Or a scenario that triggers the 12th Amendment [which calls for congressional delegations to break a tie in the Electoral College]. We were trying late in 2008 to negotiate a status of forces agreement with Iraq, and she was part of our team we sent to Baghdad to negotiate. Rather than write a final preelection piece on the state of the race in the 8th District, I’ve decided to publish our conversation about the threats facing America’s institutions in the weeks ahead and what can be done to preempt them.

This isn’t to say members of Congress won’t be assessed on their performance, but rather to say that the performance itself has almost everything to do with their relationship to Trump and their skill in navigating the minefields of his presidency. If he’s the nominee, Junge will have one critical tool at his disposal that Mike Bishop didn’t have in 2018: Slotkin’s record.

Many represent such absurdly homogenous districts that they could sleepwalk to reelection every two years, never bothering to shake a hand or smooch a baby. Few members of Congress arrived in Washington with more nonpartisan street cred than the 42-year-old former intelligence analyst who served three tours in Iraq, who married a respected Army officer turned Pentagon adviser and who never gave any whiff of political leanings until posting the news of her run for Congress in the summer of 2017. Bottom right: A mask hangs from a rearview mirror near a strip of shops in a downtown section in Brighton, an affluent town Slotkin’s district.

Tim Alberta is chief political correspondent at Politico Magazine. By the time Hagel was appointed secretary of Defense in 2013, Slotkin “was a very significant player in our overall intelligence,” he said. The district is an economically and politically diverse mix of rural, suburban and urban communities. Rep. Elissa Slotkin at her home office in her home in Holly, MI. Elissa Slotkin with husband Dave Moore & 2 daughters.

She inherited her desk from her great-grandfather. (Slotkin lost Oakland County by some 14,000 votes in 2018, which allowed her to win the district by 13,098 votes thanks to huge turnout in Ingham County; during the previous midterm, in 2014, Bishop carried Oakland County by some 32,000 votes and won the district by roughly 30,000 votes overall.).

Prior to announcing her bid for Congress, Slotkin attended Cornell University as an undergraduate, then Columbia University for  graduate school. So we did it in questions for the record. Elissa Slotkin met her husband on her third tour in Iraq at the palace of ousted dictator Saddam Hussein.

She would give regular briefings to him, the military heads and the president himself. In July 2017, Slotkin announced her candidacy for Michigan’s 8th District. Those are the three states that I’m watching really closely. | Jeffrey Sauger for Politico Magazine. Alberta: Six months ago, you agreed to let me cover this campaign through the eyes of you and your constituents, in a competitive district, a competitive state. Slotkin’s husband Dave Moore retired as an Army colonel and Apache helicopter pilot. Many moons ago, we met in the Green Zone and were married here at the farm -- and it's been an amazing ride ever since.

From 2015 to 2017, Slotkin was acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs where she oversaw policy related to Russia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Everything of significance that has transpired in the 116th Congress—oversight hearings with Trump allies and officials, reactions to Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in 2016, the Ukraine inquiry and subsequent impeachment proceedings, economic stabilization efforts to offset the impact of Covid-19, proposals to reform policing in America—is best understood through the prism of Trump, his vise-grip on America’s collective political subconscious and his campaign to win reelection. As for education reform, she believes in investing in educational systems “from the bottom up.”, Slotkin writes on her official campaign site, “College shouldn’t be considered a luxury, or a requirement for success, and should be affordable for those who are interested. “The moderate persona, the national security credentials, the family farm in Holly—it just checks all the boxes.”, Hemond chuckles. | Nick Hagen for Politico Magazine.

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