be at this time? 3) What is Reggaeton?

If you may recall Souljah stirred things up a few years back with President Clinton who had the nerve to publicly criticize her and refer to her as a gangsta rapper. Right now he says he has put his next solo project on hold and that everyone is waiting for Lauryn to get off tour so they can meet and work things out. Need to study up before you take on these quizzes? Solve! She also stated that Black life was just as valuable as any other and that while they are good police officers and most probably are doing a good job, those that are brutal and mistreat people must face justice. Since we brought up the name Lauryn Hill, folks will want to know that her good friend Wyclef Jean announced that there will definitely be a Fugee album coming out in the new Millennium. 9) Name one special location which FUNKMODE used to shoot their “Rep the Bay” video. He will be featured in a new flick called Mystery Man and he’s about to start filming Ghetto Superstar which is being produced by Madonna. It's time for some TRIVIA! Favorite Answer. They seemed to make a point of showing that Jay-Z goes back to the notorious Marcy Projects where he grew up in Bed Stuy and tries to help out the folks from around the way.

How many of y’all saw Jay-Z on the Fox Filesnews show last week?

Nowadays Souljah has been wrecking shop behind the scenes with her work with Puff Daddy. He followed strong with the equally infernal “I Hate You With a Passion”. 4) What was the first Hip Hop clothing line? I made my group famous.. Darker, and more sinister than his earlier releases Andre Nikatina solidified himself as an underground icon in the Bay Area. ← Next post Previous post → All Rights Reserved, IN THIS ISSUE OF THE FNV NEWSLETTER 4-12-99, Davey D's Archived Essential Hip Hop Articles, FNV Newsletter April 12 1999: Freaky Tah’s Murder Suspects Arrested, FNV Newsletter April 12 1999: Freaky Tah's Murder Suspects Arrested, Lauryn Hill Speaks Out On Police Brutality, Nas And Puffy Get Chased By Tigers On Their Set.

I wonder if Fox Files intends to do more pieces spotlighting hip hop stars? The author of this letter went on to question whether or not Redman,Method Man, DMX and Jay-Z would do something similar during theirHard Knock Life Tour. All Rights Reserved. written by Davey D We’ll see what happens with Fox Files.. Who is Andre Nikatina 11) What was the name of DJ Kool Herc’s crew? Cause we all got at least one question, and we all got at least one answer too! 1) Who won the most recent Grammy for best Rap Album?

The two victims knew each other and as was the case with Big L there is speculation that Freaky Tah’s murder was a revenge killing. I hear there's some nut that dresses up as a phantom with purple and silver hair running around NYC screaming "50 cent is scared of the internet and phantoms! c1999 Plus 99 problems bumpin' in every slot of a 6 CD changer. With regards to this whole issue of police brutality and in light of what happened with Dwayne Wiggins, I will be doing a radio show on this whole issue. I’m gonna be sellin’ a lot of unreleased material, shirts, photos from my tours. I was one of the fastest djs around..I went to New York and got robbed of my victory in a legendary New Music Seminar battle.. You could here the crowd booing when I lost.. I’m one of hip hop’s pioneers in my land of birth..and I was down with one of hip hop’s first independent record labels. Thus far police are speculating that Kelvin Jones was the actual gunman. Without dropping one ad as of yet, local record stores in across the Bay are having a hard time keeping it in stock. The police were looking into the possible connection between the recent killing of rap star Big L and Freaky Tah.

We'll test you on all of these subjects in these challenging quizzes. 7) What was the 1st Hip Hop movie? Plus 99 problems bumpin' in every slot of a 6 CD changer, Plus Tame 1 wearing 2 Chainz's chains and spitting the same level of flames as Shia LaBouf's fame from Sway's 5 Fangers, Plus 50 cent rappin’ "21 Questions" at 21 Savage chained to a radiator in an abandoned hanger. “Lauryn addressed the whole Amadou Diallo and police brutality situation here in New York. *Nas And Puffy Get Chased By Tigers On Their Set There have been stories circulating, noting that members of the Lost Boyz had some on going beefs with some kids from around their way {Queens New York}. She runs his very successful Daddy’s House program which helps out inner city youth. Lauryn’s other good friend, Pras has been doing the whole movie thing.. 10) What is the name of this move? He shook his old label and reemerging as Andre Nikatina released “Cocaine Raps” and “Raven in my Eyes”. Although Tah may not have been directly involved, his killing may have been in clear retaliation to the way kids down with The Lost Boyz had handled past problems.


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