I’ve found better priced tools at estate and yard sales. - After 6-8 hours the vinegar should appear slightly brown and cloudy, and you should be able to see rust flakes in the container.

Thanks! And art work deserves to be hung well. Awesome! At least it appears that way from the pictures. I was pretty surprised myself! Site design and hosting by MarketDigita, Asheville, NC. Would the same apply about the grain of the handle? Or you can do what I do; I clamp the head in a vise, place a drift on the top of …

Haft length depends on the job and personal preference. Do not cut the funds foot at the bandsaw.

I then focused on hanging the head. oh great! I started by first cutting the side profile and then rotated peace 90° and begin cutting the top and bottom profile.

It doesn’t bother ne, but I worry if this is dangerous to use, because it is a heavy head. If your axe handle is warped, replacement might be the best or only option. The fine detail work can be completed with less aggressive tools. Share it with us! If that's true this axe could be pretty old! they might become damaged by different usage. The bottom of the axe handle needs to remain square so that you can hammer on it with a mallet when hanging the axe head. Your method would be kinder to the metal. But, when guys are confused about what they are selling, I am not confidant enough to buy.

The angled portion at the bottom of the axe handle is known as a “fawns foot”. Tradition matters! Boiled Linseed Oil

Nice Instructable -- I always like it when someone teaches others how to restore/recycle tools rather than throw them away. Using an axe poll as a hammer can distort the eye and cause the head to loosen or crack. At this point I am just roughing in the shape of the axe handle and not trying to make very precise cuts. Thank You in advance. All rights reserved. Using a dull axe requires more force because rather than cutting, you’re pressing through the wood.

Everything else looks correct. and getting the hang of it takes practice. Luckily we’ve got a guide to walk you through sharpening techniques to keep your axe in good service – click here. - Once you reach the heel release the pressure on the file and push it back to the start WITHOUT lifting it, keeping the angle constant. If you have to use the axe quickly, then sure, it may work as a quick fix, but I'd much rather hang an axe than have the head fly off and I just don't trust the soak fix. Saw it off near the bottom of the ax-head. Ever seen an ax-head with nails bent over the top edge in an attempt to keep it mounted? The rust, paint and whatever else happened to be on the axe head will start to come off. 16 Uses of Sticky Pine Sap for Wilderness Survival and Self-Reliance, How to Build a "Stairway to Heaven" Rat Trap in 15 Minutes, How to Make Lightweight Oilskin Tarps from Bed Sheets, Off-Grid Winch: Incredible Power from Two Logs and a Rope, How to Build a Carving Bench from a Log (Rope Vise Plans Included), Top 13 Uses for Pine Trees in Woodcraft and Self-Reliance, How I Eliminated Shingles Naturally Without Rx Meds, Deja vu: Building an Off-Grid Log Cabin… Again, BANGARANG! For the second handle, I chose a belt sander to sand down the roughed out shape to the near finished shape. That's awesome, I had no idea. Let me know what you find. I know this is not about garden tools, but I figure you know more than I. I leave about 1/8″ to 1/4″ above the head. Below are some common axe maintenance problems, solutions and prevention tips to keep your Hults Bruk axe in tip-top shape and ensure it will last a long time. Remove rust using vinegar and fine steel wool. A dull or chipped axe is both ineffective and dangerous. Is this dangerous to use now. cheers! Rest it over a gap in the vise to remove the wood. Don’t coat the entire wedge. Horizontal grain in striking tools won’t absorb constant shocks.

I leave about a 1/4″ of the handle above the ax-head. However you don’t have to speed up the process. With the river of shiny survival stuff flooding the banks of the preparedness community, I began to realize my need to go balls to the wall on traditional skills. There are plenty of oils out there.

Wow! Good luck with the restoration. Wipe on a nice heavy coat, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it almost completely off. Corrosion is an axe’s worst enemy. But with hand-forged axe heads the eye, or hole, formed by hand and eye, is always more or less different. - Slide the end of the handle into the eye of the axe head as much as you can. Use a large diameter punch and hammer to drive the remaining wood out of the eye of the ax. Box store employees rarely have knowledge about the finer things. - Remove the axe head from the vinegar and dry it off. - Now it's time to install the wooden wedge. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! When transporting axes, keep them in the vehicle or inside a box where it is out of the elements.

So does performance. I chose to make my wedge out of Poplar and just cut some material on the band saw in a wedge shape. This applies mostly to striking tools like hammers and axes. When the axe head is restored, the servant is now free from debt. For more information on how to care and maintain your Hults Bruk axe, check out our instructionals on how to select a new Hults Bruk axe handle, and how to hang an axe handle. I deepen the cut till it’s 2/3- 3/4 through the axe eye. My “prepping” paradigm continues to shift from consumerism to self-reliance at a startling pace. I generally use a light oil such as Rem Oil for the head, but sometimes will just use BLO on the head and handle together. Just getting the bulk of the material out of the way. It can take a while to get the fit right, but it's very important that you do. Unfortunately for me, neither of these materials were available in 3 x 3 stock like I needed. if not – e.g. – You can also connect with us on Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and our Facebook page.

- I opted not to remove the pitting on the axe head because I felt that it gave the axe character.

on Step 3. Saw it off near the bottom of the ax-head. First, remove the old handle.

Todd, This is a wonderfully thorough and practical post! Longer handles (36″) for felling and chopping large timber, shorter for lighter work. Drill into the handle through the hole in the axe.

Glad to meet a fellow ax-man that appreciates the finer points of restoring old axes.

At what store can I be assured of finding a good handle for garden tools.

Balance, angle, flexibility, length, weight, and diameter combine for the perfect hang. The depths of the wedge cut should be three quarters of the links of the axe head itself; in my case, this was about 3 inches. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Do this initially once a day for a week, then once a week for a month finally once a month for a year; thereafter a once-yearly application should suffice.

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