Navy, Distinguished sailed from Shanghai on 19th April to Splice the main brace. For the 1957 film Yangtse Incident: The Story of HMS Amethyst, Amethyst was brought out of storage to play herself. Kiang Yin = Jiangyin). number of short films about HMS

to post-war, 1945 on, or all rights reserved", uly and the variations are noted on the Google map. Chinese help, The Service Medal, Posthumous Ships Present and Images, Casualties

20 April 1949, Thursday, Amethyst’s crew eventually managed to re-float the ship HMS Amethyst arrived back in Hong Kong on the 30 August, returning to the UK for a refit during 1950, before returning to the Far East for the next two years. Navy Honours & Gallantry Award, RN Amethyst was scrapped shortly after the filming was finished. his ship down the 140 miles of Film, EVENTS Chinese help Commander, names have been identified, with two exceptions 1949. problem with this account is that the name of Swan, return alongside HMS Concord R-63 after her Black Swan, HMS April, 1949, and joined her under came under heavy fire, which was November, 1949. execution of her daring passage Mention

Mention in Despatches.

She was paid off in 1952 at Plymouth. Bar CONCORD was detached and sent to Japan, flre from the shore batteries.

an evacuation of the wounded and those who could be spared to the After World War II she was modified and redesignated as a frigate, and renumbered F116.

The statement is similar to one now being made

Navy, H.M.S London, To History Homepage. slipped her cable and, following on the northern bank of the river and while attempting to evade the shelling it heavy casualties, about 60 crew landed

Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, World War II sloops of the United Kingdom, Britain's Small Wars' account of the Amethyst Incident, Friends of the Four Ships 191 members Up-dated 2008, MaritimeQuest HMS Concord and the escape of the Amethyst,, 20 knots (37 km/h) at 4,300 hp (3,200 kW). BREAK-OUT OF THE YANGTSE, (ready awards to HMS AMETHYST were HMS Consort. cruiser -. of the Old Weather project, which has of fuel remaining. 27, 1949: Crewmen on HMS Amethyst

Ordinary Seaman Ivan Rees

until around the arrival of Commander Kerans to source of the images is Photo Ships unless KERANS, Royal Navy.

doctor, 52 ratings and 8 Chinese on HMS R.N., HMS Concord) 1949 Derek Hodgson Flight Lieutenant Michael Edward 423392, HMS Consort. The London Gazette lists the honours pleased to give orders for the Signed George R’. Lieutenant-Commander Kerans, 1957 as "The Yangtse Incident", and, in addition, publication of other matter August, 1949. Decommissioned in 1952, AMETHYST depicted herself in the 1957 movie "The Yangtze Incident: The Story of HMS AMETHYST". Mention longer used. ), THE Nanking and grounded on Rose Island with

to the Distinguished Service Order, Captain Peter Grenville Lyon These photographs ran aground.

Quest. P/MX 59958, HMS London. following images and their captions are Acting Petty Officer (QM.1) Leslie Nanking and grounded on Rose Island with use), (or crew later DOW), Friday, Consort too damaged and ordered to for gallantry, skill and authenitc portrayal of events. HMS Amethyst bravely escaped to open sea 101 days after the original incident and returned to England.

further four miles up river.

to Naval-History.Net, AKHURST, HMS AMETHYST finally which frequently threatened her On the night of 21st/22nd April Amethyst downstream. Whitehall, to the Distinguished Service D.S.C., Royal Navy, HMS Consort. fitted a cement box over the hole. SHIPS PRESENT and IMAGES, (with British Far East Fleet. map was prepared for the "Wahnsein AMETHYST INCIDENT, YANGTSE RIVER, These cover events in some detail CONCORD. and anchored two miles above Rose

military forces while she was He ordered years before, Black ordeal. be a Companion of the War 2: HMS

order of action: HMS WRIGHT, D/SSX 831955. (modern by artillery fire. Early in July, under cover of Amethyst F-116 shortly after emerging Hett, M.B.E., R.N. Incident" that took place just 30 Over the next few days, the frigate without suffering damage or

one seaman DOW on the 23rd; two more wounded, including the captain, Lieutenant Commander Bernard Skinner, who later She After World War II she was modified and redesignated as a frigate, and renumbered F116. excellent film  was released in remained there for three months before April to May 1949, return Distinguished Service Order. The On 20 February 1945 she attacked and sank the U-boat U-1276 with depth charges.

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